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A Bloodbath Debate: Mitt Romney versus Michelle Malkin

By Robert Ringer - Friday, June 22, 2012

I don’t know how much credence to give it, but a Bloomberg National Poll released Wednesday showed Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters.

Sounds a bit questionable to me, but, regardless, it’s a reminder that the most corrupt, lying, arrogant, Marxist president in U.S. history is still capable of convincing enough useful idiots to give him another four years to finish the job of ending the Founding Fathers’ great experiment in “self-government.”

If Romney loses, and if there is an election in 2016 (unlikely), who would Republicans nominate the next time around — Wussy Tim Pawlenty?  “We must be more moderate” Jeb Bush?  Or perhaps the ever-so-slick Marco Rubio, a young RINO who stealthily made his way into the Beltway Club by posing as a Tea Party candidate?

How in the world do Republicans manage to come up with these turkeys?   After the Mush McCain debacle in 2008, Mitt Romney is the best small-government, low-tax, less-regulation candidate they can come up with?  Are you kidding me?  MittMan makes McCain look like Ronald Reagan.  Who are the mysterious powers behind the Republican curtain who are backing this guy?

After watching Michelle Malkin wow the crowd at the Americans for Prosperity RightOnline event last Saturday in Las Vegas, a thought came to mind.  Perhaps the Republican Party should implement a new rule that in order to qualify as a presidential candidate, an aspirant has to debate Michelle Malkin for an hour, one on one — and come away without breaking into tears.

Can you imagine Mitt Romney debating Michelle Malkin?  The poor guy would have to be rushed to the emergency room ten minutes into the debate.

Notice to the Republican Party:  It’s getting near zero hour, and you’ve picked the wrong candidate — again!  WAKE UP!  Heads, Obama wins and liberty loses.  Tails, Romney wins and liberty loses.  Wouldn’t it be nice if liberty won for a change — with a candidate like Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Steve King, or Allen West?

I know, I know … West is a bit of a hawk.  But it wouldn’t be all that bad to have a strong, honest  president who loves America, loves the free market, and loves individual freedom?  Anti-war folks were scared to death of Reagan, too, but he ended the Cold War without firing a shot.

Okay, time to stop daydreaming.  The sad truth is that Republicans will never nominate anyone like Paul, DeMint, King, or West, because it would violate Republican Rule #1:  Never do anything that might offend a Democrat.

I wonder if history books fifty years from now will even mention the fact that there once was a Republican Party in the old capitalist version of the United States of America?

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34 Responses to “A Bloodbath Debate: Mitt Romney versus Michelle Malkin”

  1. Gill O’Teen says:

    Whether or not future history books mention the RINOcrat party depends on who the winners are. More importantly, will they mention anything that happened in North America before 1946?

  2. Hal says:

    >>> "I know, I know … West is a bit of a hawk. But would it be all that bad to have a strong, honest president who loves America, loves the free market, and loves individual freedom?"

    Especially one who gives "I LOVE YA TO DEATH" A WHOLE NEW MEANING!!! … See how your illustrious Col. West voted on PASSAGE of NDAA:

  3. Erato says:

    Every president has been a corrupt liar. Why don't more people see that no matter who 'wins', every individual loses?

  4. reunion says:

    perennial "wondering". really? rr could also stand for "roundup ready", apparently (ya' just can't kill it, no matter how much poison is doused…).

    federalists > whigs > republicans (aka party of lincoln).

    "republicans" took this country, first by slimy stealth, followed by deal-sealing force, & have retained it to this day. what (official, state sanctioned) history books have ever mentioned that? not to mention repub beezlebub (republebub?) apologists?

    masthead(ed) laissez-faire capitalism & individual freedom support stockings puddled around ankles, turgidly bellicose varicose relief schematic winding up the legs, "lateral drilling" brain's oxygen & nutrient supply.

    we know what backed kuwait. what's backing you?

  5. David Michael Myers says:

    Ron Paul is the only prominent person on the political whom I assess as actually having a full understanding of the American plight.

    Jim DeMint seems to be a close second.

    Of course, I think it is much more important to elect a super- majority of liberty advocates in both the federal senate and house.

    And as long as SCOTUS allows the constitution to be ignored, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

    Unless the American Populace just ignores the FEDs insofar as possible and each pursues his own happiness (living his own life without deference to the feds or state or county governments) the country as we have known it will disappear.

    My guess is that at least 98% of the legislation that has been signed into law in the last 100 years does not pass constitutional muster. The entire operation is a fraud and most Americans are totally ignorant of the fact. At least 30% to 40% seem want full-fledged Eurosocialism.

    Individualists and other freedom-lovers, Go "Gulch and Go Galt!"

    Opt out of the mess and let the bastards freeze in the dark.

  6. Bryan says:

    Who is Bloomberg polling? Of the people I know, only about 1 in 4 support obummer, and we don't see eye to eye on much of anything else. Maybe a better question is who will obummer be "polling" if We the People don't get our act together and eject the whole demolition crew currently in DC.

  7. Bryan says:

    I'd like to see Malkin vs Romney, too. That would be a hoot.

  8. Bryan says:

    Or Napolitano vs Obama. One would have nothing of any substance to say…

  9. texas wolfie says:

    I guess someday we will get serious about forming the third party we all know is coming. We can can have the convention here in Texas when everyone tires of preaching to the choir.

    • reunion says:

      if the fraction that votes amongst 'the two' is bad, increasing the budget to three is just the ticket…

      the everyone choir…not me.

