Robert Ringer

Biden Carries Out His Mission — Badly.

By Robert Ringer - Saturday, October 13, 2012

As I was watching Biden make an ass of himself in front of more than 30 million people, my guess, early on, was that Obama was probably screaming at his television set, “You idiot!  What the hell are you doing?”

After a half hour or so of nonstop grinning, giggling, boisterous laughter, and interrupting, it became obvious that Biden’s nauseating behavior was preplanned.  And, trust me, Obama’s hacks didn’t allow Biden to do the planning.

There’s no question in my mind that Biden’s instructions were to follow the Saul Alinksy strategy that Barack Obama has been using throughout his political career, and especially since he was elected to the nation’s highest office.

Uncle Saul, who in turn got his ideas from Lenin, Trotsky, and other high-ranking members of the Bolsheviks during and after the Russian Revolution, impressed upon his students the importance of isolating, vilifying, and ridiculing one’s opponents.  And, most important of all, if your methods are called into question, press on the accelerator and employ more of the same.

Biden’s antics were so over the top that clearly they were planned.  It wasn’t an occasional chuckle; it was nonstop ridicule.  So it’s little wonder that, following Joe Biden’s embarrassing clown show, Son of Saul told reporters, “I’m going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight. I could not be prouder of him. I thought he made a very strong case. I really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows for the middle class came through.”

But my guess is that Obama probably feels that Joltin’ Joe didn’t pull it off smoothly enough.  In other words, good substance, bad form.

Having said this, Obama now has a real dilemma on his hands.  I believe Biden’s nutty, immature display was a preview of what Obama is planning for next Tuesday’s debate with Mitt Romney.  But does he really believe he’s so cool that he can pull off successfully what Joe Biden failed so miserably to do?  Probably yes.

Remember, the Prince of Puffery gets his arrogance honestly from his Kenyan father, who had an ego that caused him to vastly overrate both his abilities and his importance.  The remarkably arrogant Papa Obama died a miserable failure at the tender age of forty-six in one of his many drunk-driving automobile accidents — bitter to the very end that his own countrymen failed to recognize his self-proclaimed genius.

If Obama tries to employ Alinsky ridicule tactics against Romney, I think he will lose what little credibility he has left with all but the 40 percent or so of voters who want America to be downsized into a much poorer, socialist nation.

On the other hand, if he relies on his Switchblade Barry grin and tries to fake his nice-guy image yet again, Romney, if he’s on his game, should be able to demolish him again with the facts.

Remember, the Duplicitous Despot’s idea of presenting the facts is, “I really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows for the middle class came through.”  In other words, empty verbiage that says nothing and insults the intelligence of most Americans.

Maybe I’m naïve, but with Obama’s fake façade rapidly falling apart, I don’t believe that most of the undecided hollow heads will buy into the phony, razzle-dazzle act of Mr. and Mrs. Obama anymore.  With less than month to go before the election, the undecideds actually want facts.  And the facts are devastating to the Emperor of Envy and his troupe of Obamaviks.

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21 Responses to “Biden Carries Out His Mission — Badly.”

  1. Gill O’Teen says:

    I was thinking that biteme was simply doing as he was told and was given a quick refresher on the Alinsky method by one who had taught it to impressionable, as Rush would say, skulls full of mush, which would make biteme his ideal student. It was clearly aimed at derailing the rye-mon's presentation. rye-mon was not helped as he was also victimized by the tag team of biteme and the muderator who couldn't have been more blatantly in league with the kommie agenda. I don't know when the RINOcrats will learn that in order to win don't let the opposition make up the rules as the contest is unfolding. If I live another thousand years, I doubt I will see that day. And yes, biteme was just a road show diversion for the upcoming playoff. Coaches the same, game plan the same. I suspect the incompetent won will have to draw upon every bit of his Irish malarky in order to play his game as well as bite me did. If rummy fails to prepare for that, he deserves to lose.

  2. Don Winfield says:

    A choice of President 0 Versus the Obama Clone is between 2 lunatics seeking power over others… And it's highly debatable whether or not the voting machines will tally the votes or create them.
    Power must be stripped from the political elite so that each person can control their own destiny without changing all of the laws to fit their pathway.
    The only way to protect your individual rights and freedoms is to protect the individual rights and freedoms of those you neither like not approve of. I don't think there is another way.
    Don Winfield for

    • reunion says:

      live and let live…walk away, & thereby begin to do away, institutionalized human parasitism…..

