Robert Ringer

The Greatest Evil

By Robert Ringer - Monday, July 15, 2013

Now that virtually everyone understands what Barack Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally transform America, before they are distracted again when the NFL season begins, they would be wise to do some serious soul searching about a subject that few bother to talk about anymore:  freedom.

The way the socialist crowd that now controls the power levers in Washington throw around words like freedom and liberty, you’d think they were descendents of the Founding Fathers.  And, the truth be known, they’re sincere when they use such words.

Radical revolutionaries like Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong all see, or have seen, themselves as “freedom fighters.”  Yep, virtually all communists/Marxists/socialists/progressives/ liberals sincerely believe they are champions of freedom.  Have you ever heard a left-wing dictator say he is against freedom?

I think we can all agree that just about everyone claims to be in favor of freedom, so that’s not the issue.  Nor is the fact that most of them sincerely believe they are.  The problem, however, is that there is massive disagreement as to what true freedom means.

Unfortunately, one individual’s idea of freedom can actually violate another person’s freedom.  To one person, freedom means doing what he wants with his own life, while to another person it means doing what he wants with other people’s lives.  Therefore, both of these people say that the other person’s concept of freedom is tyranny.

To the laissez‑faire businessman, freedom means an end to all government regulation.  To the communist, freedom can be achieved only when individual incentive has been crushed and “the people” own everything.  Some people believe that job quotas for minority groups promote freedom.  But to a person who is anti-discriminatory in the truest sense of the word, quotas and preferential treatment based on seniority are violations of human freedom.

Based on the evidence, I think we can safely conclude that throughout history people have miscommunicated on the subject of freedom.  Since conservatives, liberals, bigots, fascists, communists, environmentalists, and every other group imaginable all claim to be in favor of freedom, they obviously cannot all be talking about the same thing.

The dictionary defines freedom as “being free.”  In turn, free is defined as “not under the control or power of another.”  How can there be so much confusion over a definition so clearly stated?  For one thing, when some people (e.g., progressives) talk about freedom, they mean that they should be free to do as they please to others.

Also, throughout recorded history, utopian thinkers have confused freedom with equality.  But nothing could be more incorrect.  No matter what one’s moral desires, nature has made freedom and equality totally incompatible.  “Freedom and equality,” wrote Will and Ariel Durant, “are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.’’

As the government steps up its efforts to defy nature and bring about equality on a global scale, it will find it increasingly necessary to employ force.  And when force enters the picture, certain people are going to come under the control of others — which is tyranny, not freedom.

Thus, you may be surprised, after a little probing, to find that when people espouse freedom, they are often referring to their freedom, not yours.  Worse, you may discover that their freedom necessitates the violation of your freedom.

When freedom is subjectively defined by each individual, it is reduced to a meaningless abstract.  The only way freedom can be rationally viewed is in its pure, no‑compromise form:  human freedom — the freedom of each individual to do as he pleases, so long as he does not commit aggression against others.

Politicians love to talk about freedom, even while telling us how they intend to further enslave us.  They do this by manufacturing “rights” out of thin air.  The problem is that all artificially created rights are anti-freedom, because in order to fulfill one person’s rights (read, desires), another person’s rights must be violated.  That is precisely what is meant by the infamous statement, “Someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so someone else can have more.”

The reality is that those who harbor such twisted thinking are actually opposed to freedom.  Often, they are individuals who are unable to achieve success in a free society, thus they yearn for an external force (government) to “level the playing field” and equalize results.  These are the people whose votes the liberal fascists in Washington have cleverly locked up.

True freedom means freedom for the “poor,” freedom for the “rich,” freedom for the “weak,” and freedom for the “strong.”  Human freedom means freedom for everyone.

Think about this as the 2014 candidates begin stepping up their promises to fulfill artificially created rights.  Everything in life has a price, and, make no mistake about it, the price of artificially created rights is bondage — the exchange of your natural rights for government-created rights.

Before voting in the 2014 elections, everyone should take a good look in the mirror and ask himself, “Are any of the candidates promising to do what is necessary to make America into the kind of country I want for my children and grandchildren?”  In a majority of cases, the answer should be a resounding no.  And, if so, most people have no reason to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, since they will be asked to choose between two statist candidates, neither of whom believes in true freedom.

