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Mark Levin on Voting Your Conscience

By Robert Ringer - Thursday, July 5, 2012

I don’t disagree with Mark Levin too often. He’s smart, knowledgeable, colorful, and, most important, zealous when it comes to calling a duck a duck — or a communist a communist. A couple days ago, however, I had to part ways with him on an issue.

One of Levin’s callers was trying to make the point that Republicans not only have a habit of nominating the wrong candidate for president, conservatives and libertarians dutifully support him. They do it because they buy into the conventional wisdom that if they vote for a third-party candidate, or don’t vote at all, their vote is wasted.

Levin went ballistic on his caller, which is part of his “charm.” But in this case, not only was his rudeness excessive (actually hanging up on the poor guy after calling him a jerk — or something to that effect), he also was, in my opinion, wrong. The main point of his tirade was that whether we like it or not, Romney is what we’re stuck with. What an inspiring thought.

Levin went on to say (actually, shout) that we first have to concentrate on getting Commie Obammie out of the White House, then we can address the problem of fixing both Romney’s spine and the Republican Party. In theory, it sounds like a pragmatic approach to a very bad situation, but decades of empirical evidence suggest that it won’t work.

First, as to Romney, he’s had sixty-five years to develop a spine, so it’s wishful thinking to believe that conservatives can perform an extreme makeover on him in that area of his anatomy. It’s just not going to happen.

As to “fixing” the Republican Party, my memory harkens back to a number of conversations I had with my late friend, Bill Simon, who served as Secretary of the Treasury under presidents Nixon and Ford. Simon understood, but was uncomfortable with, the longstanding Republican mantra: “We should nominate the ‘most electable’ conservative available.”

The problem is that the establishment got it wrong on both counts with Romney. He’s not a conservative and he most definitely was not the most electable candidate in the Republican field.

Worse, in his book, A Time for Truth, Simon pointed out the “time-honored” Republican rationalization for betraying free enterprise, small government, and less regulation once members of the party are elected to office: “It’s necessary to stay in power. We can accomplish nothing if we’re out of office. So we have to throw the voters the kinds of bones to which the Democrats have accustomed them.”

That, my friends, is precisely what you will see happen if Romney wins in November. As I said my article “A Big Thank You to George W. Bush,” I’d appreciate it if you would quote me on that.

Mark Levin’s apoplectic point was, “So what’s the alternative, reelect Obama by voting for Gary Johnson?” I had to turn the volume down on that one.

The optimist in me would love to believe that once the Republicans take control of the presidency and both branches of Congress, the Mark Levins, Rush Limbaughs, Sarah Palins, and millions of Tea Party folks will force progressive Republicans to change their ways.

But, in my heart of hearts, I don’t believe it’s possible. The Marco Rubios are already being carefully groomed to become the next generation of establishment Republicans, and I get the distinct impression that they’re getting very comfortable in that role.

Which is why my bolder side thinks, “Let Obama get reelected so we can get on with the revolution — not a shooting revolution, but, hopefully, a Liberty-Education Revolution.” Why an education revolution?

Because the average American knows virtually nothing about Obamacare, nothing about how Congress works, nothing about the Constitution, nothing about the debt or the deficit — nothing about anything except perhaps what kind of tattoos LeBron James has on each of his arms.

Either way, as well-intentioned as Mark Levin may be — and I do think he’s terrific — he should not chastise someone for wanting to vote his conscience. If every conservative and libertarian had cast their votes based on principle over the past eighty years, Barack Obama wouldn’t be in the White House today and Mitt Romney wouldn’t be running against him.

It’s a sad commentary on America when voting your conscience is looked upon as heresy.

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86 Responses to “Mark Levin on Voting Your Conscience”

  1. kphb says:

    The ONLY christian choice is Ron Paul. IF the Christians voted the Bible , they would HAVE to vote for Ron Paul . It is not christian to support abortion.

    • Eric Brown says:

      Sorry Kphb Ron Paul is not pro-life he is pro-abortion state by state. He only pretends to be pro-life to get votes from people like you. Read the onlinearticle by the American Right to Life Committee on Ron Paul. Ron Paul has no problem with the federal government permitting the states to decriminalize abortion, something completely contrary to even the fourteenth amendment to the U.S. constitution.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Compromise and pragmatism have ruined the conservative cause in government. One cannot compromise with the devil.

  3. val the builder says:


    So eloquently stated. I've enjoyed your reading back to the "Winning by Intimidation" and "Million Dollar Habits", days.

    It is true the Republican Party doesn't seem to have a clue on installing a winning candidate. The party also seems to be torn between the mainstream Republicans and the Tea Party Republicans, which are both out of touch. In essence, the Republican Party is divided into two parties. This delima is opening the door for a second Obama term. The question then is, Where will the country be after 4 more years". It is quite true that the average voter is not informed about anything before voting. Enjoyed your article!

    • george says:

      I am sorry but I disagree. i think the Tea Party is correct.

      The Republican Party is being run by the same behind the scenes Kingmakers that put BO in Office. We are left with a choice between Terminator1 or Terminator2 they can't be reasoned with, they can't be bribed (maybe they already have been LOL) they will never stop. Their Target Being The Constitution.

      The Republican Party is really a slightly different version of the Dems Party.

