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Bill Clinton — a Smart Guy with Bad Judgment?

By Robert Ringer - Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a speech by Bubba!  After more than ten years of practice and tens of millions of dollars in honorariums, the man has evolved into one heck of a speaker.

To his credit, he put it all on the line in keeping his side of his grand bargain with Barack Obama:  “I’ll support your reelection if you promise to give Hillary your full support in 2016.”

Good deal?  I don’t think so.  Personally, I believe his quid-pro-quo arrangement with the Dean of Duplicity showed more of that legendary Clinton bad judgment instead.


  • If Obama loses to Romney, and if Romney does even a slight about face when it comes to BHO’s socialist policies, the economy should sharply rebound in the short term.  (Emphasize, short term — not long term.)  If the artificial prosperity of voters could be prolonged through the 2016 elections, Hillary — or any other Democrat — would have virtually no chance of winning.
  • On the other hand, if Obama beats Romney, there’s a 100 percent chance that the U.S. will be in a Greater Depression by 2016.  Meaning that any Democratic presidential candidate would lose in a landslide.  And that would put a damper on Bubba’s influence, which, in turn, would rub off on Hillary.
  • But the worst possibility of all is if Obama wins, then succeeds in finishing off the job of totally collapsing the U.S. economy, followed by declaring a phony state of emergency to postpone the 2016 elections.  Sorry about that, Hillary.

So I think there’s a good chance that Bubba damaged his reputation Wednesday night for nothing.  That aside, however, I believe that an alien from another galaxy would find it amazing that on Wednesday night the Democrats wildly cheered a man whose most memorable presidential quotes are “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” “That depends upon what the meaning of is is,” and, of course, his simple directive to Paula Jones to “kiss it.”

And you wonder why they say this is a great country?

Also, with regard to damaging his reputation, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Bubba was determined to convince us that we are better off today than we were four years ago — that forty-three straight months of unemployment above 8 percent and an increase of $5.4 trillion in the national debt clearly demonstrate that Der Fuhrbama is moving us in the right direction.

I understand that the new intellectual star of the Democratic Party, that frumpy, flukey Fluke gal, was so impressed by Bubba’s remarks that she was out-and-out swooning over him.  Uh, oh … move over, Monica, it’s a whole new generation.

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19 Responses to “Bill Clinton — a Smart Guy with Bad Judgment?”

  1. Lara says:

    Brought to you by the same party that honored the late Ted Kennedy as a great supporter of women (Mary Jo Kopechne) and the great unknown birth control rights Fluke who worked knowingly for the Catholic church and then said under oath she was having so much sex that she couldn't afford her own birth control, and then took umbrage for being called a slut publicly.

    Hypocrisy seems to be THE party plank followed by Entitlements for all except those whom we don't like.

  2. David Hill says:

    Ah, politics, makes strange bedfellows. Looks very much like old wine in a new bottle, where the wine smells more like vinegar. Referencing to the late 50's Little Rock issues of forced segregation is opening another Pandora's Box. Bubba is like a butterfly zig zagging all over the place with no clear path of intent or purpose except to total obfuscate his issue points. Behold the orator who is absent of the second principal of oratory to wit, no judgement. However, obligation fullfilled, a nod, a wink, a handshake a verbal get out-of-jail, off the hook, card, i.e., no more tied to a one term promise, cuz Bubba, the oracle, could not clamber out of a hole dug so deep in 4 years, either, therefore, it's OK if the well of financial dispair is so deep; all the way to China. My pockets are lined, I, who spent several millions on a daughters wedding? Hippo-crits, each and everyone, them's are big in Akansas.

  3. Gary says:

    Thoughts on what I saw last night.

    "Democracy is a form of religion, it is the worship of jackals by jack asses."

    – H. L. Mencken

    (1880-1956) American Journalist, Editor, Essayist, Linguist, Lexicographer, and Critic

    "Few things are more irritating than when someone who

    is wrong is also very effective in making his point.”

    – Mark Twain

    [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910)

  4. Larry Shepherd says:

    The 2012 version of the Democrat narrative seems to be, in part, revolving around the Republican abuse of "Women's Rights." I find it a very interesting dichotomy to behold a notorious womanizer speaking from the dais as a keynote speaker at the Democrat National Convention. I truly believe that this evidence was weighed and a determination made that, unfortunately, most men (and women) do not find his sexual escapades to be outside of the norm of the individual citizens personal experiences. The fact of his lying during grand jury testimony means nothing to many of the same people.