  10. PitBull says:

    Enough with this crazy shorthand speak, people. One thing 4sure: Dumbed Down Americans will be corralled by whoever or whatever (he/she/it/they) promise(s) the most — or by whatever Hollywood celebrity makes a 'profound' statement in late October. … Streisand, Snooky, or Hanks or some other exclusive, card-carrying member of an elite group DDAs fall for — or someone yet unknown — that makes them say, 'WOW'. Emotional Rescue! Absent an October Surprise (from whomever or wherever), we'll get the infamous result: 'what we deserve.' The result may have / will have nothing to do with merit…reality…or the presidential oath of office. I'll take Silent Cal any day!

  11. Lawrence says:

    The states could stop it if they have the gumption to exersize their 10th amendment rights and begin to nullify all these unconstitutional laws.

  12. reunion says:

    a shelly, or other paid to talk/write, romney debate would be just as symbiotic as a romney/obama debate. pro forma theatrics to distract & entertain the audience as business as usual state wielding continued.

  13. Proterryit says:

    With about half of the U.S. population getting some kind of government support, it only goes to reason that whom ever is currently in power will more than likely get re-elected.

  14. topeka says:

    "MittMan makes McCain look like Ronald Reagan."


    Put in a warning before you make a crack like that – I almost snorted my coffee!

    ;-) )

  15. topeka says:

    "if history books fifty years from now will even mention the fact that there once was a Republican Party in the old capitalist version of the United States of America?"

    No. …

    do they cover the roots of the Progressive's Evolution-based, anti-black, anti-Jew, anti-Catholic Eugenics movement?

    or the Progressive roots of the Unions,

    or the anything else?

    No – they blame "corporations" for everything – usually without even distinguishing between Progressives, less-progressives, and non-progressives. (the latter, like GW Carver, go into the memory hole)

    • reunion says:

      ruthless, anal retentive prigs with superiority complexes have always been around. even before the convenient re-purposing some of them made of darwin's theory (post 1859).

      prigressive has a less positive ring to it, for the sports fans, but is more accurate. john adams comes to mind, but all the federalists (and their follow-on monikers) fit that mold.

      the prigression has been building from at least the philly coup, but probably even before that. seems like crescendo is close. will be good to see the old bailey, parliament, go up.

  16. Stinger51 says:

    With this Marxism in our govt. I can see another War between the States looming. Only this time, it will be all of us vs. Washington D.C. (District of Corruption). So, I say let's lock & load and get it on! I'd like to see this matter resolved before I die.

    I will also continue to proudly fly my Confederate flag as a sign of protest against the new order of slavery in D.C. And I don't give a rat's ass who it offends. The Confederate flag now stands for freedom, while our official one stands for a return to slavery. That is the flag they wave in ghetto land (if they wave anything at all) as a testimony that D.C. now has them all back on the federal plantation. These people have gone full circle without even knowing it.

    Thomas Jefferson reportedly stated:

    "When people fear the govt. that is tyranny.

    When govt. fears the people that is liberty."

    It's time we started to put the fear of God into all of D.C. and our new "Massas" (like that Michael Bloom'ing-idiot'berg) who are who are ready to chain us up for good.

    • reunion says:

      another firefight? a so-called revolution? has that resolved matters before? will the mercantilists or marxists or "management" – oh my! – even be on the battlefield as their proxies & pawns tear each others' guts out?

      doing the same thing over & over, with the expectation of different results is?

      • Stinger51 says:

        The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

        Yes, the Revolution of 1776 bought us about 100 years of freedom from the Beast of Revelation, before it reared its ugly head again with the "Progressive" movement.

        We must be willing to fight, over and over and over again, with the only "expectation" that we will be free of this Beast power for a few short decades. Then we will fight again.

        Your quip about "different results" entirely misses the point of the struggle to remain as free citizens on this planet.

        • reunion says:

          stinger…"100 years of freedom" is wildly inaccurate. a closer reading of the period history is in order ('76 thru the con-stitutional convention & it's immediate aftermath). and, "free citizen" is an oxymoron. citizens are creatures of states…..

          but, if you believe a religion's boogie monsters are to blame, you may as well skip the reading.

          • Stinger51 says:

            We are not talking about "boogie monsters" here, but real spiritual powers, powers of wickedness that live in dimensions beyond the 5 senses we possess, and that you apparently know nothing about in your Darwinian view of the world.

            But it is nice to get a straight answer from you (at last) rather than your usual gibberish prattle. Which "reading" as I have said I do tend to skip, as it is a waste of my time. Thanks again for the tip.

          • reunion says:

            5 senses & a brain are all any of us possess, stinger. and “my view of the world” – the one that uses the brain to discover the world – predates darwin by many hundreds of years.

            you’ve quoted jefferson – why don’t you look up what he had to say about your approach? or his edited version of the bible?

            after that, read mencken’s short essay, “where is the graveyard of dead gods?”. hl merely dips a toe with the 189 gods, or so, that he mentions. all gone & (mostly) forgotten. all were boogie monsters, or had boogie monster accomplices. all exacted high human tolls.

            “darwin”, “progressive era”, etc are metastasized & dying versions of the “kiss” principle: a couple or handful of cells, replicating over & over again to “explain” everything. but it’s really only one cell, for you, “the beast”. beware the wo/man of one book.

            there is such a thing as “gibberish”. there is also comprehension. where there is little of the latter there will typically be experienced a lot of the former.

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