      Like i always say Mitt, McCain? What's the difference?

      I would vote for Palin right now. We would then have an Honest POTUS. She is an Honest Woman for the most part. Thatcher used to say a housewife could balance the Budget. maybe a little less flash and more Reality.

      Best Wishes to All:)

  4. Rocketman says:

    Mr. Ringer, that's a good argument but I would like to add that when I was growing up I learned something very important. When someone says something I always ask myself this question. "Does he have anything to gain by saying what he just said?' The Republicans want to stay in power at all costs and that is why they can't be trusted to say that we should only vote for them. If 40 years ago, when the Libertarian party started more people had realized that then the LP would now be a major party and they would have never elected an Marxist like Obama in the first place. We would have had choices. Right now we have to settle according to them of the lessor of two evils and that is why that I'm either going to write in Ron Paul on my ballot or I'm voting for Johnson. I for one am sick and tired of voting for the lessor of two evils, especially if it's a choice between Obama and Obama-lite (Romney).

  5. Erato says:

    There is nothing conscionable about voting, period. It's a sad commentary on America that most people think there is.

  6. BLH557 says:

    Personally I think voting your conscience IS heresy. I grew up in an environment where the "conscience" was always and always will be Democrat, no matter what. Your "conscience" comprises the "touchy-feely" parts that often defy either logic or intelligence and many times both. Voting for whomever will nominate Supreme Court Justices, or who will get Congress to get out of the way and let the businessmen do business and get the economy running.

    To not vote for Romney because your conscience tells you not to and just letting Obamao be elected to get the country "energized" against him to to "teach the country a lesson" is tantamount to watching your one-year-old place her hand on a red hot stove top so she'll learn the lesson and not do it again; the consequences to either may be more devastating that even we can imagine.

    • BLH557 says:

      Sorry for the spelling miss-steps. I was interrupted.

    • Erato says:

      And what kind of lesson does your one year old learn when you teach her that trying to force her will / opinion on dissenting individuals is not only admirable, but her duty?

  7. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    "If every conservative and libertarian had cast their votes based on principle over the past eighty years, Barack Obama wouldn’t be in the White House today and Mitt Romney wouldn’t be running against him".


    To which I add: it's never too late to start doing the right thing.

  8. There is about more than just Romney or O-Commie. It's who gets to choose the next supreme Court justice. Justice Roberts proved that we never know what we are getting. Its a great deal more likely that Romney might make the mistake of electing a real constititionalist without realizing it. So do you really want to re-elect Obama and put us through another four years of this? If you do, expect to see me and all other woman in this country in long black robes and our heads covered. Besides, you would ruin the blue jeans industry.

  9. Gill O’Teen says:

    I disagree with every comment above not made by Mark Levin. If his royal taxist is reelected, we will live under a kommienist goobermint in which the rule of law becomes the rule of one tyrant's whims. All anyone paying attention need do is verify this personally by simply considering the destruction to our economy and God given rights in less than 4 years under this marxist then extrapolate what he unfettered will do if given another 4 to pursue his father's fantasies. There is nothing more important this round than that he be sent off into the sunset – preferably on a leaking boat to China. Like it or not (and I don't), rum-knee is what we are stuck with. When playing poker, we must play the cards we are dealt. Same principal applies here. Our choice is not between the lesser of two evils. It is between freedom and slavery. At least mitzee gives us some time to pursue what the tea party brought to the national stage in 2010. The alternative will be digging a tunnel out of the prison kamp of obamica one teaspoon of dirt at a time under the watchful eye of the naked emperor's civilian defense corpse better armed and trained than our military. A vote for anyone other than the RINO nominee is a vote for slavery.

    • Tommy G says:

      This kind of thinking is why we are where we are. Just "vote for the lesser of the 2 evils". Nope not me. If we get Obama for another 4 years, then so be it. Maybe then the country club Republican establishment will be run out of town, and be replaced by a true conservative party establishment. Then we can start to take out country back. We need a candidate that will contrast with Obama in a stark way. Romney is not that candidate. Don't listen to what Romney says. Romney is a liar. Look at how he governed when had power. A liberal. He was to the left of Ted Kennedy, as he bragged when he was running for the Senate. I'm afraid the Obama is goinf to trounce Romney.

  10. CEW says:

    Does anyone remember Ross Perot?

  11. Gary Harmon says:

    I have said basically the same thing since the 60's when I was attending Ayn Rand's lectures. Theoretically we should let Obama have his second term rather than vote for another semi-socialist Republican. But can the American voting public be educated? Abolutely not.

    They have dumbed down for so long by the media ( have you ever seen a 'good' business man in the movies or TV? ) that there is no hope of ever turning them into rational human beings. The liberals bow to the state and the conservatives bow to 'God', now there's some rational thinking for you. If everyone voted their conscience you would still wind up with what we have, or worse, because not enough people think anymore. Emotions and group-think rule.

    A blood-letting revolution is the only answer, except the military will always stand behind the 'Comander-in-chief'. So what's left?

  12. reunion says:

    if "vote your conscience" isn't a contradiction, then neither is "rob, rape & pillage your conscience". and that's leaving completely aside the fact that fed candidates are either/or handpicks before they're ever presented to "voters" – those coliseum approval roarers, lion feeders, & thumb communicators…..

    see my recent paste post of mencken’s “last words”. or giburu it (anonymous search). the many, the proud, the jarheaded voters….

