Robert Ringer

Greta, Me, and Perplexity

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In a recent Donald Trump appearance (by phone) on Greta the Grinch’s show, Trump was at his statist best.  Among other things, he casually mentioned, when Greta brought up Harry Reid’s name, that “Harry’s a good friend of mine.”

How lovely.  It’s nice to know that had Trump become president, he would have been able to reach across the sewage ditch and make deals with his good bud Harry.

But on this particular night, Trump‘s main theme was to hammer away at the idea that if the Obamaviks continue to press for ten years of MittMan’s tax returns, he should demand to see Obama’s college records from his days at Columbia.

I counted a total of five times that Greta, with her trademark, down-in-the-mouth, deer-in-the-headlights look, told Trump that she was “perplexed” by what in the world he expected to find in Barack Obama’s college records.

Please understand that Greta wasn’t feigning perplexity just to bait Trump to say controversial things.  She was genuinely confused as to why he would want Obama’s Columbia records to be revealed.

Hmm, Greta … how about the possibility that Obama’s application and enrollment records might show that he was a foreign-exchange student?  Now that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?  It would mean that he has committed untold felonies in his rise to the presidency and that none of his actions as president are valid.

Still perplexed, Greta?  How about the possibility (actually, the likelihood) that Obama’s college papers are filled with anti-American rhetoric — stuff like essays that extol the virtues of Saul Alinksy’s tactics and the Cloward-Piven strategy for overwhelming America’s welfare system and bringing about income equality?  (Which, by sheer coincidence, of course, is precisely what Obama has been doing since he took office.)

Of course, since no one in Obama’s relatively small graduating class at Columbia ever spoke to him — or, for that matter, ever heard of him — another possibility is that he never attended Columbia at all.  Sorry, Greta.  I don’t mean to burst your straight-arrow bubble and expose you to the real world.

Obama has stated boldly that Romney’s unsubstantiated cruel acts at Bain Capital is “what this election is all about.”  Now, wouldn’t it be nice if Romney and Ryan would continuously hammer home the idea that what this election is all about is why Obama won’t unseal his Columbia records?

What’s that you say?  It’s the economy, stupid?

Oh, I agree that the economy is hugely important to discuss.  But the way the election process is supposed to work is that before a candidate can be in a position to debate any issues, he must first be properly vetted.

And in the event anyone still cares, Obama has never been vetted at all.

True, we found out about Reverend Wright, but the media became indignant and demanded we ignore it.

We found out about Bill Ayers, but the media became indignant and demanded we ignore it.

We found out about Obama’s boast that he went out of his way in college to hang out with Marxist professors and other radicals, but the media became indignant and demanded we ignore that, too.

Like me, I’m sure you could list a hundred other items the media has chosen to ignore, the result being that, to this day, Barack Obama is still probably the only U.S. president in history never to have been vetted!

Sorry to say it, Greta, but that is what perplexes me.  But, as the old saying goes, different perplexity strokes for different folks.

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24 Responses to “Greta, Me, and Perplexity”

  1. Daniel Joseph says:

    I suggest that you focus on the Social Security Number. The SSN argument is that a SSN was issued to and 87 year old in Connecticut who died shortly after the number was issued. Obama needed a SSN as an American citizen when he applied to Harvard to get in and get the scholarship. (I think I had to have a SSN when I applied for college in 1968. I don't remember for sure.) He would have had a foreign citizen's SSN as a foreign student at Occidental college and Columbia to get the scholarships at Occidental and Columbia as a foreign student.
    Prior to applying at Harvard, someone probably just told him to get a SSN for a dead person and there was probably a way to do that at the time. I can visualize someone telling him to do this and you get into Harvard with a full scholarship. I would have been hard for a young person with his background to say no to that. If this scenario is true, maintaining that false SSN lie has been very expensive. If he does not win in November, his access to government money and political contribution money will dry up so he may have trouble continuing to pay legal fees to hide the lie. But it may be so well hidden by now that the truth may never come out.
    There were rumors that he voluntarily surrendered his law license in Illinois due to problems with his background. That is another sealed file. How many Harvard Law School graduates voluntarily surrender their law license?

  2. Daniel Joseph says:

    Original SSN documentation might be harder to forge since the records are apparently kept on microfilm, etc. The original microfilm will need to be “lost” to continue the lie. But I doubt that it would be destroyed since it would be possible for a scientist to determine the original date of that film. The person who has the original microfilm would have the same amount of power as the person who had the dress with Clinton’s semen stain.

    But living in the real world, the truth will probably never come out. When a Chicago politician is caught in a lie, they just tell a bigger lie. If a Chicago politician needs a document, they create the required document. The power of the presidency has had time and resources to paper up both Columbia and Occidental by now.


  3. JohnnyWi says:

    Daniel Joseph is correct. Everything worth looking at has already been scrubbed clean by Obama aparachiks.

  4. david pierson says:

    Why don't you birther nuts go over to HuffPost today and read a great piece by the director Barry Levinson.. to surmise.. oh yes, when he was born in Kenya the evil Marxist cabal said let's plant two birth notices in local papers now, fake the birth certificate, sneak him into Harvard by nefarious means, etc.. and get him elected President!! and then look at his record as President.. strong anti-terrorist, bailed out big biz, banks auto etc.. the only so-called socialist thing was health care, which every sane democratic country except the U.S. has.. as Levinson asks, where is this great Manchurian conspiracy???