To knowingly vote for the lesser of two evils is just about the most evil thing a person can do.

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25 Responses to “The Greatest Evil”

  1. Reailty Seeker says:

    "To knowingly vote for the lesser of two evils is just about the most evil thing a person can do."

    Relative to what? Everything?

    How about we distill your statement down further to the very act of "voting" for any pol: voting, in and by itself, "is just about the most evil thing a person can do", relative to freedom……


    …..Because voting always ends up becoming a freedom killer. Why? Simply because the ignorant, misled-majority always forces its will upon the backs of a well informed minority.

    On the other hand, Agorism, e.g., which is based on voluntaryism, which, in turn, holds both individuality and the non-aggression tenet as the very premise of liberty, now this is what constitutes real freedom.

    People like Larkin Rose (who, by the way, just put out a fabulous wake-you-up movie called, "Tyranny Can't Happen Here") and Adam Kokesh ( Adam-vs-The [Government] Man) are men of understanding and integrity. Both men have spent time in amerikan jails because they are men of action, not just men of words.

    • Pitch says:

      Voting Period= Majority Mob Rule!
      And, tragically, America has reached the tipping point with more low information, (ok, I'll tell the not so Politically Correct truth; More Low IQ, retarded citizens, criminals, scam artists, hucksters, con artists, crooked politicians, crooked lawyers and a self serving judicial system that is totally dysfunctional and out of control… With few well informed, self responsible, intelligent and civilized citizens who have one common goal: AMERICA FIRST! So, guess why Democracy 2013 and your vote doesn’t count??? America is so fragmented and moving in so many conflicting and conflicted directions we can never put all the pieces back together again without starting all over once again in some distant time frame? Obama has implemented all the necessary Executive Orders to establish a total dictatorship at his discretion with 100% violation of all so-called freedoms…Perhaps when Israel bombs the hell out of Iran he’ll make the final move…SOON…
      I agree with your rationale and Larkin Rose has put together a little jewel in "Tyranny Can't Happen Here!"

      • Guest says:

        How right you are! Yes, poor Amerika is so much like "Humpty Dumpty." Freedom is, indeed, fragile. And, once we're "done for," where will people go, to have an actual chance at living their dreams and/or getting away from totalitarianism? Seems that taking "US" down is all part of the "grander plan," of OWO. That's why "those in charge" are heck bent on dumbing down the U.S. population. Funny: "L-a-z-y" IS a four-letter word. Need to check out that movie.

  2. libertarianzen says:

    Enemies of life, liberty and property rights certainly prefer that nothing should be pure, clear-cut or honest. This way aspiring dictators can turn the meaning of freedom upside down and violate the individual's freedom.

    The problem is that people do not distinguish between voluntary and involuntary exchanges. It must be realized that only life and blood people are involved in exchanges. In any two-person exchange, one sells (gives) and the other buys (receives). "Society" cannot take part in an exchange; only individuals can.

    A voluntary exchange takes place when two or more individuals agree to deal with one another. Each participates of his free will. The exchange could involve anything from giving and receiving love to buying and selling Real Estate. All involved believe they will benefit from the exchange.

    An involuntary exchange occurs when at least one party to the transaction is in it against his will. Examples of this type of exchange are robbery, rape, assault and murder. Only this type of exchange can we define as criminal.

    Any use of goods coming from an involuntary exchange is a crime, provided the consumer knows they were acquired in this way.

    An individual is free when he can indulge in any voluntary exchange. Every law or governmental regulation that restricts his ability to participate in voluntary exchanges diminishes his freedom.

    • Guest says:

      Seems, then, that the definition of an "involuntary exchange" could also include taking MY tax money to ADVERTISE "Obamacare," which I DON'T support.

      Wish the "Occupy" folks could understand this concept of "voluntary vs. involuntary," too. Each of them spend 10% of their time a year (less than 4 days) to completely support themselves. Meaning, having to hunt down and process their own meat, grow, pick and can their own veggies/fruits, transport themselves and/or fuel their own vehicles, make their own shoes, create their own energy if they want to heat/cool or light their homes, etc., so that they understand that "profit" isn't such a "bad thing." Why should ANYONE provide something for someone else, and not get anything in return for doing so? Which would also mean, paying the cost of, and taking the time to, put one's self through college to learn how to fix/heal others. Oh, heavens! "Doctors and scientists who make my life sooooo much better (because I'm too lazy to take care of my own health), make too much money!" Really?!

