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Bush and Obama: A Slobbering Love Affair at the White House

By Robert Ringer - Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wednesday’s White House was the scene of one of the greatest bipartisan love fests in recent memory.  The occasion was the unveiling ceremony for the White House portraits of George W. Bush and wife Laura.

It was a perfect setting for another in an endless string of staged events to make Bogus Barack and Michelle the Malcontent come across as the 21st century’s version of Mike Brady (Robert Reed) and Carol Ann Martin (Florence Henderson), the fictional parents of TV’s Brady Bunch of yesteryear.

As Obama flashed his switchblade smile and heaped praise on the man he’s blamed for all of the world’s troubles for more than four years, both Republican and Democratic invitees filled the room with applause and laughter.  I’ll stop short of saying they fondled one another, but, let me tell you, it was close.  It was enough to make a cynic like me want to repent by running out on the street and hugging a Democrat.

Throughout the White House extravaganza, Megyn Kelly and her guests went on and on about how even though Republicans and Democrats disagree on many issues, when all is said and done, they realize that “they both want to do what is best for America — and we’re all in this together.”  It almost brought tears to my eyes, kind of like the feeling one might expect if he were to undergo a colonoscopy without an anesthetic.

The Bushes, of course, towered above the “terrorist-fist-jab” couple (credit E.D. Hill) with their class, humor, and sincere graciousness.  Although I can never forgive George Bush for his compassionate-conservative spending spree that opened the door to Son of Saul’s Marxist agenda, I must again admit, perhaps naively, that I believe the man has good intentions.

When the hugging and cheek pecking had mercifully come to an end, the atmosphere in the room was nothing short of giddy.  Republicans and Democrats mingled warmly with one another, underscoring Megyn Kelly’s theme that “we’re all Americans.”

So much for the nauseating details.  The big picture is this:  It was a classic example of everything that anti-government patriots hate about Washington.  Here were two men — one kind, compassionate, and with good intentions, the other nasty, completely devoid of compassion, with bad intentions — both of whom played major roles in destroying an already crippled U.S. economy in a mere eight years.

Forget their different personalities.  Forget their different ideological beliefs.  Forget their different intentions.  What matters is the bottom line — that these two men presented a clear picture of everything that’s wrong with our political system.

Watching the Obamas and Bushes fawning over each other was yet another reminder to those Americans who are still awake that the problem is not any one politician, whether he be a Marxist or a staunch conservative.  The problem is that these guys, strange bedfellows as they may be, are all in bed together.  They are the political class, and you and I are their bankers — whether we like it or not.

Now, let’s all be good little patriots and demand more bipartisanship in Washington.  Arrgh!

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12 Responses to “Bush and Obama: A Slobbering Love Affair at the White House”

  1. topeka says:

    Robert, blog readers,

    Yep – its disgusting – watching our aristocracy fiddle while Rome burns.

    A few ways to judge untested leaders:

    1. Personal: Personality, character, and physical attraction

    2. Fantasy-Ideological Litmus Tests

    3. Prior Record: aka Accomplishments

    4. Reality-Check Ideology: aka Personal Record. A broad range of beliefs held; based on actual behavior. ie; How does he run his own life? Marriage, bankruptcy, etc.

    Measurements may be taken by asking, or checking the record if there is one. Those higher up on the curve would probably agree with the statement, "What the candidate does or did is more important than what he says."

    But what he says is important too: Especially if it betrays bias, antipathy, enmity, or bigotry against a group. Negative beliefs are often bad, but certainly anybody against baby rapers has my agreement on that platform plank.

    It's easy to weed people out. Most voters reject candidates on one or two issues: Their Own Financial Interest and/or Personal attractiveness (beauty contest). Some use a litmus test, or a professional accomplishment, or a personal misdeed.

    One deed, may be the man. Many Medal of Honor winners proved themselves with a single deed.

    Thanks to our soldiers, few of us have deeds conclusively identifying our character or staking a claim on merit or any other single issue. A single deed often says little about a candidate.

    B/L So how to separate TweedleDee from TweedleDum;

    Before they get to DC…

    • reunion says:

      instead of judging / testing "leaders", try judging & testing the premises of the surreal system (contrivance) that begets "leadership". until then, you're just donating samples down at the doc strangelove sperm bank……

  2. texas wolfie says:

    70 years ago Neville Chamberlain had a love fest in Germany with the son of Satan.These things never work out. A snake is a damn snake period!!

