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Bernanke and QE3 to the Rescue

By Robert Ringer - Friday, September 14, 2012

Surprise, surprise — QE3 to the rescue, just in time to help Chairman Obama get reelected.  The Wall Street arm of government is, of course, jubilant, because it means stocks are almost certain to shoot upward.

But what most people — including those in the media — cannot seem to grasp is that the stock market has very little to do with unemployment, the cost of living, or the economy in general.  The stock market is a highly sophisticated game, played by professionals.  So if you’re not a professional, my advice to you is simple:  Stay out!

Of course, a tsunami of new toilet-paper money will hasten the advent of the Weimar Republic of America, but who cares?  Let the good times roll, I say.  I mean, everyone looked so happy in the Roaring Twenties, didn’t they?  Sure, a lot of people jumped out of tall buildings and caused somewhat of a mess below, but that was just a minor inconvenience.

This time around, as always, where the most money will be made and lost is in the housing market.  Bungler Bernanke’s printing exploits will likely give people — especially real estate speculators — a false sense of optimism, which could be the start of a new and bigger housing bubble than before.  I’m talking about prices ultimately dropping another 50 percent or so from where they are today.

Of course, smart, non-greedy speculators will have the opportunity to make a lot of money very quickly by buying and selling the right kind of real estate, at the right time.  But, as always, the Homer Simpsons will get caught with their pants down and their mortgages up when the next real estate bubble bursts.  And burst it will — guaranteed.

Of course, the safest place to put one’s Weimar dollars is in gold and silver, which are likely to shoot past $3,000 and $75 per ounce, respectively, in the next year or two.  And fiscal reality doesn’t give a rat’s buttocks who happens to be in the White House.

The endgame, of course, is hyperinflation for sure, and possibly runaway inflation.  And once that happens, look for the pampered natives to get nasty — even violent.  Not to worry, though.  You can count on the government to bring in the heavy weaponry and crack heads when that happens.  Thank heavens we have the feds to protect us.

So, Benny Boy, bring it on.  I love being a witness to history.

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24 Responses to “Bernanke and QE3 to the Rescue”

  1. Thomas says:

    And, as predicted, precious metals are on an upward tear this AM…

  2. It might also be important to note that although many will benefit from refinancing at lower rates, this is really a wealth transfer and little more. Individuals attempting to live off the interest on their CDs will have a few more years of suffering. Pension fund will again underperform their targets.

    If would be very difficult for Americans to abandon use of the dollar as a medium of exchange since we have a Federal law that firms operating in the US can only accept US dollars in exchange for goods and services. Many other countries allow citizens to use more than one currency at cash registers. In the US, if a Mexican restaurant accepts pesos, a US Treasury official will pay them a visit. In the extreme circumstances you assume, I suggest that gold would be worthless and in all probability, canned food and 9MM NATO rounds would become the currency of choice.

    There is the macro negative effect of the uncertainty of the Feds moves. We don’t really know what Uncle Sam will do next. This reduces the overall size of the pie. In my experience, more people than ever are using the terms: “I don’t know:” and “I need to think about it”. These are rational statements today. Uncertainty increases unemployment, etc. Uncertainty reduces the size of the pie.

  3. Larry says:

    Gold will be worthless??….Hmmmmm……don't think I'd take that bet. Anyway, when I hear Liberal pundits exclaiming that things are getting better…."just look how well the stock market is doing…. corporate profits are up", etc., I could just scream at the blatant manipulation of the voting public. Wall Street has about as much to do with job creation as Obama. And most of what happens on Wall Street lines the Wall Streeter's pockets…not the investors.

    And corp profits being up means what?? More jobs, revenues/sales are up? Or is the corp just tightening it's belt? I think the later, and the Liberal pundits know that's the case….but honesty like that wouldn't further their cause.

    I fear their are too many voters who are simply ignorant of political philosophies. They are ignorant of business. They are unwilling to dig their proverbial heads out of the sand and really understand what is happening in this country. Most people don't really understand what it means to simply print money and use it to buy stuff. It's a joke and the world is laughing at us….hard.

    Too many people with their hand out. Too many people with a lousy, lazy work ethic. Too many people getting something for nothing. When did we degrade into this cesspool? When did people lose their sense of personal pride, personal responsibility? When will the producers say….ENOUGH??????????

