Robert Ringer

Could the Republicans actually end up with a ticket of two jellyfish?

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Even though I have little respect for Mitt Romney, it’s kind of painful watching him squirm and demand apologies from the Master of Distraction.  The Kenyan Kid and his army of political henchmen are squishing the Massachusetts Jellyfish with questions about his past tax returns, his financial holdings in Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands, his supposed overseas outsourcing of jobs — even his tying his dog to the roof of his car.

Conservatives are shouting advice to the Massachusetts Jellyfish from every direction, urging him to get tough and aggressive with BHO, but they can’t seem to rehabilitate him.   The compassionate side of me would like to tell the Jellyfish to respond to BHO by saying:  “Tell you what.  I’ll show all my past tax returns in exchange for your showing all of your college records, papers, and thesis — plus, of course, the original of your long-form birth certificate.”

Now the word is that the Jellyfish may actually be preparing to outstupid himself by nominating yet another tried-and-true jellyfish, Timid Timmy Pawlenty.  You know, the guy who dubbed Obamacare “Obamneycare.”  Now that’s what you call aggressive.

The only problem is that when CNN’s John King called on Timid Timmy to look the Jellyfish in the eye in a Republican presidential debate and stand behind his Obamneycare remark, you would have thought he was Mitt Romney

He stumbled and fumbled and dodged and ducked until he succeeded in filibustering his way around the issue.  Though I’m not a big fan of jellyfish in general, I was truly embarrassed for the Minnesota Jellyfish.

Then, poof!  Just like that, Timid Timmy dropped out of the race.  These tough blue-collar guys are scary, aren’t they?  Can you imagine two guys wearing pink pantyhose running on the same ticket?

In the meantime, Obama is becoming bolder by the day, with his latest eye-popping statement being, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  It was right out of the Communist Manifesto. 

If Obama keeps opening his oversized community-organizer mouth with outlandish anti-American, anti-business statements, perhaps enough Americans will wake up in time to make it possible for the Jellyfish to pull out a victory in November.  But if the Massachusetts Jellyfish selects the Minnesota Jellyfish as his running mate, he’s a true masochist.

And even if the jellyfish combo managed to get elected, what would the game plan be — to spend the next four years praising Der Fuhrbama for all the good work he did in bringing down the U.S. economy?  And, of course, repeatedly telling the left-wing media and the public what a nice guy Obama is?

I wonder if there’s a civilization on some faraway planet in our universe where the political process is actually sane and uncorrupted?  Or, better yet, where there is no government at all.

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0 Responses to “Could the Republicans actually end up with a ticket of two jellyfish?”

  1. Gill O’Teen says:

    Considering that jellyfish sting, I doubt we'll have even one on the RINOcrat ticket.

    • topeka says:


      … beat me to it.

      Honestly – it's a great column Robert – but I'd take a Portuguese Man O War over Rombama and his clone any day…

      We could give him a tank in the oval office – and every idiot wants him to sign some Liberal legislation can stick his hand in the tank and ask for his signature. For all other decisions … we can just assume the answer is either "No" or "Veto"

    • Alice In Wonderland says:

      Jellyfish is an apt description of Romney, not because he is spineless, because it is in the nature of men like Romney to sting their voter-victims.

      Have you heard the story of the bullfrog and the scorpion? The moral of the story is a more applicable illustration in Romney's case, because the voter rightly depicts the bullfrog and the politician the scorpion.

      In general serial politicians are much more successful when they act like Romney. Remember, if the scorpion men act too manly, it scares the timid bullfrogs and they leap out of range.

      It has been my observation that bullfrogs don't like voting for truthful men, e.g. Ron Paul, but they would rather cast their vote for the lesser of two scorpions.

      Wise up, I say, and leap out of range.

      Tortoises are generally more intelligent than frogs, so I would expect them to know better; I hope the next book the Tortoise authors reflects a know-better intellect, viz. the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively.

    • RFN says:

      Yeah, maybe jelly doughnuts would have been a better descriptor for those two turds.

  2. Michael Rael says:

    Is Romney really a jellyfish? Could you please enumerate exactly why you say this? I just want to know.