  13. Tommy G says:

    Robert, Great article. I agree. Not only is Romney a liberal, but he is also a liar. He has no principles other than his own ego. Don't listen to what he says, but look at how he governed when he had power. As he once bragged, he saidthat he was to the left of Ted Kennedy! The Republican country club establishment needs to wake up. My conscience won't let me vote for Romney. If we get Obama for another 4 years, so be it. Maybe then the Republican party etsablishment will wake up and put forth a "real" conservative candidate who will take off the glove and fight like a man. None of this "President Obama is a nice man" as Romney likes to say. We need someone who will say it like it is. Stop this "my distinguished colleague on the other side of the aisle" crap. Call it like it is. We conservatives so long for someone who will take the gloves off and bring the fight to the DemocRATS. Like Obama said, "if they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun". We conservatives want a candidate who will say "what Obama said, was a lie", not this mush mouth answer, "Obama is not being truthful. Call a lie a lie. This ia a war, and we need a candidate who will go on the offensive, not just try to play it safe. Sarah Palin energized the base, Romney gets barely gets a yawn from the conservative base. Based on where this country is headed Romney should be way up in the polls, but he isn't. Why? We have another Bob Dole / John McCain candidate on our hands. Hence we get Obama again.

  14. Beth says:

    Agreeing with BLH557. Adding that calling Romney the 'lessor of two evils' does not make sense to me. He wasn't in my top 4 picks.

    Yes, the education of all citizens needs to continue – I just don't think we'll get the chance if Obama is re-elected.

  15. Erato says:

    The 'choice' is not between freedom and slavery, the 'choice' is various degrees of slavery. But the 'winner' has already been chosen… and it's not you.

  16. Carol says:

    Sorry Robert, but some of your opinions lately put you squarely in Obama's pocket in MY opinion…making you part of the problem rather than the solution.

    Voting for anyone but Romney in this election is a vote for Obama. Your advice is ruinous and completely uncalled for right now. I would urge everyone reading this to place your vote for Romney and encourage everyone you know to do the same. America simply can't afford another 4 years of Obama and it is imperative that he be defeated.

    So, why don't you get behind Romney, Robert! You may not like everything about him because he doesn't suit your idea about what a Republican should be all about (he doesn't exactly suit my idea either…I'd prefer Ron Paul), but I am a realist and a pragmatist. Better Romney than Obama…any day!!!

    • Gill O’Teen says:

      Hear! Hear!

    • Andrew says:

      Romney/Obama 2012 – they still win, we always lose.

    • reunion says:

      pragmatists are not realists…they are plea bargainers.

      • Andrew says:

        Sooo millions of Americans are: plea bargainers?!?!?

        Romney/Obama for 2012 – pick your poison!!!!

        • Andrew says:

          Good example of typical police work. However, this example not relevant.

          Voters will vote a certain way (drink the hemlock) not knowing each choice is poisonous. The voting zombie network are lead astray by party establishments (pied piper) and told who to vote for (they'll even get buses for ya).

          The party establishment ensures the voters will always pick poison (ie mediocre candidates) because a better choice (healthier) is never offered and will never be offered.

          After all, the ultimate destination for America is to be part of a one world govt (see Report from Iron Mountain). Forcing America into permanent debt is one of the many ways to ensure eventual enslavement.

          Here in N. Michigan the DNR is deliberately destroying our once great deer herd. Get rid of alternate food source ensures the populace into govt deliverance. The DNR is no longer answerable to politicians in Michigan just as the EPA is no longer answerable to Congress (and a weak president).

          Higher gas prices (via EPA fiat) ensures less money to buy food and govt enslavement thru entitlements.

          Again: Romney/Obama – 2012, pick your poison.

  17. Catfur says:

    "Which is why my bolder side thinks, “Let Obama get reelected so we can get on with the revolution — not a shooting revolution, but, hopefully, a Liberty-Education Revolution.”


    …there we have it…finally…after all the endless Bush/Romney bashings your true colors come out…you are a whiny, sour grapes would -be-spoiler ( boo hoo nobody but you and 1% of the population wants Ron Paul)

    …you say Romney is not the most electable candidate …??….then who is???

    …you actually state that you want 4 more years of obama…and in your incredibly warped logic you think this is GOOD for America??

    ..and you expect the readers of your column to take you seriously??

    …your rantings…trying to paint people who want anyone but obama as not being pure conservatives is laughable coming from someone who de facto is now admitting that he is supporting obama.

    YOU are the problem …and, Robert, I have had enough of your nonsense… I am unsubscribing your deceptively labeled "Voice of Sanity" because you are toxic…and very misguided.

    • Gill O’Teen says:

      Keep in mind that bobby's daily email often contains links to the thoughts of others who are more freedom leaning than the obummer enablers lurking here. Voices such as Sowell, Malkin, and Napolitano make 'Voice of Sanity' worthwhile.

      Also, I do think I'd like to read more of your thinking.

      • GrayCat says:


        Strange that you cannot see the weirdness of lumping the Judge in with the likes of Sowell and Malkin! Both statist, ANTI-freedom "leaning" shills.

        What does "freedom" mean to you?