    • PitBull says:

      reunion has it right – - again….'incrementalism' is how so many of us have our hands out….is how a lousy, lazy work ethic has taken over…is how too many get something for nothing…etc., ad nauseam.

      Personal pride and responsibility do not exist in their profiles. I see it over & over again…at family gatherings, kids' birthday parties, etc. Open the birthday card – 'oh, is this all' – is the kid's reply – and the card gets tossed aside…no mom or dad to correct that.

      And so it starts – generation after generation – until the reality of something like the french revolution hits this country. The producers won't have enough time to say…ENOUGH!!!

  4. It's amazing how much garbage all of us have to put up with all for Obummer's delicate ego.

  5. Alice In Wonderland says:

    The open-ended, massive printing & digitizing of fiat money has begun. This is different than in the past when the Fed always indicated the maximum size and duration of its Large Scale Asset Purchase programs. In his press conference Ben Bankster Bernanke even went so far as to mention money printing relative to GDP. The idea is that if the GDP falls below a certain level, then the Fed will print, print and print thereby simulating the economy and raising the GDP.

    This type of openhandedness is a significant development inasmuch as it shows desperation on the part of the banksters. amerika could reach the edge at anytime. One "black swan" event, and amerika's Humpty-Dumpty economy could drop right off of the edge. And all of King Obomney's horses and all of the Fed's men won't ……………. together again. So what does Humpty look like after his fall?

    The pieces of smashed Humpty are civil unrest, supply shortages, capital controls, price controls, a bank holiday, currency collapse, currency devaluation/revaluation, currency re-issuance, gold confiscation and/or confiscatory taxation, a wiped-out middle class and, let's not forget, the government "managing" all private 401Ks, IRAs, CDs. Yes, everything you own will be backed up by the "full faith and credit of The United States of amerika.

    So remember to wave that flag and shout, "amerika is the most exceptional country housing the most indispensable people" as you send your sons and daughters off to the next war.

  6. Scott says:

    Bubbles galore: Real Estate, debt, stock market, u.s. dollar etc. We have arrived at a time in history when economic bubbles rule the day.

    obsido caveo – investor beware! Heed RJR's warning; if you are not a professional at in any of these markets, stay out. Politics is merely a side-show, the real action is at the tables. Best advice: balance, patience, perserverance. An excellent recent work on economic bubbles and how best to protect yourself is by David & Robert Wiedemer, "Aftershock,"

  7. Jack Settles says:

    One thing to remember is that many if not most of the Keogh and 401k investors who are not sophisticated as such are no longer in the markets. They got out close to the bottom and have been to scared to get back in and will wait till they are sure it really is going up again. Thats when the proverbial bubble will burst again. The pendulum will again swing again. No one seems to remember that todays lows are many times higher than the old highs of long ago and far away. You don't see todays proverbial biggies selling and buying again. They buy something and hold it forever, so to speak.

    Education is what they need and a board up side the head to make them listen. "A little knowledge goes a long way".

    • reunion says:

      < The pendulum will again swing again.

      for an accurate depiction of the pendulum, go over to youtube & view corman's movie version of poe's "the pit & the pendulum". its a guillotine that slices, rather than chops.

      remember the boiling frogs: incrementalism will lull most of the people, most of the time.

    • Scott says:

      Bernanke, have no idea what they are doing. Watching them tinker with the mighty U.S. economy is like watching a bunch of monkeys in a nuclear reactor control room; pulling levers and turning knobs…just to see what happens. They know not what they do.

      Get your personal/family ship of state into safe harbor as soon as possible!

  8. Doug says:


    You wrote: "Sure, a lot of people jumped out of tall buildings and caused somewhat of a mess below, but that was just a minor inconvenience."

    No one jumped out of tall buildings in suicide at the 1929 Wall Street crash. It's an urban myth.

  9. Bullwink33 says:

    my local bank branch has been sold, failed, struggled and yesterday I got a letter it was closing in 2 months,

    the other bank I do biz w/ for 20 yrs, says I'm a bum

    both are facts….

    I'm making money proportionate to my efforts as usual

    if I had some fiends in gov't I wouldn't have to worry, or would I ,they never seem to

    What came first the Rabbit or the HAT ?

    Thanks Robert for your upbeat prognosis ! Terminal Cancer ain't so bad, you can just ignore everything, Like liberals ignore facts, and demonstrate expertise in ignorance….

    just stepped in Bernanke ! Waffle Soles too…….