    • GrayCat says:

      Are you blind and deaf to his flip-flopping? Are you blind and deaf to his policies and proposals? Are you blind and deaf to the reality of what he's done when he's had power? Are you blind and deaf to his back-pedaling and essentially admitting that he does have much to hide, if he would be elected president, because right now people don't want to think it's right, good, or "nice" for a man to be a successful multi-millionaire with money and "assets" in "tax-evading" international accounts?

      I mean, really.

      The issue is counter-exposing Obama's multi-millions and how he got them and where they are — yet he still takes a presidential salary and pension and health plan. Romney will, too, if he is elected.

      But no. The fix is in. And blind, deaf people will docilely vote for one or the other, so to feel good about themselves that they scored one for "their side."

      At the expense of scores of others like me out here who will be forced against our will to have rulers chosen by others who hate freedom, but "fear" Communism or "conservatives."

      When they could have had someone who would not have taken the presidential salary beyond $39,000/year, or bennies, or health plan, who returns to the government every year what his Congressional office does not spend, and has refused the Congressional pension and the health plan, because it's coercively paid for through taxes.


  3. Rocketman says:

    If I didn't know better I would swear that the Republican Party WANTS TO LOSE in November. They have the weakest presidential candidate that they can find, If Pawlenty is the VP nominee he's the weakest VP candidate. Even the major liberal networks are not saying anything bad about him. They are hoping that Romney will take that as a sign and not choose someone else as his VP pick. Look at the firestorm when Palin was picked as McCains running mate. The media KNEW that she would not be an apeaser and did everything that they could to keep her from power. The convention is the last chance that the republicans have to pick someone of principal, courage and honor. I sure hope that the Republican Party comes to it's senses and elects Dr. Paul.

  4. Dan Schweihs says:

    Obama’s actions are all in the Chicago politician’s textbook. Obama has accused Romney of not being transparent so that when Obama is accused of not being transparent he can say “both sides have held things back.” etc, etc, etc. If a Chicago politician is caught in a lie, they just tell a bigger lie. Was anyone surprised when then fake birth certificate appeared? He’s a Chicago politician. It is what they do. When a lion eats a deer, does anyone say they can’t believe the lion did that? It is what a lion does. Do you think you’ll see his real college transcripts? Or a version they want you to see. But none of this will matter.

    Keep this in mind:

    1.) Romney is promising that with hard work, a good education, and some luck you can achieve the American Dream.

    2.) Obama is promising to give people a bunch of free stuff.

    The promise of free stuff will win. Always has. They are still voting for free stuff in Spain and Greece. Romney is naive, pure and simple. But none of this will matter.

    Here’s my prediction. The generals will tilt the election to Romney by stirring things up in the Middle East, raising gas prices, dropping the economy into the tank, so people vote against Obama. The Fed will do QE3 to stimulate and the generals will have to stir thing up some more to raise gas prices higher. It is about the economy.

  5. Stinger51 says:

    If Romney is serious he will choose Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona for his V.P. She had the balls to look Chairman Obama straight in the eye and actually lecture him during their brief meeting on that airport tarmac. This woman has a spine made out of stainless steel — just what Romney needs.

    It would be great to see Jan Brewer debate Joe Biden, Mr. foot in his mouth himself. She would rip him a new one! That would be great TV!

    This would also present the Demoncrats with another dilemma. How could they paint Romney as a sexist with Brewer on the ticket? Oh, they would still try, but even the unwashed "Dancing with the Stars in their eyes" masses would not believe their rhetoric. Even Joe 6-pack would see thru that attempt.

    And finally, this would bring the topic of illegal immigration to a national debate. And the Demoncrats would go nutz! As for losing the Hispanic vote, most Hispanics who are here legally support Brewer. It's only the illegal ones that commit voter fraud that Romney would lose. 'Course, he's lost them already, so I say pack them back to Mexico and say, "Adios!"

    The only other person I would love to see for Romney's V.P. would be Sheriff Joe Arpaio. That would have the Demoncrats falling down Hitleresque style and chewing on the carpet for sure. Even the lap dog press would have to cover that one!