    • Richard says:

      David, you are a foolish person. You must be able to think for yourself if you are to determine right versus wrong. Until that time you will in the dark tunnel looking out.

      • topeka says:


        … you are too kind. You must be a very nice person to respond to someone posting so many Big Lies in one small "tweet."


  5. Thomas Green says:

    Wonderful interview, Robert, you asked a few pertininent questions and then let her talk without interruption!

    Would that you could teach the majority of TV and radio chuckleheads to do the same!

    I would add one thing to the discussion of what do we do now: Join our founders in acknowledging God as Creator and as the Author of our successes as a nation.

    • reunion says:

      e. pluribus founders?

      deism cut the deus ex machina cords…leaving only authors as authors of their individual successes…& nothing for non-authors to glom onto…..

    • Scott says:

      What the founders agreed upon was that the Judeo-Christian Ethic along with Natural Law wasn't a bad way to frame a legal system…"at least let's give it a try" they said.

      Application of science, law etc., have the same outcomes, consequences whether practiced and applied by "believers" and "non-believers" alike. Remember, "the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike." I suspect that God is ambivalent about nations. It is the practical application of proven, tried & true rules and methods which make nations relatively great or small, successful or failures. Don't blame God for our mess.

      • reunion says:

        deism is not judeo-christian. paine, jefferson, franklin, madison, hamilton, allen, others, were former, or more closely former, not latter. those are some significant individuals, as vs the standard tendency to lump "the founders". how many times can j(esus).i. joes be reminded of this before their xtian founders mantra expires? just a guess, but what’s this number: ∞ ?

        j-c/legal system & natlaw are antagonistic, incompatible. legal system is about legality (rules at whim), not justice. parenthetical also describes j-c.

        nations are notions of noxious n.i.m.b.y.'s (not in my back yard) – people bent on doing away with competition & locking up captive populations to company stores (cartels, monopolies).

        you’re right. "gods" have had nothing to do with any of it, ever. except, of course, as pretext by/for nn's (above).

        "some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."

        ~ roger miller

        “roses are red and violets are purple,

        sugar is sweet and so is maple surple.”

        ~ roger miller


        • Scott says:

          Deists: true, most f.f. were defined best as diests. But there is no legal system I'm aware of called "deist-prudence." So they elected to follow a hybrid legal system best resembling judeo-christian law.

          Although I don't think most understand your positioning of the name j(esus) as such, but I appreciate the nuance. So, as I take Gene Kelly's lead…"I'm singin' in the rain." Later my friend.

          • reunion says:

            yeah, but…i think you are aware of how easy tripartite games gull the marks. 3-card monte, 3 shells & a pea, & executive/legislative/judicial (or, left jab, left hook, right uppercut…reverse for southpaws, or alternate for ambidextrous switch-hitters…). the "legal system" is the most malevolent of the 3-part harmony sung by confidence men (who will tell you, "you can't cheat an honest man", and are implicitly thankful that there are so few….)……

  6. TheLookOut says:

    David, keep drinking that BHO kool-aid, and what's left of

    of any critical thinking you may have had, will vanish.

  7. Pete DiOrio says:

    Yeow, David! The crowning jewel of socialism IS socialized healthcare. And virtue in bailing out "big biz, banks, auto etc." Who do think is paying for these colossal failures? Did you get bailed out? Have you been paying any attention to those "sane democratic" countries? Why do you suppose they're in such a mess? Banks? Bailed out businesses? Socialized healthcare?

  8. Angie Fraser says:

    Has anyone searched for the yearbooks of Occidental College and Harvard for Obama's graduation pictures?

  9. Gill O’Teen says:

    I think bo's buttocks has been properly vetted. That's where he bought his dog meat, and all the vet wanted was cash. I heard from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous that the backside in chief acquired the needed cash by picking the pockets of oblivious bystanders.

    On another note, why in the hell is anyone wasting time watching Greta? And does she ever invite her brother, Hans, on her show?

  10. Denise Stokes says:

    Actually, there is one classmate at Columbia who has come forward. Dr. John C. Drew has apparently tried to get the word out since 2008. He doesn't say he was in classes with Obama, but had very intersting interactions with him during that time. See…

  11. I do not say this lightly. However, it is really important that we get this stuff in gear. Records or no, birthday or no, he is the worst president in US history and Obama is a Neo Left Liberal Fascist. He is not a marxist really look at what he says it is big union, big corporation big government. Right out of Mein Kampf.

  12. topeka says:


    Great article about vetting Obambam, and about Greta, and the Donald.

    Though I have to quibble that it is important.

    Anyone paying attention knows Greta is a lib-tard, and the Donald is an opportunist, Fox is eeevvillll b/c they let a few conservatives, libertarians, and RINO's, etc., chime in, and as for vetting the POTUS… no one who reads you would have believed this Obambam was anything but a commie-pinko from the first speech they ever heard.

    Let's face – only the choir cares about this.

    But it was a good sermon.


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