  10. reunion says:


    "sodomy with a boy," 1609, from Mod.L. pæderastia, from Gk. paiderastia "love of boys," from paiderastes "pederast," from pais (gen. paidos) "child, boy" (see pedo-) + erastes "lover," from erasthai "to love." Pederast is 1730s, from Fr. pédéraste, from Gk. paiderastes.


    sodomy with a captive population. hamilton's, et al, wet dream. jekyll island's mr. hydes.

    & in between:

    The year 1832 is significant because that was the year of the big showdown over the rechartering of the Bank of the United States between President Andrew Jackson and the bank's president, Nicolas Biddle. Jackson won the showdown, the bank became defunct, and the Whig Party was created largely in response to it and in response to Henry Clay's failure to prevail with the "Tariff of Abominations," which would have raised average tariff rates to nearly 50 percent.

    • reunion says:

      A central bank was the potential political lifeblood of the Whig Party, and no one was more devoted to resurrecting it than was Lincoln. As University of Virginia historian Michael Holt writes in his treatise, The Rise and Fall of the Whig Party, during the 1840, 1844, and 1848 elections Lincoln "crisscrossed the state ardently and eloquently defending specific Whig programs like a national bank . . . . Few people in the party were so committed to its economic agenda as Lincoln." In 1848 Lincoln stumped for Zachary Taylor, promising that if he were elected he would revive the central bank. He would continue to criticize Jackson and advocate central banking for the rest of his political career. ~ see “Lincoln, gold, & greenbacks”, dilorenzo, lrc site

      would that it were, for every hamilton, a burr…for every lincoln’s forsooth, a booth…& for every jekyll-hyde, parasiticide….

      <The Wall Street arm of government is, of course, jubilant, because it means stocks are almost certain to shoot upward.

      p.s. wall street is part & parcel the banking cartel, which is indeed the arm…the one inserted in the gov puppet’s rectum, up to the elbow, & ventriloquially working its mouth for the audience….

    • Reality Seeker says:

      "jekyll island’s mr. hydes".

      Bravo, reunion, bravo……

      Yes, labido dominandi and money lust are the defining characteristics of the "Hydes". This fact remains largely unnoticed by the dimly aware, bovine "audience". Love you work; "you're approved"…….

    • Reality Seeker says:

      Note: G Edward Griffin was just interviewed at the Casey Summit: Understanding the Banking Cartel, Interview by

      Follow the link or Google it. If you haven't risen to the level of understanding reunion's metaphorical language, G Edward will translate it in layman's terms.

      • reunion says:

        thx for the link (censor erased, of course) . overall good, but a quibble i have is griffin's characterization of the bank cartel as coming into being out of a desire to regulate itself, rather than being regulated from without…which in most minds implies the state…& when, in fact, the state is used by plotters, connivers, to impose cartels & monopolies. no state/gov, no cartels or monopolies.

        what cartels seek to "regulate" is competition, as in doing away with competitors & preventing them from ever returning. competition on/in free markets is the sine qua non regulator, & the thing fascists, neo-mercantilists, nimby's, etc (conservatives all – call them what you will) fear most – because it takes away their guarantees (under color of law) & exposes them to "unacceptable" risks via the hordes of entrepreneurs & arbitrageurs that would otherwise assail them – & improve the lots of everyone else.

        cowards & sociopaths use the gov to "roll up" industries, economies, like murderers use carpets to roll up bodies…..

        looked up "labido dominandi". settled on a site that turned out to be lila rajiva's (the mind-body politic — individuals, not ideologies…might be good) & which has an interview with e. michael jones, who wrote "libido dominandi – sexual liberation & political control"…sounds interesting. bookmarked griffins 2 sites, too.

        • reunion says:

          socratic method asks questions…metaphorical method begs questions – but only of the curious & therefore, at least potentially, educable.

          and I think some who grasp the references first pass experience at least some of the delight I do in writing them…..

          thx, rs……

          • Reality Seeker says:

            1) A second look at my writing made me realize that libido dominandi is a more correct spelling.

            2) G Edward Griffin would agree with everything you wrote, because he understands the banking-cartel system and why it was formed. The "quibble" is just a minor breakdown in communication. The context of Griffin's work clarifies everything, but, of course, he, like all men, is not perfect.