    • HIllfarmer says:

      I don't expect Biden to be the Democrat VP candidate this year. I expect Oboma to take Nebraska Senator E. Ben. Nelson as a reward for his vote to pass ObomaCare.

  6. DDDigger8 says:

    Ok Robert, do you have any more names to call Romney. Let's just get them all out of your system and then let's concentract on getting the Commie out of office. Because it is either a Jellyfish or a Commie at this point. Who do you want sitting in the Oval Office for the next four years? Who do you want naming the next one or two Supreme Court Justices that

    could be around for the next 30-40 years? This country is in such bad shape because of that Commie. My question is do you really mean to help the Commie? What are your motives? I realy don't understand at this point where you are coming from.

    • Andrew says:

      How about "Loser"!!! Cause that will be Romney ultimate fate will be if he doesn't find his back bone or grow a pair.

      Honestly, I don't think the republicans want the WH for 2012.

    • GrayCat says:

      Sorry to shine some light on your dark corner, but there is no difference in reality between Obama and Romney.

      They are both equally slimy and socialistic.

      Only Ron Paul is actually different and truly anti-totalitarian. But you MUST have rulers, and you MUST have war, and you MUST have taxes.

      What REALLY are YOUR motives? None of them is FREEDOM. ALL of them are ANTI-FREEDOM.


      • Andrew says:

        Grey, actually I agree very strongly with you about the two parties.

        I liken the current two party system as anti-democratic and more of a two party dictatorship. Both taking America down the road of communism with the media lap dogs leading the way…

  7. Robert Berger says:

    Oh come on. You're still repeating the tired old canard about Obama being born in Kenya, a lie which was completely discredited long ago.

    America cannot afford to elect a republican president, because the republican party has become the most evil,corrupt and dangerous organization on earth. It's far more dangerous than Muslim terrorists , because it's right in our country .

    The party has been hijacked by a noxious bunch of ignorarant, inbred Hillbilly Bible-thumping imbeciles ,

    vicious homophobic bigots, anti-abortion fanatics who don't give a you-know-what about children once out of the womb,crazed evangelical Christian creationist morons who want to turn America into an evangelical Christian theocracy which would be little better than the Islamic theocracies of the middle east, and anti-tax idiots who want to destroy the safety net for the poor and those out of work through no fault of their own.. Heaven help America !

    • Andrew says:

      Ironic that you should call for Heaven's help when you can't stand Christianity.

      So you would prefer communism over a theocracy.

      I'll take theocracy. Under communism even the gay don't stand a chance at life.

      Four years of Obama's "Hope and Change" finally brought us communism. God help us!!!!

    • GrayCat says:

      And you're still spouting the old canard that if GOVERNMENT doesn't do something, it can't be done!


      It's GOVERNMENT that has brought about the situation of the poor and those out of work through no fault of their own!!!

      Sorry, but the GOP hasn't been hijacked by any Bible-thumping imbeciles; it was hijacked by former Democrats who hated their party's tendency toward peace! It was hijacked by people who preyed on other people's fears and envy, and catered to their incorrect religious beliefs; exactly what they "left" the Demo party for!

      GOVERNMENT produces NOTHING but tyranny; it's what government IS.

      Who are you to insist on ruling me? I don't want you or anyone else ruling me — ESPECIALLY "for my own" or "society's" "good."

      You do not know what is best for me or anyone else but YOU.

      And that is where it should end.

      You rule you, and I will rule me. Without some middle-man gang of thieves between us, we may even be able to conduct mutually beneficial business, and agree on things we would otherwise be forced to disagree about and try to impose on the other.

      There is no excuse or reason for the state but pure violence and envy, pure corrupt desire to control others and their property and lives. It is this that is wrong, not whether someone is a Bible-thumper or "gay."

      "The state is a gang of thieves writ large." — Murray Rothbard

      Look him up. You might be surprised.

      • Herman Neutic says:

        If commentators such as these are what passes for "average educated American" and they cannot look below "surface level" of the realities of our (enforced) two-party system, then the game is – and has been – over for many, many years.

