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Cruz-led “Extremists” Refuse to Yield to Tyranny

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Among leading Republicans, all the talk is about how foolish the Ted Cruz-led “extremists in the Republican Party” are to be playing right into Barack Obama’s hands and jeopardizing the party’s prospects for the 2014 elections.  That’s right, to hell with principle, just follow RINO Rule No. 1 and cast the vote you think has the best chance of helping you (and other Republicans) get reelected.

You can be sure that RINOs read far-left publications like The Huffington Post, so it’s no wonder they’re becoming panicked over the possibility of being thrown out and having to get a real job.  No doubt they were unnerved reading a recent article in The Huff Post that said the government shutdown has “[forced] about 800,000 federal workers off the job and suspended most nonessential federal programs and services.”

Question:  Why are programs that are “nonessential” being funded in the first place?  Is it because the federal government is rolling in cash?  Last I heard, the federal government is drowning in debt!

Even so, establishment Republicans worry about the impact of the 800,00 federal workers who have been temporarily laid off.  Let’s get real here.  Unlike the private sector, back pay is a given when it comes to government employees being suspended or temporarily laid off.  It’s the equivalent of a paid vacation.

What this country needs is to lay off 800,000 workers — more would be even better — permanently.  Eliminate unemployment benefits, food stamps, and all other welfare payments, and it would force them to get real (i.e., productive) jobs in the private sector.

If you like fantasies, just try to imagine a world with no Environmental Protection Agency.  Permanently padlocking the EPA’s doors would, all by itself, cause the economy to explode.  National parks and museums?  No problem.  Sell them to private interests and use the money to pay down the national debt.

Ditto with the U.S. Postal Service, which has been a money-losing joke since its inception in 1775.  Nevertheless, when the legendary Lysander Spooner started the American Letter Mail Company in 1844 to compete with the monopoly of the United States Post Office, the government broke his back financially with endless litigation.  I say sell the USPS to Fed Ex or UPS and, again, use the money to pay down the national debt.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments are about all the load the federal government can handle.  Plus the military, provided it’s restricted to protecting the homeland.  Don’t you love congressmen who argue that this or that military base should remain open because closing it would result in civilian employees being laid off?  That’s right, you’ve got to keep those military bases open — not to protect the country, but to provide incomes for their civilian employees.

It was hardly a surprise when one of the Republican Party’s leading progressives, Mush McCain, recently announced, “We can’t win.”  For good measure, he added that “sooner or later” the House had no choice but to agree to the Democrats’ demands for a simple funding bill that would reopen the government.

Really?  No choice but to give in to Democratic demands to continue spending and borrowing?  Sorry, Mush, but you always have a choice.  And the choice between drawing the line and being fiscally responsible or allowing the far left to continue to destroy what’s left of the U.S. economy is an easy one:  Don’t give in!

Mush, let me give you a scenario whereby the Republicans could actually win against the Dirty Dems.  If the pro-liberty guys in the party would have the courage to stick to their guns and find a way to keep their frightened colleagues on board, they could put the Dirty Dems in a box that even BHO would have trouble spinning.

Ted Cruz is on the right track.  Just keep passing more funding bills and precipitate another hundred or so Dana Bash (CNN) incidents.  After Harry Reid said to Ms. Bash, “What right do they have to pick and choose what part of government’s going to be funded?” Bash, a devout left-wing campaigner for BHO, then asked him, “But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?”

Whereupon Reid exploded and chastised one of his own for her impertinence.  (Oh, and by the way, Harry, those upstarts in Congress not only have the right to pick and choose what parts of government should be funded, it’s their duty!)

Obama and his lackeys are masters at projecting blame on those who oppose spending the U.S. into third-world oblivion.  But, as with military pay, if the Republicans had the guts to pass one funding proposal after another, Obama and the Democrats could be boxed into the unfamiliar position of being viewed as cruel and calloused if they refused to cooperate.

If the Republicans kept at it, they could get all of the “essentials” funded, without having to fund any nonessentials.  Then there would be no need to raise the debt ceiling, because they would already have cut spending sufficiently to eliminate the need for it.

Sure, those who are affected, like employees of the dreaded EPA, would scream foul, but it wouldn’t matter, because they’re in the minority.  Which means that mushy Republicans don’t have to give an inch to the Dirty Dems.  Polls already show that a majority of Americans say they have not been affected by the shutdown.