  3. Daniel Joseph says:

    “Radical revolutionaries like Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong all see, or have seen, themselves as ’freedom fighters.’”

    The individuals you mention act like dictators once they are in positions of power. The rule of law is slowly replaced by the rule of authority largely by selective enforcement of the law. So much for the Magna Carter. The power shifts back to the king.

    The Chicago building code is impossible to read or understand. As a condominium association President, it is impossible to comply with the building code since you are completely controlled by the interpretation and enforcement of the building code by the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector got his job from connections to the Mayor through the local Alderman. The Alderman comes by and talks to the condominium President and tells the condominium President the “appropriate donation” to the Democratic Party and that the Building Inspector will be by in a few weeks to take a look at things.

    If the mob did this, it would be called a shake down. When the Alderman does it, it is called an “appropriate donation”.

    This is how it is done in third world countries. This is how we now do it in America. We are using South Side of Chicago politics. Selective enforcement of excessive regulation.

    The net effect is that rational business people cannot make an investment because they do not know which regulation will be enforced or changed and what the “appropriate donation” (also known as a bribe) will be in advance. Rational people behave exactly the way they are behaving in America today. They wait. The problem is too big for any one individual to fight. The “How do you boil a frog?” scenario dominates.

    Watch the money. Big biggest donors get best deals in selective enforcement.

    • Pitch says:

      In Mexico they call it MORDIDA!!! I'll tell you what to do: You gotta PAY MORE than the other guys…or you are shut out in Chicago…and every other large city in Amerika and in the meantime: 24 more low info blacks have been murdered by other blacks in the heart of mobster controlled Chicago. And Obama and the media have not even blinked…business as usual…

      • Guest says:

        Like "Blago_s0n-of-a ___ch." Okay. That whole "issue," which seems to be coming back around, raises another question. As Mr. Joseph suggested, "Watch the money." Who PAID to get B.O. into the IL Senate seat BEFORE "Blago" tried to sell the seat to someone else, if "Blago" was truly correct, in testifying that "that's the way business is DONE in Chicago." And, then, B.O. often only voted "present" on issues. How did he REALLY get into ANY office? Obviously, someone's money. Socialist Soros?

  4. Tex Norton says:

    "Freedom is the societal condition that exists when every individual has full (100%) control over his own property." Andrew J. Galambos. AJG also had precise definitions of of Property and Freedom. Missing today are precise definitions of 'just what you mean' when you use a word such as Liberty, Freedom. Property, etc.

    Regarding voting, Emma Goodman was right when she opined "If voting mattered, we wouldn't be permitted to do so."

  5. earl adkins says:

    Why would anyone talk about VOTING, never have I experience such a waste of time in my life.

  6. David says:

    He said "Magna Carter". .

  7. smucko says:

    So, it appears that all of the writers above (including Mr. Ringer) have given up. Can we at least try for one last effort to peacefully derail this runaway train before they take away our guns?
    The most obvious way to change course is to change Congress, the best time to do so is 2014, and the only way to do it is to launch a 3rd Party that attracts like-minded voters from both parties. That 3rd Party will have to stay away from social issues (drug war, gay pride, religion, abortion), and stay focused on FREEDOM ISSUES at the Congressional level!
    My basis for the above is this:
    1) You have to stop trying to vote for a White Knight as President, but then saddle him with your same Good O' Boy Congressman;
    2) 2014 is a Congressional Election with no Presidential Run to distract the voters' attention away for where the rubber meets the road;
    3) We can't afford to wait until 2016 to start to fix the system;
    4) Both parties are beyond redemption, just like the Supreme Court and Executive Branch;
    5) Only an informed, virtuous, and fed-up majority of voters banded together will carry the day against an entrenched, focused enemy;
    6) Stay away from Social Issues because you can't legislate morality, and if you are going to try, then keep it at the State level;
    6) There are a few groups that are trying to use the internet to short-circuit the corrupted ballet access procedures, which would allow a 3rd Party to get on all 50 states' ballots in time for 2014.

