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War: The Great Diversion Tactic

By Robert Ringer - Monday, September 9, 2013

It’s not exactly a revelation to say that liberal myths have been ingrained in the minds of the general public for decades, and one of the greatest of those myths is that Republicans are war mongers and Democrats are doves.  Don’t get me wrong.  A couple of Republicans have also taken us to war during the past hundred years, the latest being George W. Bush.

But, while revenge (for his father’s failure to take out Saddam Hussein) or a naive sense of world justice are among possible motives for Bush’s ill-advised forays into Iraq and Afghanistan, I don’t believe he invaded those countries to increase his personal power over the citizenry.  (Calm down — I am not saying that Bush does not believe in big government; he does.)

However, the left — particularly the far left — is another story altogether.  Its members are genetically programmed to seek power over others.  The far-left folks are perpetually angry humanoids who are, at heart, hard-core fascists.

Think environmentalism and “global warming” … think anti-gun fanaticism … think annihilation of free speech … think “pro-choice.”  Think of anything that underscores their addiction to causes that result in taking more liberties away from individuals and giving more power to government.

That said, I’m sorry to have to be the one to puncture a longstanding myth, but the facts clearly show that over the past hundred years, Democrats, by and large, have been the party of war:  Woodrow Wilson, World War I … FDR, World War II … Harry Truman, the Korean War … JFK, a “police action” that became the Vietnam War, which was executed by LBJ.

Through the centuries, wars have served many purposes for many different factions.  Obviously, they are loved by those who finance them and those who manufacture ammunition, bombs, and various kinds of weapons.

But for a political leader, one of war’s most useful purposes is to divert attention.  Had World War II not presented FDR with a ready-made crisis, he would have kept the U.S. in the throes of the Great Depression through never-ending, economy-killing government make-work programs and draconian taxes on producers.

But the war changed everything for FDR.  War “brought us all together.”  It made us feel good about America and ourselves.  It took people’s minds off their economic misery and refocused them on patriotism.  Thankfully, FDR croaked early in his fourth term, and along came the baby boom and fifty-plus years of the power of capitalism fending off the relentless assault of American progressivism.

Fast-forward to 2008.  Economic reality finally exposes artificial prosperity in the U.S. for what it is — artificial! — which causes millions of Americans to think, “Gee, if Republicans are going to act like Democrats, why not just vote for real Democrats?”  And, by golly, that’s what they did.  They voted for some vague notion of change they thought they could believe in.  The only trouble was that they had no idea what kind of change was in the making.

As we now know, of course, the change turned out to be, among other things, a total disregard for the Constitution, massive redistribution-of-wealth programs, attempts to silence free speech, government spying on private citizens, attacks on gun ownership, and, above all, nonstop bashing of the free-enterprise system.

Now, millions of Americans are wondering, “What’s next?”  Well, the truth is that no one knows for sure, because the oligarchy in Washington is thrashing about so wildly in an effort to “not let a good crisis go to waste” that things are spinning out of control.

Of course, history has seen all this before.  And all too often the solution for a president is to play the Attention-Diversion Card:  war.  This is what is front and center on Barack Obama’s mind.

The reason he has been stumbling and fumbling around on the Syria issue like a grade-school kid who needs to get to the restroom post haste is because his sole focus is on what is best for his imperial presidency.  He has zero interest in the human suffering involved in Syria’s civil war.

The truth be known, war is really the X factor in the economic chaos that the progressive fascists in both parties have wreaked upon us.  As a result of the successful implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy over the past five years, the lives of most Americans — not to mention their children and grandchildren — are guaranteed to get much worse in the years ahead.  Practically speaking, there is no way to avoid this reality (though, in theory, the pain could be somewhat reduced if the right people were elected to power).

But even if a miracle happened and Republicans managed to maintain control of the House and gain control of the Senate in 2014, it would still take years of fiscal responsibility and deregulation to undo the damage that has occurred.  And that presumes that conservatives would have the political courage to (1) roll back the massive spending programs that would already be in place and (2) silence hard-core liberals in their own party.

In the meantime, it’s a mistake to allow the media to get us wringing our hands and taking the “humanitarian crisis” in Syria seriously.  Syria represents nothing more than another excuse to go to war.  Our real focus should be on the concept of war itself, because even if we pass on invading Syria, the asylum’s inmates on Capitol Hill and in the White House will search for another reason to go to war in yet another third-world country.

With the invisible depression becoming ever-more visible by the day, a nice little situation like Vietnam would be just what the doctor ordered to distract people’s attention from their economic misery.  So, Syria or no Syria, look for a phony international crisis to magically appear in the near future.

Maybe we’re destined to become like the mutants in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, with our rulers inculcating us into worshipping a nuclear bomb.  As we’ve seen since 2008, anything’s possible.

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11 Responses to “War: The Great Diversion Tactic”

  1. Reality Seeker says:

    One lies, and the other swears to it. This is Washington's take-you-to-war motto.