That said, I’m not naïve enough to believe that Obama would suddenly give up on his dream of transforming the United States into a Marxist gulag.  I concede that he’s the absolute best when it comes to convincing the public that it’s those extremists who cling to Constitution who are to blame for every problem he has created, and he will continue to successfully make that case to tens of millions of low- and no-information voters regardless of whether or not the government shutdown is prolonged or the debt ceiling is raised.

I appreciate the argument that Obamacare is going to fall apart without a long-term government shutdown and even with another debt-ceiling raise, but it will happen a lot sooner if the government remains partially shut down and the debt ceiling is not raised.

Again, however, Republicans will be blamed either way, so why not do the right thing and say no to tyranny?

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0 Responses to “Cruz-led “Extremists” Refuse to Yield to Tyranny”

  1. Taejonwill says:

    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments are about all the load the federal government can handle. Plus the military, provided it’s restricted to protecting the homeland.

    No not true, most of the federal debt is wrapped up in those programs.

    I guess nobody is ready to really tell the truth.

    • Paul Anthony says:

      You want the truth?
      Okay, as long as the IRS continues to extract FICA taxes from everyone's paychecks Social Security and Medicare payments are funded – without borrowing.
      And the rest of the blood money sucked out of everyone's paychecks in the form of Income Tax is sufficient to pay for all the Constitutionally justified expenses of the Federal Government – again, without borrowing.
      What the government's revenue won't pay for is welfare – both individual and corporate – for which there is NO Constitutional authority.

  2. omegamensch says:

    absolutely correct on all points—and you are right cant seem to tell the truth its too painful and some may lose an election. lets hope that they dont cave in like they normally do but they will so we need to make sure that each and every one of them gets ousted in the next upcoming election.
    as a side note I sincerely believe that if we can find and articulate fire and brimstone candidate with some emotional gusto we can turn this thing around however we always seem to go with the mush types and that is no way to win an election.
    look at history the real leaders whether with the right or wrong agenda were men that could speak with strong emotion and guts and we just dont have anyone like that. I am not normally for a third party however I do believe that the time has come and with the right strong leader type person a third party could roll over them. "we the people " are ready for it.

  3. Daniel Joseph says:

    This is another diversion tactic, diverting the news cycle and America’s attention away from the corruption scandals. The head of the IRS non-profit section didn’t take the Fifth Amendment because she was having a bad hair day. Cut a deal with her and let her start singing.

    The Obamacare website isn’t working. Did the Government contract to create that system have three bidders? Was that $300,000,000 contract given to a friend (campaign contributor) of Obama? Many people create larger, more complicated websites that work for a lot less money.

    He’ll protect his friends with executive orders but eventually corruption will end the rule of this dictator. A simple burglary took down Nixon. Actually, it was the pattern of corruption. The burglary (and the cover up) was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Right now, voters don’t seem to care about corruption. But eventually they will. They always do.

  4. timpitman says:

    `padlock the EPAs door,`really?? And have a pollution free for all in the name of economic recovery. Funny. With the EPA we still have major catastrophies we havent handled such as the trash soup in the ocean. Imagine if we didnt have the EPA, do you think companies would hold to strict environmental regulations all by themselves, yeah right.

  5. Reality Seeker says:

    "use the money to pay down the national debt"

    Yet another good, truthful article by RJR; however, the national debt cannot be walked back at this point in time. Paying down the debt is wasting time because too many promises have been made to too many people for too long of a time.

    Lysander Spooner would agree with me when I say that the unborn are not obligated in any way whatsoever to pay even one dime of debt accrued by the reckless generations which preceded them. Making the young debt slaves of the old is unthinkable.

    The old closed their eyes and allowed themselves to be treated like mushrooms by the elite, viz., kept in the dark and covered with fertilizer. The ignorant, American masses should rename themselves the Mushroom People.

    The Mushroom People should immediately default on the national debt and reset their currency, so the young can be set free. The evil Alan Greenspan has actually written a plan on how such a reset could take place without the old mushrooms starving to death. It would be painful, but that's life, if you're a Mushroom.

  6. timpitman says:

    MI know its a longshot, but if we legalize drugs and let people use them like they can use alcohol, wouldnt that revenue be a help to the national debt and decrease the violence associated with getting drugs, AND people would be able to self medicate much easier. I think its rediculious that we cant get simple/generic oral antibiotics for an infection over the counter. We have to go see a doc and get a prescription, making us dependant on the healthcare system. Legal medicine and illegal drugs are both hard to get becuz of the dangers that could be if abused and just like alcohol but wecan buy alcohol easily. Is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms essential? Lol

  7. Darlene says:

    Nice planning: splinter the Republican party and never win another election due to offensive Tea Party tactics. This is why I'm an Independent now.

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