        The United States of America, Inc. was bought, co-opted, and paid for by the Globalists, CFR, Tri-laterals, et al.

        No election has been a truly "free" election since 1776… and even then, the outcome is in question.

        The Brotherhood of Darkness IS the ruling political party.


        Do the research, if you can pull yourself away from "Dancing With the Stars" and "Sports Cult" and "Celebrity Worship" long enough.


    • texas wolfie says:

      Wow! I resemble that remark. What happened to civility if we disagree?

    • Stinger51 says:

      "Oh come on. You’re still repeating the tired old canard about Obama being born in Kenya, a lie which was completely discredited long ago."

      We don't know where Obama was born since he will not release his birth certificate. What he released was a "certificate of live birth" that has no legal standing. (Just try to get a passport with that hospital type document.) And even at that, his "certificate" was easily taken apart and shown to be a fraud by a Photo Shop guy.

      Now we know for sure that Obama traveled with a passport during his (ahem) "undocumented" college days. So, where IS his birth certificate?

      Also, the terms "homophobic" means to "hate all men"

      (people). You should rather correctly use the term "homosexualphobic" if that is what you meant.

      But that definition is too long for any member of the lap dog press to glob onto. Just as they use the word "gender" in place of sex. Gender is a part of speech and has nothing to do with sex. But I understand why they have perverted this term, as to bring us the "five genders" of sexuality, when only two sexes actually exist.

      Really, you should get your terminology straight, and not just use the spoon fed terms the media gives you. I mean, you don't really want to look like the dufus that they represent, right?

      Or maybe you do?

    • Eric Hammer says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to spot a freedom-hating liberal. All they have to do is open their mouth.

    • RFN says:

      Wow, I have NO love for the republican party, but your comment was so over the top, it isn't funny. You are whacked.

  8. Ken Okko says:

    Hey Mr. Robert Berger – Do you have your hat on backwards? or your head on backwards? or both? Because your description is precisely that of the Liberal DeeemonCrapic Socialist side of the welfare luvin' New World-One World Govt-promting Big Govt Party contaminating Washington and our entire nation her and now. IMO If OurBumma is elligible to be our president, why doesn't he simply prove it by releasing ALL the requested documents? I expect Sheriff Arpaio to serve up another plate full of OurBumma Felony/Fraud evidence shortly j- ust in time to expose the fraud and save us from having to suffer anymore of the O Socialist misery. Yeah

  9. Andrew says:

    Robert, based on some of the negative comments about the jelly back bone, you hit a nerve with the republican party establishment/elites drones.

    I say good for you for having the balls for be being so descriptive. And its about time that the republican party drones learn that Romney is NOT the best the republican establishment/elites can do. They can do better but would rather not.

  10. GrayCat says:

    None of this would be happening if the GOP had gone with Dr. Ron Paul. He has nothing for any opposition to expose or demand disclosure on; he has nothing anyone can hold him hostage on. He is for freedom, everything the GOP and the Dems are against.

    The GOP has finally revealed itself to be no less debased, corrupt, and Communist than the Democrat Party.

    It is astonishing how many people still refuse to see past party labels and their own government-created fears.

    Whether Romney or Obama and their entourage are elected, it won't matter. They have the same agenda, one a little "faster" than the other — maybe.

    Why do people continue to play this insane game? How is it possible that so many people continue to lie to themselves that political parties and "voting" mean something "positive"? Why do so many continue to lie to themselves that "paying taxes is the price we pay for civilization"?

    Why do so many people continue to lie to themselves that not only they, but their neighbors, want this kind of "civilization"?

    Why is it so hard for these "true believers" to understand that it is wrong to want rulers over anyone but themselves, and therefore they are doing everyone a great disfavor by continuing to "vote in" rulers for not just themselves, but their neighbors?

    Who asked you to vote for others to rule me?

    "Or better yet, no government at all."

    I don't want your rulers; I don't want any rulers. I've never harmed you; why do you want rulers over me? THIS HARMS ME.

    • Andrew says:


      You were doing real good until you start ranting about having a "govt". Even our founders have said that govt is a necessary evil.