  3. Paul says:

    Apparently, Bush thanked Moochelle for inviting all his rowdy friends to his hanging. As he uttered those words I imagine visions of another kind of hanging, with a different danglee, went through his mind. All I know is, a rope salesman could probably retire on the sales he could make in DC alone.

  4. Pete DiOrio says:

    Whatever happened, if it ever happened, to voting for a candidate based on his / her proven political philosophy, and demonstrated economic and personal principles? Or maybe just giving serious consideration to who one votes for?

  5. George Shevchuk says:

    My reading of Robert's article and all the comments preceding mine has caused me to reflect back on the last 50 years in our country. The average Joe was never been very smart and the masses have been manipulated since the beginning of civilization, but with the inventions of technology the manipulation is on a level never before seen. It is not just manipulation but also intentional dumbing down that is really the cause of the disappearing middle class. Perhaps the populist in nature internet can help us to keep each other abreast of the latest deceptions and make us realize that this good cop bad cop routine is wearing thin.

  6. Econoranter says:

    Robert, I'm with you most of the time but you give W far more credit than he deserves. Whatever Bush's intentions were his presidency was a disaster for our country and, as we can see by his presence at the White House yesterday, he's still perfectly happy with his performance as he has said on several occasions.

    His "when the people are hurting, the government moves" socialism made conditions worse in every country it's ever been inflicted on and whatever his intellectual abilities are or aren't he's smart enough to know he hurt people with every new welfare program.

    His joyful party with the Obama's yesterday demonstrates his lack of integrity; or is he so Bill O'Reilly stupid he doesn't know that the Obamas are relentless Marxist enemies of our country? Would anyone who cares about the country hang, kissy face, with the country's most destructive enemies? George and Laura love all the attention, whatever they have to do to get it. With George,it's always all about George; he is as desperately needy and narcisistic as Clinton or Obama.

    One point to remember that makes Bush's character crystal clear are his pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some 6500 of our soldiers and marines have been killed, so far, and some 40,000 wounded. Yet, when it was young George's time to serve in Viet Nam, his drunken cowardice and family conections saved him from any risk: someone "of less value" was sent in his place. This is George W. Bush, let's make no more excuses for him.

    • Jim Forbes says:

      Jeez – I don't know if you can say that flying an F-104 in the Texas Air National Guard represented "drunken cowardice" and "saved him from any risk." A friend of mine, a squadron commander in the Indiana Air National Guard, was killed in one during a landing, and he was sure as hell no coward.

      The cowards went to Canada or, like Bill Clinton and me, hid behind student and "critical skills" deferments.

  7. Marinaman says:

    Allen West…………….Leaves them both a distant memory!

  8. Gill O’Teen says:

    By "Megyn Kelly" do you mean the fair and balanced easy on the eyes faux news babe? According to that lame brain outfit doesn't 'fair and balanced' mean true and false are just opposite sides of the same coin? Just as there is no mid-point between pregnant and non-pregnant, there is no fair and balanced between liberty and tyranny. Yet faux employs a veritable stable of voices for tyranny with which to manipulate our ability to think clearly. I watch faux when I'm away from home simply because for all its faults, it still beats the other motel tea vea offerings.

    But I agree, we are all Americans: some by birth certificate, others by naturalization, and still others thanks to a porous southern border plus an MIA attorney general (shouldn't he be busted down all the way to Inmate 666?) all duly Acorn registered. The difference is that some of us hold the Words of the Holy Bible and the Founding Documents of Philadelphia origin to be Divinely Inspired. Too many of us hold the "Necronomicon" as imagined by H. P. Lovecraft and his followers and a short 1848 publication published in London by a group of German political refugees to be sacred. Our loyalities are thus divided and until the lamb peacefully slumbers alongside the ravenous wolf there will never be a point of equilibrium twixt the twain.

  9. James Milligan says:

    Bush's actions of well intentions??? Bull, he was just another brick in the same wall and the one that did more damage by his free trade act that flooded our land with illegals to take the jobs of our private sector. Notice all the conservative groups asking for funds to protect our rights and freedoms and asking from a private sector that the majority no longer have jobs due to BUSH's intentions with his famous words "they will only take the jobs we don't want"… Bull, after over 26 years in the commercial electrical field my work has been destroyed by Washington policies.. Bush, just another brick of the same wall, it's called progressivism……….

  10. reunion says:

    manson family – definitely not brady bunch…..

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