Robert Ringer

Bill Clinton Enters the Enemy’s Tent

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Political junkies are all atwitter over the announcement that Bill Clinton will renominate Commie Obammie at the Democratic National Convention in September.  And why not?  It makes for great theater — if that’s what you want to call the Clinton-Obama soap opera.

Now, let’s be clear here.  The Clintons and the Obamas don’t just dislike each other; they hate each other.  And both have long memories.  You can be sure that the godfather of the Democratic Party is still seething over Obama’s “playing the race card” on Hillary and him during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

Likewise, let there be no doubt that Obama has not forgotten Hillary’s pounding home the message that he was not experienced enough to be president.  Or, more recently (according to Ed Klein’s book, The Amateur), that Bubba told a roomful of supporters that BHO was an amateur.

While these two high-profile members of the criminal class in Washington are very different political animals, they have at least three things in common.

First, they both love power.  Clinton seems content to preside over his adoring liberal flock here in America, while Obama clearly has Marxian fantasies of leading a world revolution.

Second, they are both world-class liars.  Clinton is famous for such knee-slapping lines as, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”  But when it comes to sheer volume, Barry dwarfs Bubba.  As near as I have been able to calculate, every time Obama appears on television, the first seventeen words out of his mouth are lies.

Third, they are both very clever.  Clinton is clever enough to have survived the sexual-assault accusations of 7,384 women with comments like, “That depends upon what the meaning of is is.”

And Obama is clever enough to have held his nose and appoint Hillary as his Secretary of State, acting on the advice of Michael Corleone of Godfather II fame“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

It is their cleverness that I think of most as I watch Bubba preparing to enter the fraudulent world of the Barack Obama.  It will be interesting to see which of the two men will come out on top in their newest world heavyweight cleverness encounter.

If you like to bet on the team that was caught off guard and upset the last time around, you’d have to put your money on Bubba.  But if you believe that the same knife-fighting skills that made it possible for a community organizer to pull off the unthinkable in 2008 are still viable, you might choose to place your bet on the Duplicitous Despot.

Either way, it’s going to be very bloody inside the tent, but we can take solace in knowing that a guy who is much smarter than either of these bad characters, Thomas Sowell, once said that the problem with clever people is that there is a tendency to try to continue to be clever long past the point where what they have to lose is much greater than what they have to gain.

Clinton knows that what he has to lose is a chance to sneak back into the White House holding on to Hilla the Hun’s pants suit.  Obama, on the other hand, may be too arrogant to believe he has anything to lose.

Regardless, it’s going to be fun watching these two egomaniacs trying to trip each other up.  And for Mitt Romney, it’s a dream come true:  He’ll now be able to refer to both a current and ex-president as “nice guys.”

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20 Responses to “Bill Clinton Enters the Enemy’s Tent”

  1. Bryan says:

    Political theater wouldn't be so bad if We the People weren't paying for it. Everything, no matter how rediculous, that happens in DC eventually ends up on the taxpayer's tab either as a direct tax or as some other form of creative financing. If the tickets to the freak show were free, it would be much more entertaining in my book.

  2. Jack Settles says:

    Help, Help the sky is falling, the sky is falling….It will be interesting to see the reaction in the faces of those who are vying for the championship when the 3rd party hopefuls get a lot more votes than they ever thought they would. There will be new faces in Congress next year and someone will actually tell us what ObamaCare is all about. Seems that all the winners in the past have such great ideas and then after taking over find out they can't do much about anything. As Harry Truman said. What we have here is a do nothing congress.

  3. DDDigger8 says:

    If Romney's organization is smart they will be ready with TV

    Ads showing what Clinton (and Hillary) said previously about the Amateur and what Clinton said as he nominates the commie for a second term. This will shine the light of thruth on all three of them: LIAR/LIAR/LIAR.

    THIS COULD BE FUN, FUN, FUN. I hate the site of blood, but this time I actually will enjoy it.

    • topeka says:

      If Rombama had balls like that … he'd either be Patton or Clinton… not the milquetoast whose only sees demons to his right…

      I hope Mittens proves me wrong…

  4. texas wolfie says:

    We in Texas just delivered a knuckle sandwich to the RINO David Dewhurst and delivered a Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz as our new senator. You guys need to do likewise in your home state if at all possible.

    • george says:

      Thank God the Texans got rid of a RINO. ( I am Athiest)

      But my feelings run deep on this RINO problem. That's the Best News I've heard all day. We really need to stop them from using the old Divide and Conquer Routine on the USA.

      According to the internet:

      The average USA citizen is paying $600,000 in interest payments during a lifetime.


      Forget about Gays in the military or other sideshows it's time to Drain The Swamp. Personally I think we need to spend that money on the good things in life. Debt is the Big Problem in many of our lives. I am actually carrying little debt myself.

      I just want our Citizens to follow the

      Pursuit of Happiness our Founding Fathers put forth.