        Does "freedom" come from rulers?

        "obummer enablers" meaning those who know and understand history, economics, and freedom, who can strategize according to the realities presented by the state — meaning BOTH its supposed branches, the two major "political parties," as contrasted with those of you who irrationally believe that their political party, no matter who it serves up on the platter, will make things better?!


    • Tommy G says:

      You Romney country club candidate supporters need to stop drinking the kool-aid. Romney is a liar and a liberal. Don't listen to what he says. Look at how he governed when he had power. Nothing conservative at all about him. Just a liberal flip flopper. Robert is a voice of sanity. If we get Obama for another years, then so be it. Maybe then, we will get a true principled conservative candidate.

    • Lisa C says:

      I strongly prefer Ron Paul as well. Not much difference between Romney and Obama to cause me to vote for one of them over the other. Ron Paul runs on a platform I can relate to and will vote for. Romney is what Obama would be if he were rich and Mormon.

    • GrayCat says:

      Only one crossing a desert without water truly appreciates what water is.

      To come upon a mirage is merely torture and prolongs the agony. Romney is a mirage. Only finally gaining pure, clean water saves life. The mirage displaces the real thing. The real thing is Ron Paul.

      You've chosen the mirage, and until you find out that it is a mirage, you will suffer. Your death may take a little longer, but it comes.

      Romney will do exactly what Obama has done, except slower (MAYBE!!!). As Obama only accelerated what Bush II put in motion.

      Ron Paul IS the only truly viable candidate, and that you refuse to see that speaks tanker ships' volumes about you and your rabid party loyalty.

      What is so great about a "pure conservative"?! And if you read the article, you'd see it's LEVIN who is painting anyone who objects to the establishment GOP choice — against the clear choice of the actual people participating in the GOP caucuses and conventions — as not true conservatives!

      "Anyone but Obama" — why SHOULDN'T that mean RON PAUL? Why DOESN'T it mean RON PAUL?!

      To answer that question according to the GOP establishment reveals you care nothing about liberty and freedom and peace, but only about your vaunted political party. Pathetic.

      Stupid. The nonsense is on you. It's you and people like you who believe you have a right to rule others, and that only "your" political party is the correct one — AGAINST THE TRUTH — who are the problem.

      Your brand of toxin is what is destroying us

      • Erato says:

        Sorry, but Ron Paul is just the lesser of three evils… a ruler is a ruler is a ruler even when 'elected' by a majority.

      • Erato says:

        GrayCat, I'm afraid I didn't express myself very well, in part because the idea in the back of my mind wasn't fully formed yet. I'm still not sure it is, lol, but I'm going to give it another try.

        I certainly prefer Paul over any candidate ever in existence, but the problem is that no matter what he accomplished while in office, the end result would be a reinforcement, a seeming validation, and a perpetuation – of the democratic system, the election process, and the notion that the 'right leader' will 'fix' everything.

        But aside from that, there is just too much at stake and the spinmasters are highly skilled and would take advantage of the situation by making an example of him, and my feeling is that ultimately as much, if not more, harm than good would be done by his presidency.

  18. Bob R. says:

    Great article, Robert. As you point out just electing Romney and attempting to create a "new man" while he is in office is a fools errand. So too is the thought that educating the Republican electorate is possible within one Presidential term. After all, the liberals have had more than 50 years to dumb down the educational system to the point of graduating several generations of economic and political imbeciles. Unfortunately we get the type of government we deserve. The only wake up call the country will heed is if/when the elections are called off and the takeover is attempted. All for our own good, of course.

  19. Paladin says:

    Agree, Robert. I reached the conclusion some time back that Mr Levin in some instances, is more loud than logical and unnecessarily rude. As is the case in a number of "republican" blogs, he is also increasingly intolerant of views at any variance from his own.

    Mitt Romney's policies, well his latest positions at any rate, are clearly anathema to many anti-Obama voters. Rudely and loudly dismissing them as idiots for feeling that way, may not be the best way to encourage them to vote for Romney. For example, Romney wants to invade Iran. As a Vietnam vet, am I an idiot because I dont?

    • Andrew says:

      There is a cottage industry of divide and conquer among the media pundits. I am talking about both sides of political thought.

      Perhaps Levin is finally announcing that he, (as well as Sean Hannity/Laura Ingram and others) who would rather sell books, be on a successful radio, be the pied piper of conservationism all the while laughing at us all the way to the bank!!! Than be bold and broke.

      Bless you Robert for seeing this and finally calling him out.

      Are you bold enough to point out other charlatans (like Neal Borz)?

      I got nothing to lose… I'm already broke.

  20. larry hagedon says:

    Exactly right once again, Robert. Keep up the good work.

  21. Tom says:

    Bob – - I have admired you since your first book…many decades ago. However, you are wrong on this one….and I only need two words to prove it…."Ross Perot." If he didn't shift those 7 million mostly Libertarian but also some conservative votes we would NOT have had 8 years of those wonderful Clintons! Levin is right….Obama must go…that's the first step in trying to turn this monstrous ship called America around before it is completely demolished by smashing against the icebergs that these leftists continue to put in the way. Regards…Tom

    • Andrew says:

      Ron Paul is NO "Ross Perot".