    • topeka says:

      So Don, I guess you support Obambam?

      Why some people wait to the last minute, never get involved early, demand perfection – or they will take their marbles home

      … and then they complain about the choices?

      How do you think we got here in the first place?


      • reunion says:

        topeka…you're either disingenuous (deceitful), or in denial, a conscious liar, or an unconscious one..

        current minute, or first minute (which was before any of us were on scene), of tripartite "checks & balances" monte is completely irrelevant. the confidence men, & their shills, began prior to that first minute, & their marks have been living "in the minute", ever since.

        unrefusable offers from authoritarian a/b are not "choices", "here" arrived long ago, and people like you, taxeaters, have been clamoring to become dealers & shills ever since. metastasizing institutional (redundant) parasitism – that's more than short-sighted, that's blindness (albeit psychosomatic, part of the denial effort to preserve "face" of pro(con)ponents).

  3. reunion says:

    the erection of the next level of the babblers' tower is anticipated feverishly by the queuing 'round the block babblees, anxious for "movin' on up"…and this gravity-doomed structure is a monument to envy, as in "if you build it, they will come", which is to say "they" were already here (however much via "values" inculcation – starting at the top & free falling earthward…)

    gravity, the bitch goddess……..

  4. DC555 says:

    Ryan, unfortunately, was not ready for this rough tactic. He missed many opportunities to stop Biden cold, specially in his closing remark. He needed to say point blank "We are in dire straights in the economy and foreign policy. People are hurting at home and an ambassador and his staff have been brutally murdered under your watch. You, Mr. Biden, obviously believe all this is funny and are willing to brush it aside as minor. Your attitude tonight is a clear reflection of the Obama administration. This is not a joke, sir."

  5. Reality Seeker says:

    Smirking Psychopathic Joe or The Warmongering Apprentice.

    Some choice, huh?

    Who won the debate(s) and whoever goes on to win the election really doesn't matter to freedom lovers at this point, because the welfare-warfare state and its out-of-control spending is only going to intensify. Both parties are full-blown collectives headed by collectivist leaders. The real issues ( e.g. the Fed) are never even brought up. amerika is a collectivist country, and it's only a matter of time before the socioeconomic situation becomes like an irreversible landslide crashing down upon an unsuspecting, valley hamlet. The landslide will not only smash everything in its path, but the governance afterward probably will be even worse. No doubt, some kind of a state of emergency and martial law will be declared by either Romney or Obama. The middle class' paper assets (including their paper dollars) will get wiped out, and, of course, whoever is President will be blamed.

    Yes, come this November collectivism is going to once again win by a landslide. And once again people like myself will be casting our vote in the same way as we do every November 6th, i.e. reading a good book.

    • reunion says:

      < amerika is a collectivist country, and it's only a matter of time before the socioeconomic situation becomes like an irreversible landslide crashing down upon an unsuspecting, valley hamlet.

      i've recently reread a short story, circa 1948, by shirley jackson. "the lottery". oh, what a parable & metaphor for all collectivist deindividuation & automatism.

      the story is available online. wikipedia has a critique. but for any unfamiliar with the story, i suggest first stop youtube, which has a 2-part short vid done by encyclopedia britannica, in 1969. see if you can spot a very young ed begley, jr. in one of his first roles.

      the person who reminded me of this story said, speaking to a collectivist, "whether the black spot lands in your individual hand, or not, the stones do, regularly"….casting stones, casting ballots – same damn thing. any democracist, denialist, voter who watches the vid & doesn't get it is unconscious, already just another stone in the pile (but you gotta' wonder how many stone(rs), suddenly – but way too late – "wake up" when they draw the black spot, & the "crashing down" begins…..

  6. Warrior Princess says:

    Great article!!! I have a lot of faith in Romney because he acknowleges o’s use of Alinsky tactics. I hope Ryan is aware as well. It is so frustrating to see o use Alinsky tactics while people don’t understand what is hitting them. o spends a lot of his time with ridule of the masses. I think his favorite Alinsky tactic is to make things seem bigger than what they are. I think half of what o says is either a lie or something made to seem bigger than what it is. When people understand the tactics, knowledge will counteract o and he will lose a lot of his power.