            3) "A desire to regulate itself" is a propagand(ic) phrase used by the crime syndicate as an excuse for the existence their centralized banking cartel, i.e. sugarcoating for the fiat money-pill.

            4) Like yourself, I have discovered many goldmines of information. And, like you, from time to time I shall share them; however, I shall not be back writing on this site on a regular basis. I will be reading your super-fine work, though…….

          • reunion says:

            libido dominandi – The will to power; the desire to dominate; the lust for government.


            listened to a little of the e. michael jones interview. he takes the term, definition, from st. augustine. city of god vs city of man. catholics vs jews. pornography his fulcrum.

            false dilemma. muddled.

            then on to eric voegelin.

            "In the two cases specifically analyzed by Voegelin, the totalitarian impulse is derived from the alienation of the individuals from the rest of society. This leads to a desire to dominate (libido dominandi) which has its roots not just in the Gnostic's conviction of the imperative of his vision but also in his lack of concord with a large body of his society. As a result, there is very little regard for the welfare of those who are harmed by the resulting politics, which ranges from coercive to calamitous (e.g. the Russian proverb: "You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet")."

          • reunion says:

            "Voegelin identified the root of the Gnostic impulse as alienation, that is, a sense of disconnection with society, and a belief that this disconnection is the result of the inherent disorder, or even evil, of the world. This alienation has two effects:

            • The belief that the disorder of the world can be transcended by extraordinary insight, learning, or knowledge, called a Gnostic Speculation by Voegelin (the Gnostics themselves referred to this as gnosis).

            • The desire to create and implement a policy to actualize the speculation, or as Voegelin described it, to Immanentize the Eschaton, to create a sort of heaven on earth within history by triggering the apocalypse."

            Ah, so…….

  11. Scott says:

    The original sin (flaw) of this nation, the so-called civil war notwithstanding, was, and is the question as to where power resides; the People and the States or the Federal Seat.

    That is our "crack" in the Liberty Bell. The bell rings, but not for liberty. It rings for the powerful bankers, their minions and devices. It tolls not for you and me. Wall Street still needs your money and my money in order to keep the machine going.

    The stock & bond markets are the greatest invention of all time for raising capital and involving the individual investor…but that was a time and place far removed from where we find ourselves now. Folks are mistaken if they think their vote counts, that it matters. The only vote that matters is the vote you exercise with your hard-earned money. I suggest that is where some measure of individual liberty may be realized. Be very careful when dealing with bankers and brokers.

  12. Reality Seeker says:

    "Sure, a lot of people jumped out of tall buildings……"

    Sure, but not nearly enough. Let's hope that this time around things turn out differently.

    Message to Banksters: Jump. Message to collectivist politicians: Jump. Message to the bobbleheaded blabbermouths working for the MSM: Jump.

    The world would be freer, fairer and friendlier without you, so do the rest of us a favor: Jump.

    Yes, let's see which parasite can execute a superior swan dive to the street…….drum roll please…….Jump.

    Hopefully, enough of the parasites will not jump (or be pushed) but be guillotined, instead. Hanging would also be nice, too nice, in fact. Perhaps, tattoo an amerikan flag on their forehead and send them off to play an ambassadorial role in Libya— without armed protection, of course— yes, this as a fitting end to blood-sucking parasites…..

    If there is to be a stinking French-style revolution, it is better than none at all. Hopefully, the nonviolent ones who believe in nonaggression will at most only have to watch the spectacle of poetic justice. Realistically, however, little or no jumping will happen because the amerikans are too dimwitted and gutless for a either a civil, mostly nonviolent revolution or a French one.

    Wait! On the other hand: history shows that between 1-3 percent of the population is all that is needed for change in times of crisis. And as G Edward Griffin said last week, "meaningful change only requires the leadership of .00001 of the population".

  13. kjb199 says:

    The only ones who benefit from inflationary policies are those that get the "new" money the quickest. And who else gets this money quicker than banks?

    Second question: Who's butts are the ones being protected by Bernanke?

    Those that get the new money the quickest are able to spend it before the general rise in prices occurs, thus being able to benefit from the effects of inflation, which will just cause the dollar number associated with any particular good or service to increase (more dollars chasing the same goods and services). The further down the food chain for payment that one is, the later they will receive their money, and thus will be the most severely impacted by the general rise in prices.

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