    I agree that the war card is now being played by Washington as a means to deflect public attention away from the ostensible recovery and all of the transparent, economic lies that are being told by Washington and sworn to by the central bankers.

    Furthermore, we all know by now— or we should— that Washington has an undeclared agenda in the Middle East. FYI, Washington wouldn't be so focused on the Middle East if the region primarily exported cabbage or broccoli.

    Oil, gas and other resources have been and continue to be a motive for Washington's interventionism, i.e., war crimes; yet, gasoline continues to get more and more expensive under the Obama regime— why?— because the ignorant Americans fail to understand that Washington is not committing mass aggression in the Middle East for the purpose of providing cheaper resources to average Americans. FYI, supporting Washington's war crimes gains Americans nothing unless they are vested in the transnational oil companies who grow richer by the minute. If you ever believed even for a second that any of Bush's or Obama's war crimes were perpetrated on your behalf, congratulations, you are a first-rate sucker.

    There are other ulterior motives nested inside of Washington's effort to take America and the world to war. The Alex Jones show is the place to tune into for a detailed explanation of Washington's foreign-policy objectives.

  2. david pierson says:

    No mention of Trick Dicky and the no doubt true nasty rumors that he did everything possible to scuttle the 68 peace accords and then once in office, secretly bombed the hell of Cambodia which was illegal, and bombed the hell out of Vietnam.. and the way you forgive a war criminal like Dubya, oh he was just a poor, naive dumb cluck who wanted the best for Iraq.. yeah right.. and Santa Claus just came down the chimney..

    • yoole me says:

      … In his memoirs, no less than General Vo Nguyen Giap. Commander-in-Chief of the Ministry of Defense of North Viet Nam, said:

      Had the Nixon bombing of Haiphong Harbor CONTINUED ANOTHER 24-HOURS — which the U.S. CONGRESS (Senate: DEM 55, REP 44; Consrvtv 1 Indpndt 1; House: DEM 255, REP 180) STOPPED! — the North would have had to capitulate!!!!

      As one, who invested 30-months, and 1,100 + flight hours dodging bullets in the most unfriendly skies of those S.E. Asian War Games, I hold that DEMOCRAT CONGRESS SINGULARLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT DIABOLICAL DEED!!!!!

      • James Parker says:

        This is assuming, of course, that the US involvement in the Vietnamese civil war was justifiable. I contend it was not.

        • yoole me says:

          … Harkin!!! The voice of another sagacious factual-ignoramus!!! …

          “Contend” to your liberal heart’s contentment, but: in 77 years of life, now (including the aforementioned 30-months), I’ve found term “Civil war” to be an oxymoron, used by those of such ilk to offset their abject ignorance of historic fact, albeit: as party to the South East Asia Treaty Organization (the SEATO treaty) of that era, and not yet then so exoteric, as now, in its Marxist bent; the U.S. Inc. had to at least make an anticommunist “show” – and had you been privy to that exercise in futility, perhaps you would have witnessed sufficient evidence of those Marxist “benefit merits” – you’ll SOON be receiving, right here in the ObamaLand replay of that preview scenario – to have NOT VOTED for the Kenyan White House Squatter – at least for the SECOND time around!!!

  3. johanberger519 says:

    This reader was pleased to learn that Robert's libertarian view of American wars – AND Bush 43 – was less sanguine in tone than are other libertarians'.. True, the impression of Bush fils is still that he adheres to Big Government, but as far as I can make out ONLY as regards the Big Issues: Going to war, when and why, economic policy at the Fed – limits and arenas + possibly a federal-cum-private mix of social security WITHOUT aligning with Obamacare..
    Thanks again for a noteworthy column, Robert!

  4. Andrew John says:

    Amazing (and not really mentioned) is how a potential war with Syria has brought John McCain, Lindsey Graham & most of the hardcore liberal democrats to get together and want a useless war.

    They want a war because the liberal leaders of both parties don't want the conservative faction of the GOP push for a vote to not fund Obamacare.

    If, however they can get past these little conservative gnats and get Congress to rally behind Obama, then his signature health care will forever be cemented as a law of the land that would be hard to kill.

    Hence they need a war to divert attention from failed Obama policies and even really bad law.

    My recommendation to the two party dictatorship would be to have multiple football championships, lots of half naked women on cop drama shows (like rookie blue) and mindless reality shows. America is so easily distracted by this form of cheap entertainment.

  5. Univer says:

    The Washington Generals squandered the good will to go to war with the folly of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Trillions of dollars spent and for what? Only if you are in the herion trade has anyone benefited from that. Guess the military planes that carry equipment can't come back empty handed, so load it up with opium and the return trip.

    And when a real situation like Syria comes up, where we really do need to Pentagon intervene, we have battle fatigue. Then again the more wars we have the worse our economy gets. Witness the last 10 years.

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