    So, your choices are to either A) vote for the lesser evil, B) don't vote at all, or C) join a 3rd Party with a dedicated Freedom Agenda. Remember, Evil triumphs when Good Men do nothing. You owe it to your ancestors who fought for this American Ideal, for yourself because Evil is coming to your doorstep, and to your kids and grand-kids who are born behind the Eight Ball. If you do nothing, what are you going to tell your little bundles of joy when they ask you what you did during the dismantling of the Great Country that you inherited?

  8. dan says:

    "To knowingly vote for the lesser of two evils is just about the most evil thing a person can do."

    Nothing is perfect. It is precisely man's imperfections that make him what he is. A rose is imperfect but none the less beautiful. In our quest for improvement we must never the less heed the rule of diminishing returns. Thomas Sowell said it best: "Much of the self-righteous nonsense that abounds on so many subjects cannot stand up to three questions: (1) Compared to what? (2) At what cost? and (3) What are the hard facts?"

    • Reality Seeker says:


      Yes, nothing is perfect, but there is a big divergence between voting for an imperfect individual as apposed to voting for an evil one or the lessor there of. This is what RJR is pointing out, e.g., voting in an Obama-vs-McCain contest is condoning evil.

      If you must vote for somebody, then do vote for an imperfect Ron Paul, Steve Stockman, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul; these are not evil men, but they're the exception to the rule; and they will slow the growth of the Washington Cartel. Just get clued in and don't kid yourself by keeping in mind what majority rule inevitably leads to. The world is chalked full of evil, murderous cartel-governments which are "voted" into power; majority rule has become a massive, worldwide failure which is killing freedom. And foremost among the cartels is the super cartel and freedom killer called, "amerika".

      The current situation in amerika is so evil that Washington has convinced its subjects that they must do evil because they are so good. That's right, amerika has become a we-must-do-bad-to-remain-a-good country. Wow! Damn! Shit! Washington's evil rhetoric sounds crazy, twisted and like 1984— doesn't it?

      Do yourself a favor and watch the director's cut of Larkin Roses' documentary, "It [tyranny] Can't Happen Here"……Get clued in.

      • dan says:

        I share your angst regarding the convoluted bureaucracy that rules our very lives in this country. It is nameless, faceless, and merciless. Each and every administration has added to it. It has become the face of evil in this country. That said, it is naive to fall for the numerous and various conspiracy theories floating around the net. It is bad enough without making sh!t up. If people would just cowboy-up and actually study the issues and the state of affairs, not to mention the history of this country, then get out and vote, we would not be in this predicament now.

        • Reality Seeker says:


          "[is it] naive to fall for the numerous and various conspiracy theories? "

          What conspiracy theories would you be referring to?

          The one about how the NSA is spying on everybody? Or, the one about how Obama's nine-layered-phony-pdf birth-certificate is a total forgery? Or, how Afghanistan went from producing 10% of the world's opium before amerika invaded and the CIA took over and raised the level to 90%? Or how Fast and Furious was designed to be nothing more than a pretext for more gun-grabbing? Or the one about how the Banksters manipulated LIBOR? Or how Homeland Security is stockpiling massive amounts of weapons and ammunition for use on amerikans?

          Hey, how about the operation "North Woods" conspiracy? Anybody can download the declassified documents and learn how Washington planned to attack amerikan targets, and then blame the false-flag attack on Cuba for the sole purpose of inflaming the ignorant, amerikan masses into demanding a war with Cuba; or, how about the Gulf of Tonkin? Remember that one?

          I could go on infinitum.

          If you want the truth, then here it is: Conspiracy expert, Alex Jones, as far out as he sound to the under-informed, is much closer to reporting on reality than Fox News is. Alex produced the "Obama Deception" before Obama took office, and Alex totally nailed who Obama is. The bobble-headed media-whores of Fox News, on the other hand, didn't even come close to warning the public just how duplicitous Obama was/is . That's the truth; can you handle the truth?