      I'm not young and dumb anymore to finally know that voting for the lesser of two evils is "still evil".

    • GrayCat says:

      So you believe that four more years of Bush I would have been preferable?

      THAT's the problem with dyed-in-the-wool "conservatives:" it is impossible for them to think outside the box.

      Just think: IF you all had voted for Ross Perot, we might not have to be worrying about party loyalties vs. truth and strategy.

      Party loyalty and "conservatism" are the problems, not RINOs or DINOs or "unelectable" third party candidates.

      The whole idea that an evident majority of you believes you NEED rulers, and that voting confers on you some "right" to tell the "losing" minority what they can and cannot do IS THE PROBLEM.

      If you're TRULY afraid for your liberties and FREEDOM, then all this nonsense about RINOs, DINOs, "conservatives," "Progressives," liberals, and all the myriad other affiliations are clearly IMPEDIMENTS and FATAL DISTRACTIONS.

      If you're TRULY concerned that liberty and FREEDOM live, then ONLY the liberty candidate, Ron Paul, is ELECTABLE.

      Everything else is stupid, blind hypocrisy.

      Only your not voting for him makes him "unelectable." You have swallowed the somnolent, self-serving blue pill. You are a willing sap for the Matrix.

      Think just eliminating Obama is the goal? Dream on: it's what you prefer to do.

      Levin also went off on Ron Paul and anyone who supported him. Levin's a shill and plant for our destruction. But hey, he's "fun" to listen to, and ya'll eagerly buy his books!


  22. Econranter says:

    As a life-long Republican, (wrong side of 65), I don't vote for Republican candidates who are not libertarian/conservatives. If we Republicans keep voting for big government, "compassionate conservatives" we'll keep getting what most of us hate, bigger government and less freedom and liberty.

    Republicans have proven they are a big-government party. "Vote for the Republican, he's not quite as bad as the Democrat," has kept them in business and after the disaster that was George W. Bush we simply cannot go on this way and continue to hope Republicans will change. The "establishment" Republicans are still in control and I think they always will be. It's their life, just like it is for the Democrats in control. They will fight to the death rather than make any significant changes. Establishment Republicans are statists who lie about their desire for power and money.

    I checked out the Libertarian Party a couple of years ago, looking for a political home. Their establishment was the folks who couldn't make as Republicrats.

    There is no sense in having two big government parties. Since most American voter/taxpayers care nothing for what is being done to them they will have to learn from suffering. Democrats will take care of that.

    Like the disaster that Americans happily built up that will soon wreck our economy, we must have a political and cultural collapse and, I hope, build something good out of the ruin. Reality is like that. I wish I had better NEWS.

  23. I'll try to be as brief as posible and to say I do not have the answer. Hopefully minds better than mine will prevail, because if not the US of A as we know it is gone.

    If Obama is reelected will he take us so far down the road of statism we will not be able to return to the individualism that made us great. My fear is that there will be too many people on the doll they will never vote those who feed them out of office. Conclusion these guys at all cost can not be allowed to continue. So for me it is anybody but Obama.

    Elect Romey and at least slow down the speed to statism and hopefully educate voters from within the rep. party to a more conservative point of view.

    Third Party? with both the dems. & reps.and popular night time tv, have been bashing the most viable 3rd party for yrs. and a press/media that is far from truthful about anything, I believe a third party is real tough. At this point in time I will vote for a Romey than for someone with my ideals that does not have a snowball chance in hell to be elected.

    I am 62 yrs. old, really all I want is a sandy beach, a cold drink, my wife, a place to snorkel. A place less stressful, with less strife, with fewer officals who think they know better than I on how to use my money, or what I should eat and in what quanity. If there is a third party candidate that has a chance of winning I will gladly cast my vote for him/her.

    Dennis C. Walsh

  24. Stephan F. says:

    Robert, Robert, Robert.

    It’s a rare day that I find myself disagreeing with you and agreeing with that greatest of neo-cons, Mark Levin. But here it is.

    Fact: For almost forty years the Libertarian Party has been a complete and utter failure getting people elected to high office — or almost any office at all! This situation will – not – change in the short-run – period. Therefore, I will not vote for the same losing 3rd party, especially this November — and neither should you.

    Peter Schiff had it exactly right when speaking to a group of Libertarians in Connecticut during his run for the Senate. He told them (and I paraphrase) “you guys don’t understand that the average voter will not pull the lever for the guy on the ballot with the ‘L’ letter. The only chance at winning and therefore the only logical alternative is to run as a Republican.” I whole agree. We must co-op the Republican Party. This is the obvious place where the power resides and will give us access to the system to allow the right kind of changes to be made to halt the current & ongoing decay. We must stop the bleeding and end this suicidal journey, as we are perilously close to going over the edge of the abyss.

    • Stephan F. says:

      The Democratic-Socialist-Progressive agenda must be defeated, regardless of who gets the credit or which party claims victory. This is an absolute. I’d rather have a shot at the possibility of a Libertarian society in 10 to 20 years by voting for a republican today than risking the high probability of a zero chance of ever having a libertarian society by voting Libertarian and allowing the progressives to keep & build their power. Every vote must count, for the election is surely rigged against us. My main point is this: if you vote 3rd party (the guaranteed loser), you’ll get the usual 3-5% of the vote, gain absolutely nothing, waste valuable time and resources for nothing and possibly allow yet another pure statist to get his hands on the levers of power. Is that what you want?