    Bringing the former President in at such a time is done with the knowledge that only a good result can come from his performance and any negative impressions will be mitigated by the reasons stated above. What 'deals' were made made to secure his appearance will hopefully be unknown, as any obvious changes in Obama's administration regarding Hillary Clinton will require the current resident of the White House to be re-elected for such questions to be resolved

    It is doubtful that the Republican establishment will attempt to frame the Clinton performance on Wednesday evening as being hypocritical, due to public sentiment on sexual matters. I can cite as a reference that many of my female 'friends' of a vast social network indicated after Clinton's speech that they would be willing to 'do' him, if given the chance.

    The Progressive Democrat machine knows the American public. Do we?

    • bahmi says:

      Ah, these are great points made. The American public aka dumbed down useful idiots are more than willing to overlook these sexual escapades. The Republicans will tread lightly because they are likely as dirty as the DemonRats, it's sort of an "honor amongst criminals" thingie. This accomodation among perverts of many measures is what has ruined this nation's political process. When both presidential candidates are morons hell bent on destroying the nation, praising the speech of the NAFTA gangbanger is nonsensical. And don't for one second think that Obama "told those damn Israelis off". Not for one second. Israel is in our hair and they own Congress and the twerp who resides in the White House. Obama is very well known as a nonpareil liar, a puppet of the Israelis who run this nation.

    • Rich says:

      "I can cite as a reference that many of my female ‘friends’ of a vast social network indicated after Clinton’s speech that they would be willing to ‘do’ him, if given the chance."

      Gotta love sl*t feminism which goes hand in hand with liberalism.

  5. bahmi says:

    Yeah, the old whoremaster can really spin a yarn these days! How do you, Ringer, show such admiration for this reprobate? Every thing is a lie, the Dems are liars. Great speech? Yeah, great speech from a lying weasel who was impeached by the House. Caryl Chessman wrote some great books, too.

  6. C-SPAN loses half of its coverage of the Congressional hearings and all the news programs are spending all their time carping about the convention with everyone worried sick that their guy will lose. At No Agenda we're convinced that the real insiders are more worried that their side will win and get tarred with an everlasting label as the party that ruined the economy.

    This notion was partially confirmed by the Clinton labor secretary and now UC Berkeley Professor Robert Reich who tweeted on 8/14: "Party that wins White House could become minority party for many years if, as seems increasingly likely, world enters recession in 2013."

  7. Alice In Wonderland says:

    "But the worst possibility of all is if Obama wins, then succeeds in finishing off the job of totally collapsing the U.S. economy, followed by declaring a phony state of emergency to postpone the 2016 elections".

    There are many points of which I disagree with in RJR's analysis of Obama, but I mostly disagree with the above assertion that Obama winning a second term is the worst outcome of all. Why? Because, if there is a total collapse during an Obama second term, that will set the Democratic party back by at least a decade. If Obama declares a "phony state of emergency", the backlash will be so severe that it would tear the Democratic party in two. Just maybe that's precisely what is needed. Maybe Obama overreaching by starting a real mafia-style gang-war with the Republican cartel would lead up to the best possible outcome of all. These big cartels need to die one way or the other in order for freedom and capitalism to return. They can die by either killing each other off or by some other much better kind of non-violent, creative destruction.

    That's right, I'm not one bit worried about the Democratic cartel taking over amerika by declaring a phony state of emergency, because the Democratic leadership are mere chicken-shit wind-bags who don't have the guts or skill to go up against the gun-loving Rick Perry Cartel. And make no mistake about it, if Obama dares to declare a state of emergency in order to cancel an election in which the Republicans will win, war will ensue.

    • Alice In Wonderland says:

      The truth is none of us really know what leads up to either the best or worst possible outcome because there are too many variables. We can extrapolate and make educated predictions, but that's all. Let's hope nobody is foolish enough to push a nuclear button, because that is what could lead up to the worst possible outcome. Somehow, let's hope freedom is restored by education alone without any bloodshed..