      The Chiselers are always thinking of new ways to separate you from your money.

      Good Job Texas. (I am assuming what you said about the guy being a RINO is true, I don't have time to check LOL)

    • reunion says:

      the current “tea party” movement began as yet another expression of popular disaffection with our politicized society. it was, however, quickly co-opted by the same right-wing franchise of the political establishment that participated – in bipartisan efforts with its left-wing branch – in the construction of the modern empire. just as in the 1994 republican party’s congressional victories, persons of libertarian sentiments will discover that dressing a tea party candidate in a three-cornered hat will not change his fundamental character as a pimp for the prevailing order.

      ~ excerpted from shaffer’s “the wizards of ozymandias”

      the “knuckle sandwich delivered” was as the ones the nameless, hopelessly insane ‘everyman’ threw tyler durden’s way. the first rule of fight club is to keep taking punches…so why isn’t it called kick your own a** club? because even deranged people often want illusions of respectability……

    • topeka says:

      … amen

      We were all happy to support him.

      Hopefully this star attorney will be as good as his word when the Lib-tard attack machine starts eating his family alive…

  5. Gill O’Teen says:

    Hey wolfie, you guys done good. But it ain't over until Sheila Jackson Lee's little acorns finish counting the votes next November, so please don't let up.

    Bill Clinton never left the enemy's tent. He is in charge of intern recruitment and training.

  6. reunion says:

    so sowell was smart, not clever, to jump from the "marxist" gang to the "conservative" gang?

    • topeka says:


      Certainly Sowell was smarter than a Lib-tard who always supports his enemies and attacks his allies.

      Why don't you see a orthopedic surgeon? He can pull your cranium and you can find out what daylight looks like.

      • reunion says:

        horns of a false dilemma – lesser of two evils – is your pole star principle, topeka…but that's a fallacy.

        you don't know sowell's/conservative's defects because you lack the integrity to find out.

        instead, you wrap your lips around one horn, & blow, hard, to announce that the other horn will gore – unless your clarion is heeded.

        when i spelunk, as here, i bring my light with me. i see you, your subterranean albinism, clearly.

  7. JetJockey says:

    Bill Clinton NEEDS to be a major presence at the National Democratic Convention for one pirmary reason; Obama will announce Hillary as his running mate. Watch and see.

    My only advice to Obama; watch your 6 pal!

  8. honorary says:

    The 2008 primary cost Mrs. Clinton how many millions in debt and I heard that if Odumbo agreed to pay off her campaign debt she agreed to join his team. I bet every time when Slicky Billy showed up he would not do it for free…it is a kind of funny to watch..I knew that Slicky Billy is a devious but I don't mind seeing him but for Odumbo, I really detest him and any time I accidently see him on TV, I puke..

  9. topeka says:


    Good comment – thank you for your blog…

    I wonder how you can maintain your cool watching these criminals get away with everything…


  10. Scott says:

    I'm not sure Mitt Romney would know how to captialize on this factious, quasi-alliance of Obama/Clinton.

    I say attack, attack, attack! 1) appeal to the mainstream democrat and remind him of how his party has been commandeered by Marxists, 2) tell the American people "hell yes I avoid (legally) taxes as is the duty of every American…I do not however evade taxes," 3) tell the people "you want measurable improvement? I get results!"

    Quit the pussy-footing and go on the attack. Oh…and he'd better quit ignoring Ron Paul and just hoping he'll go away.

  11. Nasdaq7 says:

    Robert Ringer is someone with exceptional intelligence. I always come here, when I am a little down.

    I was just looking at two videos of Ayn Rand on Youtube:

    Ayn Rand – Liberty vs Socialism

    "I feel that it is terrible that you see destruction all around you, and that you are moving toward disaster until and unless all those welfare state conceptions have been reversed and rejected"

    Ayn Rand – In Defense of Capitalism

    Greetings from South Africa. We are at least 20 years ahead of the rest of the world with this multi-cultural mixture of the 1st world and the 3rd world and there is very little progress.

    5 million tax payers are supporting 15 million welfare dependants. The world's largest welfare state % wise. More than 60% of the government budget spent on welfare.

  12. reunion says:

    pretty much says it all about the state of "privacy". lol

    but, try the "contact us" button, at bottom, next time.

  13. Nasdaq7 says:

    The bottom line is the welfare state is a disgusting state to live in. Everything that is noble, everything that is uplifting: hard work, is not rewarded. Once your country loses market share in specific markets, you can be sure your brand, your reputation decreases.

    I think everyone is aware by now Pres. Obama's fixation with the welfare state. And he is going to replace skilled individuals with people that share his ideals for the US economy. The US debt will probably increase to 127% of GDP by the end of his next term, that is if he wins another one. But it is so easy to become popular with welfare – you know Christmas Father is loved everywhere in the world.

    The problem is getting out of the debt. It is future generations that will be impoverished to repay debt, unless of cause you can pull an Argentinian or Venezuelan escape.

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