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Is God through with John Edwards?

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Speaking of nauseating spectacles, John Edwards’ first campaign speech after being found not guilty of illegal use of campaign funds was right up there with Bush and Obama yukking it up at the White House — on the same day yet!

Words like slimy and despicable have been tossed around rather freely ever since the media caught up with Johnny E. in the restroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel back in 2008.  But, to be fair, let’s cut the guy some slack and analyze his misdeeds from the compassionate foundation of, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

That said, the reality is that Johnny E. is not the first person who has cheated on his spouse.  And I’m sure many of those who have been guilty of that deed have experienced remorse and managed to successfully rehabilitate themselves.  Let’s just say that their unfaithfulness displayed a lack of good judgment.  It’s wrong, but it happens.

To which many might retort, “Yes, but they didn’t cheat on a dying wife.”  True.  Not only was Johnny E.’s judgment bad, he also displayed a shocking lack of both self-discipline and character.  But, once again cutting him some slack, I guess you could say that he was just genetically programmed to be a very weak and immoral person

But what about getting his new-age girlfriend pregnant?  Again, benefit of the doubt:  His predicament was undoubtedly just a case of bad luck.  In other words, it could have happened to anyone who has had an affair.  Having a child is just an unexpected consequence of someone’s indiscretion.

In any event, I think we can all agree that Johnny E.’s  baby-making affair with a staff member (being as generous as possible in describing her title) while his wife was dying of cancer was, at a minimum, a lack of good judgment; at worst, a total lack of character.

But for now, let’s put aside all this sordid stuff, because everyone already hates the poor (er, rich) guy for it anyway.  What I can’t cut him any slack for, however, is the fact that while he was involved in a sleazy affair, he was also running for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States!  It was nothing short of Obamanic-sized arrogance.

Then there were the $400 to $1,400 haircuts (whichever figure you choose to believe).  No slack on this one, either.  It wasn’t a case of bad judgment.  It was naked narcissism that is hard for the average person to fathom.  Even Bill Clinton, at the height of his perverse indiscretions, never displayed such self-love.

When I watched a clip of Johnny E. teasing his hair at one of his expensive hairstyling gigs, it reminded me of a great Woody Allen line.  Allen once said that the airlines should make a rule that anyone who pays to fly first class should, as a perk, be given the right to walk through the coach section of the airplane once every hour and mess up the hair of coach passengers just for laughs.  Can you imagine anything more fun than being given the green light to mess up Johnny E.’s hair?

All right, enough of the silliness.  Let’s get to the meat of what is the most despicable thing of all about Johnny E. — his campaign speech after being acquitted.  He left no doubt that he was already eying some kind of delusional comeback when, out of nowhere, he began babbling about his favorite subject, “helping the poor.”

Forget it, Johnny.  We’ve all seen that act from you many times before — and we ain’t buyin’.  That vote-getting strategy isn’t as popular as it was when you did that fake photo op in New Orleans after Katrina.

We already have hundreds of Congressmen and women who are involved in the same scam — with total disregard for the fact that it’s in violation of the Constitution — and we’re actively trying to figure out how to put a stop to it.

Every humane person wants to see those who are suffering financially better their circumstances, but not through government force.  The moral and best way to accomplish that objective is through private charity — and teaching people to help themselves.  But that’s another article for another day.

Today, my message to Johnny E. is straightforward:  Please, Johnny, just stay away from the television cameras and try, nice and quietly, to redeem yourself.  You did say that you don’t think God is through with you yet, and I’m inclined to agree with you there.  I think it’s best, however, that I not elaborate any further on that one.

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0 Responses to “Is God through with John Edwards?”

  1. Michael Rael says:

    Oh Johnny, you look so handsome. I know what you ought to do. Go make hat advertisements. I'm thinking now of Rand's Peter Keating. That's how *he* made money until he became

    a degreed second-hand architect. Surely Edwards is more interesting than Keating! I say, "Go for it, young man." I know that if I needed legal help, I sure wouldn't want him as a lawyer. I'd be scared he'd overlook something crucial that could land me in the soup! Nope, hat advertisements–that's what a nice,

    handsome man like him should go for. Hey, there's a FUTURE in it!

  2. BLH557 says:

    Okay, so I agree with your editorial with one exception: Who cares how much he paid for his haircut? If it was really his money he can pay as much for a haircut as he wants. Isn't that what we're already up against; a class/race division directed by a classless racist?

    So what if he screwed several hundred people and companies out of it. He "earned" it honestly… well, at least as honestly as a sleazy, slimy, classless PI Attorney can.

    Guess that puts him right up on top of the Democrat selection process after all.

    • topeka says:


      … It's his hypocrisy… setting aside sarcasm and the fact that Democrats think hypocrisy does not apply to them.

      – I support his right to have fancy hair on his own dime.

      - I support his right to hate me and try taking my money so I canNOT afford to coif my hair for more than $12

      … But

      - I refuse to be SILENT ABOUT HIS HYPOCRISY.



      - The wickdeed repeatedly claims to come from humble origin, represent the "poor" and demands that My Children Pay for him and his ILK to live at 38000 feet. (Not by Earning It! They're Rent Seekers!)

      The $400 bouffant really tells the whole story in a nutshell which is why Robert used it. It's a jab in the eye of this hypocrite.

      And you suggestion we should ignore this HYPOCRISY – while Lib-tards are trying to destroy our family's economic prospects?


  3. PitBull says:

    Hubris! As understood in ancient Greece, in The Book of Proverbs, Paradise Lost, Doctor Faustus, The Boer War, and in The Haircut — John Edwards doesn't need to stand in front of another microphone to seek 'redemption.' The mirror he looks into every morning will be the best rehearsal for getting on with his life and legacy.

  4. john bear says:

    Where are the Hank toons?

    I don't know if God is through with Edwards but I am. Does that count?

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