      We did not get in this mess overnight, and we shouldn’t expect to get out of it any sooner (key point). We must recognize that only over a long stretch of time will the right ‘change’ occur — progress will only come incrementally. Expecting immediate results is irrational and dangerous wishful thinking.

      It amazes me how reasonably intelligent rational people take the re-election of Obombma sitting down. Incredible.

      • Econranter says:

        Sounds reasonable, Stephan F. I've been hoping it would happen for the 50 years I've been watching and functioning in the Republican Party.

        The fact is that today's Republican Party is somewhat more toward big-government rule/ citizens obey than it was in the 1950s. We had lots of "compassionate conservative" in those days, all though they didn't run adds on radio encouraging people to sign up for food stamps like W. did and Obama does. There were no food stamps till the pilot program was started by Kennedy and greatly expanded by Nixon. Someday check to see the number of new federal controls, mandates and programs started by Nixon. Take a look at a chart showing the growth of government spending and deficits during Reagan's terms.

        Fifty years of "Republicans and Conservatives" tells me our hopes are foolish. Men enter government to get power over other people, and lots of money along with the power.

        The only thing that will change our government to one that will leave the citizens free and accomplish the task of governing, yet not attract the Johnsons, Nixons, Bush's and Obamas is one that is small and has very little power or money to control the citizens and attract the vultures. Something like the US constitution of about 1900. I know, women couldn't vote then. If we, the people, want to we could amend the constitution for this and other issues. After the Robert's decision there is no hope for smaller government without an "educational" collapse first.

      • Alice in Wonderland says:

        "We did not get in this mess overnight, and we shouldn’t expect to get out of it any sooner."

        "We", will not get out of it at all— not before a cyclical collapse.

        A socioeconomic, geopolitical cycle historically flows most naturally from positive to negative, e.g. the rise and fall of the Roman empire, e.g. think: the natural law of electricity.

        You can have your neocon, negative evil and be a part of the negative flow; I'll keep my integrity. If and when integrity comes back into being an idea whose time has come, I will have my reward. If I die before hand, I will still have it.

      • HIllfarmer says:

        People who will stoop to vote for Romney are not “reasonably intelligent rational people or they would notice that Romney is also a progressive. Romney is the worst possible candidate to run against Oboma. He cannot win and the Republican power brokers know that. That means the power in the Republican Party is insuring the election of Oboma if they do in fact nominate him.

        Robert is right voting for Romney is wrong for anyone who loves freedom. The Republicans have to learn that if they want to win a presidential election they have to put forth a viable candidate.

        If you vote for Romney, Romney and the Republican power brokers will believe you want him in spite of what you say and they will continue to put forth such shity candidates.

        I will vote for Johnson or write in Paul if Romney’s name makes it to the ballot. I think it is doubtful but if enough people lay down before that battle is won he may be.

    • Stinger51 says:

      We must co-op the Republican Party.

      I would agree with you. Except that, the Republican Party ends up co-opting any Libertarian who might get elected! The problem is that way too much power now exists at the federal level. And it's this power that can coerce any independent or Libertarian to join ranks with the RHINOS. They do it time & time again, just as they are now "working over" Marc Rubio.

      I see no way out of this situation, save a bloody revolution, as we have experienced twice before. It's just too bad that the South didn't win the last round or we might actually have a country (or at least a portion thereof) that still understands liberty.

      • Stephan F. says:


        I completely agree and that’s the problem. Look at all the tea party candidates elected to congress in 2010 that showed so much promise. I had high hopes for many, like Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, etc, etc. Almost all turned out to be just more of the typical constitutional usurping neo-con jellyfish. Even Rand Paul is showing signs of weakness. So what to do? Voters must hold their candidates to the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and a philosophy that will honor & uphold the literal meaning of the constitution. Term limits (one-term only, thank you) is another. Like I said above, this mess will take many many years to clean up (that means a long time for those of you in Calif). Hoping/expecting a quick fix is irrational & simplistic.

        • Alice in Wonderland says:

          "Like I said above, this mess will take many many years to clean up."

          Rome was not built in a day, did not fall in a day, and it was never rebuilt as a superpower because it collapsed. Why? If you really know your history, you know Rome's success was based upon the entrepreneurial activity of the individual; Rome collapsed because it suffocated the entrepreneur—sound familiar?

          America did not become amerika overnight, and a rational person shall not expect amerika to reverse its natural course and become America again. Like Romans, the insouciant, amerikan masses have charted their own destiny by rejecting entrepreneurial(ism) in favor of collectivism.

          If my hunch proves correct, RJR's new book titled "The Entrepreneur: The Way Back for the U.S. Economy" shall be more of a "voice" in the Consertive wilderness, an "I told you so" to the Roman-like GOP, than an actual way back for the negatively flowing neocons.

  25. Ivan says:

    Are there any grounds to start impeaching our dictator. This would eliminate him from running this November.

  26. john bear says:

    Just whistling past the graveyard. Once voting became a right it lost all meaning. As Mencken wrote: every two the four years they give the idiots the vote to make them feel important. I too was a believer in the Ringer method, been a reader for decades, but not happy with what you did to Hank.