      But back to your point about both parties taking us down the road to ruin. I agree 100% with you. However, they got to go slow or else us frogs would jump out of the hot water.

      Destination: communism

      • GrayCat says:

        So Andrew, what is the opposite of Communism?

        Pardon, but our founders did not say that government is a necessary evil. Go look it up.

        And then look deeper into who those founders really were, and what they were really after, and what they really did and supported.

        Jefferson is the closest to a true freedom-lover among the better-known, but even he faltered when he was president.

        Exactly what is "government," and WHY MUST it be a "necessary evil"?

        ALL governments head for the exact same destination. It can't be helped; it's WHAT government IS.

        If I were not harming you in any way — but neither emptying my pockets and giving up any other of my earnings and other property — why would you want rulers over me?

        "The state is a gang of thieves writ large." — Murray Rothbard.

        Look him up; read what he wrote. Then we'll have something to talk about.

        • Andrew says:

          Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one… – Thomas Paine

          Communism wishes to make owning private property "illegal". Whereas Capitalism wishes to make private property legal and for "individuals" only, not state owned.

          However getting back to your argument about extreme totalitarian govt, then the absolute opposite of fascism would be anarchy.

          • GrayCat says:

            I don't recall seeing Thomas Paine's signature on any founding American document. That was my point. Besides which, even he doesn't say government IS necessary. What he does say is that neighbor-ness ("society") is a blessing, but rulers are optional, and generally not to be desired.

            Fascism and Communism are not the same thing. We have a fascist state right now, heading into more socialism going into Communism.

            So what's wrong with "anarchy"?

            Hint: It DOESN'T mean lawlessness or riots or murderousness. Those "definitions" have been forced onto it.

  11. Stephan F. says:

    I agree with Digger8.

    Is it really constructive on our part that freedom lovers everywhere rip Romney a new one? Some do. To me there's no revelation in realizing that he is not Ron Paul. And Ron Paul will not win the nomination. So looks to me like we’re stuck with yet another presidential election voting for the lesser of two evils (for me this will be the first time in the last 32 years (Reagan 1980) that I’ll pull the lever for the ‘R’ instead of the ‘L’).

    Anyone with a brain already knows that Mitt for brains Romney is a Putz! (with a capital P). Now with that said, do you really think that we'll be better off with Obombma than Romney? (if you answered yes, you're nutz!) We have to begin changing political direction somewhere, sometime, and someplace; and the time is here & now. If we don’t throw out this tyrant now — and btw most of his cronies in congress — then kiss you butt goodbye, we’re cooked.

    As I’ve mentioned here before, you can just forget about any idea of making an ideological vote for some losing 3rd party candidate, because if you do, you'll probably be helping in the reelection of a true real-life modern-day dictator. Do you really want to wake up on Nov 6 realizing this?

    • Stephan F. says:

      Btw, where in the heck did Reality Seeker go? I miss him, please come back!

      • Alice In Wonderland says:

        RS won't be back.

        RS might occasionally post a comment on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' site, or, perhaps, RS might converse on air with Peter Schiff; You might catch him protesting in one of Alex Jones' call-to-action events.

        RS supports Gerald Celente. He likes Max Keiser's work. RS is fond of Doug Casey and Gary North's work. RS reads Lew Rockwell and King World News on a daily basis. RS thinks Marc Faber and Jim Rodgers are both worth listening to.

        You might find RS bashing and/or praising Glenn Beck on GB Reality Clown TV.

        Last I knew RS was still up in a remote part of Alaska fishing, gold mining, reading Louis L' Amour and living like Thoreau.

  12. DDDigger8 says:

    Hey, GrayCat: There is nothing the same in nature and no two people are alike – even Obumer and Romney. We are going to get one of them in the Oval Office for the next four years. If there is no difference in the parties, then you must not see any difference in the decisions Obumer is making right now and the ones that made this country great over many years.

    And, just for your record and Obumer's record, I started my own business. I worked the 10-12 days, 7 days a week to get it going. I never saw the guy named "government" helping at mid-night when I should have been home. Romney knows I started my own business. Only a commie could have made that insulting remark. And, steve Jobs started his own busines and so did Ford. There is a different. Can you afford another four years of Obumer?