  8. topeka says:

    Another great column Robert…

    Keep up the good work

  9. david pierson says:

    Oh Robert how you right wing nuts make me laugh.. how you get your panties in such a knot about Clinton lying about a bj.. but it's okay for Dubya to lie about WMD and send over 5,000 kids to their death and for what?? You going to tell me that Iraq is a shining beacon of democracy now??

    Clinton left Dubya with an 85 billion surplus.. you want to look at what Dubya left that commie Obama?? Record deficits, due to idiotic tax cuts and stupid ,unpaid for wars and an economy in ruins after letting rip off artists run wild on Wall St..

    If he did such a wonderful job why didn't Dubya, Cheney and that other rocket scientist Sarah Palin speak at the GOP convention?? Maybe because they know how much they're hated and how it's going to go down as one of the worst, if not the worst Presidencies ever…

  10. Jack Settles says:

    I'm not sure why but I'm not nearly as ashamed of O Bama as I was about W. I want to see if the publicans will do any better. It's too big a job for nearly anyone who gets unlucky enough to get elected.

    The naming of Uncle Sam has spread over the world and now they all want Uncle to give them a suitcase full of Our tax dollars. Does anyone know how much O has given away to get chummy with all the worlds dictators. Why would he want to be one? It's to lucrative to just be Pres for 8 years. Too much paola involved. How many presidents have gone into the office poor and emerged wealthy beyond the dreams of averice ? O well say la vieve….

  11. bill clinton is a great speaker and very charismatic. He made the choice clear for me when he said…

    "If you want a winner-take- all, you’re-on-your-own society, you should support the Republican ticket. But if you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, a we’re-all-in-this-together society, you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

    Society works best when everyone is on their own. It brings the best out of us and puts the focus solely on us as individuals to think on how we can bring value to others. Not the focus on who can help me.

    i do believe the republican party needs to be "modernized" and not so "old school". The republican convention looked like an aarp event. Stop stressing so much about family and religion! not eveyone has a family or wife/husband and not everyone is religious. Stop campainging to voters you already have in the bag. Focus on jobs! Thats what the american people care about in this election.

    If you agree with obama or thing you cant argue is he is a graet speaker and debater. Campaigning and getting elected is what he is good at! In a close election unforunately its going to come down to who sounds the nicest and who runs a better campaign, not the track record or ideas/philosophies.

    Romney is going to look like a lame duck out there against the hip, cool, charimsatic obama who sounds like a salesman that talks alot but doesnt deliver.

    God bless America and Ringer '2016

    • bahmi says:

      So this means we'll all share some of Bill's ex-girlfriends, right? Let's get naked for Obama sayeth Bill Clinton. Take a look at the Clinton legacy. Crook as Arkansas governor, helped the Mena, Arkansas drug smuggling. Wife with memory problems at Rose Law Firm. Approximately 75 people mysteriously "died" after trying to investigate the drug importation into Arkansas, how strange! Bubba generous enough to donate hot dog to Lewinsky, what a man! Originated NAFTA which helped destroy business in the US and moved overseas.

      Yes, Clinton is forgiven for his transgressions by useful idiot Americans who are too stupid to remember what this Stick Man did to the gals and the US. Clinton is loved by idiots in this nation who are too stupid to support anything that detracts from free drugs and free sex. Idiots and those on the government teat will vote for Obama, but have a white ethnic group do this and the Dems go berserk. Isn't equality great?

  12. 4204life says:

    Good article, I still have a 1998 SEX-(6) dollar BILL with Slick Wille's picture. This note is legal tender for all affairs, but mostly public and private. / #001CU8692 /

    It really is incredible how the social engineers have steered the masses perception to acquiescence of avarice and an amoral behavior. It's a daunting prospect to effectively illuminate without inciting more hostilities.

    • bahmi says:

      Dumbed down American school children grow up to be dumbed down American adults. Americans have slipped ethically and morally and don't even call for prosecution of bankers who have stolen them blind!! Americans don't care for anything but their new electronic baubles. Americans are the most spendthrift idiots on this planet. "I gotta have everything…". America, the land of exceptional idiots, so sayeth Rush "The Blowhard" Limbaugh.

      We are moral ingrates, we are never satiated. We are red, white and blue slugs crawling to our favorite malls to buy junk we don't need. We deserve this slime, we wanted it, we got it.

  13. Ciao grazie. Ho riferito questo articolo per il mio incarico. Grazie

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