  7. Rocketman says:

    I saw only part of the VP debate but thought that Ryan won it on substance and the facts. Biden did better than I thought he would but what turned me off the most was his totally rude and condescending manner towards Ryan instead of treating him with the respect that he deserved as his challenger. When Biden started talking about nuclear war and was smiling about it I thought this is a guy that is not totally sane.

  8. Mike Rael says:

    I dunno, folks, but I liked what Biden was doing rhetorically. I felt that after Ryan made a telling point, Biden came back just as strongly with his own telling point. Only a hundred times better than what Obama did with Romney!
    On the other hand, Biden's large large smiles gave me the feeling that Reagan was there, saying repeatedly, "That's one for the gipper folks!" That is, Biden seemed to need to be *performing* always before some kind of audience, constantly saying, "See, I got one, folks."
    Ryan, in contrast, was reserved, respectful, and stuck to his arguments in a serious, mature manner.
    Overall, I respected Ryan as a man more than I did Biden despite the fact that Biden seemed as strong a debater as Ryan.

  9. dddigger8 says:

    What kind of government do you want to live under? As Bit-me said, "Who do you trust to name the next supreme court justices????????????? The answer to that one is not just one election long – it could last for the next 30 years!

    • Hillfarmer says:

      We don't want Romney to appoint them. He praised Eric Holder's nomination to attorney general! And of course we don't want Obama to appoint them. So we better elect Gary Johnson and get freedom loving judges.

    • reunion says:

      Cruisin' down the center of a two way street
      Wond'rin' who is really in the driver's seat
      Mindin' my bus'ness along comes big brother
      Says, "Son, you better get on one side or the other.

      I'm out on the border, I'm walkin' the line
      Don't you tell me 'bout your law and order
      I'm try'n' to change this water to wine.

      After a hard day, I'm safe at home
      Foolin' with my baby on the telephone
      Out of nowhere somebody cuts in and
      Says, "Hmm, you in some trouble boy, we know where you're been."

      I'm out on the border
      I thought this was a private line
      Don't you tell me 'bout your law and order
      I'm try'n' to change this water to wine

      Never mind your name, just give us your number, mm
      Never mind your face, just show us your card, mm
      And we wanna know whose wing are you under
      You better step to the right or we can make it hard

      ~ eagles, "on the border"

      <What kind of government do you want to live under?

      ever question being an underling? how does it make you feel to hear someone else question it?

      "Frederick Douglass, a former slave, witnessed & described that exact phenomenon among his fellow slaves, many of whom were proud of how hard they worked for their masters & how faithfully they did as they were told. From their perspective, a runaway slave was a shameful thief, having "stolen" himself from the master. Douglas described how thoroughly indoctrinated many slaves were, to the point where they truly believed their own enslavement was just & righteous." ~ larken rose

      douglas said, " I have found that, to make a contented slave, it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken his moral & mental vision, & as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason. He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery; he must be made to feel that slavery is right; & he can be brought to that only when he ceases to be a man."

      • topeka says:


        well, at least you read.

        maybe someday some of it will sink in.

        • reunion says:

          only reason anyone would bogart the pohilosopher's stone, cartelize it, is to manipulate perceived value, artificially alchemizing profits into rents (like de beers does with diamonds)….

          "lottery in june, corn be heavy soon." vote early & vote often, blood-host plenty. aren't you just a character from "the lottery"?

          so what's eluding my poor comprehension, topeka? what's the "it"?

      • Reality Seeker says:

        "Larken Rose"

        A good man for sure. Reading his work or watching his vids or meeting him in person is well worth the time investment. Really, next time he's thrown in jail by Big, Psyscho Brother, which may be very soon, please write or visit him.

  10. OldWhiteDude says:

    No question that Alinsky approach operative, but main objective apart from ridicule, belittlement and minimization is to create enough noise and interference so that RomneyRyan vision cannot be communicated.

    Our plight is terrifying to be on the precipice of tyranny and thuggery. If Americans lose this election, the options are ALL very bad. Literally, pray for forgiveness and deliverance. Then for courage and perseverance.

  11. Alice says:

    Unfortunately, the people who should see the debacle are those who aren't looking…the ones who just think Obama is fuzzy, cuddly, warm and likeable…AND needs another CHANCE !
    Because even they can see that he's messed this one up!

  12. Tom D. says:

    The V.P. debate had the gray-haired veteran acting like a spoiled little kid and the young neophyte acting mature.

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