    With the (R)ats we go off the cliff on a Vesper; with the (D)emons we go off the cliff in a Ferrari.

  27. Bill Zimmerly says:

    People need to know that there were Federal Election Laws violated during this campaign, and the cases are moving forward with speed. –>

  28. Bill Zimmerly says:

    Great posting (as usual) Mr. Ringer! :)

  29. PitBull says:

    I love the 3rd paragraph from the bottom. That says it all for me. Thank you, Mr. Ringer. Spot on!

    Whenever we get into shouting matches like this, I revert not to my 'bible and guns' but to John Milton's "Paradise Lost." His stated purpose in this epic: 'to justify the ways of God to men.' And how does he start out? By introducing Satan as the first major character. The poet Milton succeeded in presenting 'a devil of a problem.' But the theologist Milton failed to destroy Satan. Fascination with tattoos, celebrity, indulgence, something-for-nothing, elitism: all part of Satan's earthly landscape. And the libs succeed at it all the time. Human nature doesn't want to know about the Constitution, the debt, the path to serfdom. I see and hear it all 'round me: hate left over from the Dubya era, hate for 'war-mongering', 'capitalist' Republicans: these strains continue to define the elitist debate. Sadly, there are not enough angels, patriots, clear-thinking politicians (either side) to squelch and defeat the devil among us. Both Obama and Romney have accommodated their free wills to Satan's 'heroism'. The trick for our conscience(s) is to see through the flaws and, yes, choose the lesser of two evils. Hasn't it always been so?

    • GrayCat says:

      "Hasn't it always been so" makes it right?

      Isn't the lesson that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is MADNESS?

      Is our only choice to continue the MADNESS?! Just because Milton didn't destroy Satan means we cannot?!


      WHY MUST we only choose the lesser of two evils?! What is the LOGIC there?

      To self-limit choices when there are clearly OTHER choices is not only madness but crass and willful STUPIDITY.

      WHY NOT vote for Ron Paul?!

      He's ONLY "unelectable" because YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE HIM SO!!!!

      All your rationalizations till Dooms Day will not change that fact.

      • GrayCat says:

        And, uh, in case you haven't been paying attention to the real world, all those hopelessly dissipated YOUNG PEOPLE you dissed are the majority supporters of Ron Paul, and MOST of them DO KNOW about the Constitution, liberty, and FREEDOM!

        Most of them READ, and know the TRUTH!!!!

        It's the old party stick-in-the-muds who think they have some sort of granted right, if they're the senior establishment majority, to tell others what they can and cannot do, who are the detractors and irrational fear-mongers, declaring him "unelectable," who are undermining Ron Paul!!

        Romney is not a viable candidate; he will NOT make things better if he is elected; he is only a light-skinned Obama, as Obama was only a dark-skinned Bush II!!!

        Sheesh, people, WAKE UP AND GET A CLUE!!!!

        You're running-in-circles, desperate, hand-wringing screaming old ladies!!!!

        • topeka says:


          have you worked for a party? or a campaign?

          that's where you can make a difference; ranting against your neighbors isn't going to help much

  30. GrayCat says:

    Robert, it's shocking that you continue to listen to Mr. Levin and give him credence since his monumental raging rant against Ron Paul and all Ron Paul supporters a couple of months or so ago.

    Why would you overlook that, and say Mr. Levin is worthy of any credibility at all, at least since then?

    If you're really for liberty and freedom, and not just a GOP loyalist, why aren't you — why haven't you been — promoting Ron Paul RATHER than liking, for one irrelevant reason or another, all the other establishment Republican candidates?!

    At least you're staunchly against Romney; I guess that's a plus. But WHY NOT WHOLLY IN THE CORNER FOR RON PAUL, ALL THE TIME?!

    This is your bully pulpit; why are you dissipating it?!

  31. Jack Mathis says:

    Voting for your own slavemaster is silly. Voting for someone to rule over others and hold a gun to their heads is complicity with coercion. There is no political solution to what ails us. Read "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose, wise up, and become a voluntarist.

    • Alice in Wonderland says:

      Larken Rose is as anti-government as they come. I read all of his work and take away that which I find valuable; he's a sucker for punishment, though, and he likes to fight the government the hard way, i.e. head-on.

      Mr. Rose is willing to do, and has done, hard time on account of his anti-gov beliefs. Guys like Airbag Levin will never be half the man Rose is. I expect Rose to be writing another book while in jail.

      "Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison." ~ Henry David Thoreau

      Larken is no Thoreau, not even close, but Youtube Larken Rose for some interesting vids.

      I also like Greg Hunter as a tell-it-like-it-is reporter. Check out his interviews at USA Watchdog. Greg has got a future.

  32. California Conservat says:

    Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc are all mouthpieces and shills for the Republican establishment. They are almost as bad as the liberal, progressive media.

    God help us all!

    • topeka says:


      … Are you waiting for a pot-smokin, Geezus to come and save you?

      • reunion says:

        because topeka's savior has more savoir faire than your savior (and can beat him up, too)…lol

      • California Conservat says:

        Nope…Bill Clinton already had eight years in office and he didn't/wouldn't save us!

        As for Limbaugh, he is hard to listen to because after 10 minutes you get tired of hearing him tell you how smart he is…. he is able to go against the Republican party on rarte occasions because he has his money machine established….the RNC needs him more than he needs them.