          • dan says:

            I do not wish to insult your intelligence. I realize there are a lot of things that people think are conspiracy theories that are actually true about this RDB that inhabits the Oval office. However, there are a lot of outrageous and silly lies floating around as well. Whenever I hear people reacting to the buzz about Obama's qualifications and intentions, I ask them: Have you ever wondered why people are so quick to believe all the internet rumors about him? Could it be because he does not act like he is a loyal American citizen, but rather a "citizen of the world"? Could it be that he does not act like a Christian, but rather a poser, and Muslim apologist? Could it be that he surrounds himself with admitted Marxists and constantly denigrates the history and culture of America? Could it be that his "transparent" administration is rapidly becoming the most secretive and oppressive in our history? Could it be that he has brought this country to the brink of economic destruction, outraging the people with his arrogant elitist behavior?

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Neither do I wish to insult your intelligence, Dan, or your motives, but when you accuse Obama of all of the above nasty deeds and personality traits then you start sounding like some kind of "creepy-ass cracker" or—gasp!— worse, yet, a conspiracy theorist!

            All joking aside, I understand what you mean, and I agree with you that education is the key to improving the future.

            Have a great day…..

          • Dan says:

            hello RS. the commenter "Dan/dan" you've been exchanging replies with in this post is not the Dan of somewhat recent past who used to converse with you, graycat and reunion. Just sayin. I think I'll come up with a more unique handle.

          • dan says:

            Sorry for the confusion. Dan Stewart is the name and fighting tyranny is my game.

  9. Paul Anthony says:

    A third party is needed, but how will we convince Americans to give it serious consideration?

    Americans revere team sports. We are taught in school from when we are little kids that there can only be two teams on the field – and only one can win! Worse than that, we get emotionally involved in seeing the other team lose. Not just lose, they must be "beaten", "annihilated", "destroyed".

    So the power brokers give us two teams, knowing that it doesn't matter which one wins. The people feel empowered because they get to root for "their team". If "their team" loses, they can get worked up trying to win next time. And no matter what happens, we always lose.

  10. frank says:

    voting for those who believe in freedom,privacy,free enterprise,and the constitution has it's place..
    but there are 'votes' that matter even more……who are the servants of the socialist police state…? how many of them receive 'payoffs'from government….. they are the ones under the patriot act….all the american tech companies……..
    there are alternatives to every one of them…competitors……who are not under the patriot act….who are not enslaved to the patriot act and the socialist police state the usa has become….there are internet boycotts of every one of them….and their advertisers….

    "seek and ye shall find…."

  11. proudiberal says:

    To mention Barack Obama in the same breath as Hitler,Stalin,MaoZedong and other tyrnats is absolutely idiotic . He is no more a Marxist and communist than I am a ferret. (I'm nowhere near as cute as a ferret anyway ). "Expert" Robert Ringer obvioulsy does not even know what socialism,Marxism and communism are if he can call Obama these names .
    How many Americans has Obama had arrested and executed ? How many churches and synagogues has he closed ? None. Why are right-wing pundits and countless others still badmouthing him to their heart's content ? If Obama is a communist dictator, he certainly is doing a lousy job at it .

  12. bev says:

    America is dead. For all you folks thinking that moving deck chairs around on the Titanic will save the ship, sorry, it won't. Many of us, including RR, and probably many posting here, have been predicting disaster if liberal win for years. Ok. They've won. The disaster is here.

    You know how to make their victory permanent? It's to try to 'save America' by moving the deck chairs around. It's time to move on to the next war. Give them their "America", the one with moronic students, a health care system that kills patients, a 'green' energy infrastructure that can't supply enough power for the Shetland Islands, a justice system that has no jails or punishment, and an economy that would have trouble feeding the citizens of Rhode Island.

    Those who love freedom, and the vision of a free country, have to stop supporting tyranny and leave. Many states are now thinking about secession. That needs to be considered. Other countries? Maybe.

    America is lost. Some patriots have to find a way to save the idea of a free country. The founding father, the patriots who gave their life for us in wars, they don't care about the dirt, they care about the free country that they created and maintained. We also have to care about the free country, not the dirt. Give the liberals the dirt. Lets move away, but keep our ideals. If America dies, but the ideal of freedom survives, then we win. The world wins.

  13. Education provides equal balance between man and women and education teach us that we have right to provide equal job and other opportunities for both men as well as women. Education is most powerful tool to eliminate the biasedness.

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