    • GrayCat says:

      Look up "100 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like Barack Obama."

      Then look up the history of the Democrat and Republican parties, then look up the Federal Reserve System and the IRS.

      Then look up Ford's efforts in government, and who were behind the Federal Reserve Act and the start and purpose of the income tax.

      Kudos starting your own business. The government may not have "been there" to "help" you get it started, but it's CERTAINLY there to collect on it and make sure you don't do anything it can't get you for.

      You're going to get another four years of Obama whether it's Romney "elected" or not.

      Is a government good just because it may not be overtly "Communist"?

      Why do you need a government to regulate between what you might want to sell me and whether I might want to buy it?

      Why government?

      • GrayCat says:

        And why would anyone, especially someone who started his own business and works so hard to keep it going, NOT want Ron Paul RATHER THAN either Obama or Romney?!

    • GrayCat says:

      Finally, if you had to get a business license, a permit, pass a course and get certified, the government in fact was there "for you."

      You couldn't conduct your business without it.

      My question is WHY should ANYONE have to get a business license, a permit, a certificate, or any sort of permission to conduct business in the first place?!


      Why do you WANT government and the rulers it employs AT YOUR EXPENSE, regardless of political party or candidate, AT ALL?

      (It's ALL inevitably, irresistibly, ultimately COMMUNIST.)

      • Andrew says:

        Grey, I see where you are going with this line of argument (i.e. unfettered govt regulation). Excessive regulation is like lots of parasitical bugs on a healthy dog. Over time the excessive ticks takes its toll on the dog and what happens next is… that dog don't hunt no more.

        In defense of some govt regulation, history of mankind is chock full of scam artists and swindlers (in govt too) trying to steal from honest hard working folks.

        Example: I could open up a website pretending to be IBM or Dell and try top steal their honestly owned business acquired customers. Regulation makes that illegal and almost impossible to do.

        So I am for "common sense" regulation that protects the livelihood of hard working folks.

        • GrayCat says:

          The dog is ALWAYS healthier with NO TICKS, FLEAS, or other PARASITES on or in it AT ALL.

          While the history of mankind is replete with accounts of bad people, nowhere in history are there accounts of bad people getting the upper hand unless they are aided and abetted by "good" people.

          You want someone else to "protect" you from the bad guys, rather than doing that for yourself. You want someone else to "protect" me from bad guys rather than trust that I just might be able to do that for myself.


          If you would read Murray Rothbard, Hans Herman-Hoppe, Dr. Michael Rozeff, and Dr. Walter Block, you might see that there are very effective alternative ways for us to protect ourselves from bad people than use "government."

          Too often "common sense" is proved to be nothing but popular myth and wishing.

  13. Steve Lowe says:

    Mr. Ringer, I have the utmost respect for you.

    However, I find that your less than even-handed treatment of Mitt Romney both unfair and unjustified.

    I think that he achieved in his career as much–or perhaps more–than you have. I believe, therefore, that his extraordinary achievements in business and politics perhaps have left you feeling jealous.

    Is that the reason for your invective? I hope your conservative-divisive rhetoric has a more virtuous basis, but I'm not sure.

    Steve Lowe

    • Andrew says:


      I find myself in almost complete agreement with Robert on this column.

      That said, I do find Romney to be a good and decent family man. Just not a good and decent enough "conservative" candidate for me.

      Question to you: why is it that the democrats can select as president the "most radical, liberal, socialist candidate", yet the conservative wing of the republican party most opt out for the most moderate candidate (I say liberal)?

      Is it that the republican establishment/elites are ashamed of their conservative legacy? If so, would they please switch parties and stop playing RINO games.

      With Romney as the republican party establishment/elites pick, I have no skin in the game.

      Therefore its: Romney/Obama 2012. Same/same.

  14. Scott says:

    I have a question regarding human nature I'm hoping someone can answer; why is it that rich dudes feel the need to compromise when elected to public office?

  15. Anonymous says:

    dont on ignore la cause et les circonstances pr

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