    • Andrew says:

      Have you ever listened to Limbaugh???? I mean really listened to him for a while. You will get an education in govt and politics.

      My take away… Limbaugh is NOT a shill for the republican establishment. He did not, would not, could not endorse McCain in '08. I don't know about this election as I can't listen to Rush anymore in N. Michigan. But I suspect he will be true to form and not support Romney.

      Now those who are shills for the republicans establishment are: Laura Ingram, Hannity, Levin, Huckabee, most of Fox News, Donald Trump and Neal Bortz. Most of these folks want to continue the two party dictatorship/contentious debates to: raise their ratings, sell more books etc.

      Which leaves Glenn Beck…. I suspect he left Fox because he wouldn't march to the two party drummer. Still don't know why he left such a successful show. I know it wasn't about ratings.

      American politices today – think of the current state of American politics like what which went on Mexico with its PRI party for over 60 years. Mexico was basically a one party democracy (dictatorship). Here in America we have a two party democracy/dictatorship going for over 100 years.

      Each administration is taking American politics/policy more and more to the left with each passing each year. JFK could not run as a democrat today (too conservative) nor as a republican (again too conservative).

      We currently have a two party left leaning/loving dictatorship (US Constitution be dammed).

  33. topeka says:


    1. Another good post.

    2. I understand Ringer's angst tho. For me and my family a vote for Rombama is a vote for the nation, not for us. Rombama may fail to get more commies on Scotus, and he may "reform" Obambamcare so we can pay through our nose for care we won't get … (vs total economic collapse) … so…

    3. the solution – as the Tea Partiers have learned is action – we have to dominate the party meetings and the party primaries. How do we do that? …

    4. First, find out where the Republocrats are meeting and go challenge them. I've worked for both parties – and I assure you the Repubniks will ignore you, yada … but not if you show up in numbers. The Dem's won't ignore you btw – nearly got my face bashed by one of those Tolerant Diversity Lovers.

    5. don't worry about "reunion" types – usually the problem is convincing the Republocrats that you're NOT a card carrying member of the tin-foil hat brigade. That can be difficult if you don't have a country club membership (or an equivalent). [hey - if the stereotype fits ....] … but yeah, if you can speak English, and make sense in diplomatic terms – they will listen.

    6. We don't "effect" the "establishment" mainly b/c they don't think there are enough of us to vote them in so they can suck off the govt teat. We need enough people to show up and just blow them away by numbers. And we're not talking a lotta ppl folks…

    • Andrew says:

      Good post.

      We recently had some grass roots folks who have gone to republicans conventions to vote for "good candidates". Only to be rudely told that we WILL, we MUST vote for the party establishment candidates. If we don't, we won't be allowed in.

      I would expected that attitude from the democrats but never the republican establishment.

      Again, I will argue that we have a two party dictatorship. Free thinkers NOT allowed.

    • reunion says:

      "for the nation"…ah, the nobility of self-sacrifice upon the utilitarian altar…and note the priority – other than sucking up locally, to the french blade – topeka's #1, with a bullet (make that 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point by/for "homeland security"), is s-a-c-r-i-f-i-c-e. you can be sure topeka values equality of sacrifice highly…would not surprise me at all to see him in a fema camp guard uniform, dutifully meting out portions.

      more, more, more parliamentarian palavering with his preferred poobahs…and this severed head which insists "this basket is mine" STILL reflexively foments faction, but only against "safe" targets like "tin foil hats". ah well, severed heads don't have many options, after all……

  34. reunion says:

    psa (public service announcement, not prostate specific antigen – one of the medico cartel's many make-work under color of science ripoffs…):

    rss feed(ing) wraps the rap in kevlar & immunizes against the resident spirochete hole-blower……

    • Erato says:

      What the french, toast! Where'd all the comments go? Many of the most worthy are missing! Thanks, reunion, very good to know, but I'm not sure how to sign up. Is there a link I'm not seeing?

      • reunion says:

        the way to head off dangling parasitiples:

        scroll down to bottom of page;

        see 4 circles: facebook, twitter, youtube, & rss feed (click that last one);

        "subscribe to this feed using:" select your email program (i know gmail requires you download something first, to allow rss feeds. mine's outlook & just works straight up);

        "subscribe now";

        outlook opens (my case), click "yes", and the feed will show as an item in my mail folders, under "rss feeds".

        that's it.

        • Erato says:

          If it was a snake I guess it would have bit me, lol. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but yahoo only displays the titles – in a box on the main page, rather than in a folder in my mailbox – and when I click on the link the article appears sans comments. And oddly, (and disturbingly) the feed does not appear at the address I entered, but at that of a junk account I have. Not sure what to make of that, but it's not the first time it's happened.

          • reunion says:

            i gibiru'd "yahoo mail & rss feeds" & a page of how to's came up. looks like there's a way….

  35. dave says:


    I agree with some of what you say. Mr. Levin was harsh to the caller. He should have been polite. Perhaps that should be your criticism. However, it seems to me Mark is correct on the substance.

  36. James Z. says:

    Here's what kind of dumb people think: If someone buys a Red Bull (votes for Johnson) then Pepsi (Obama) makes a sale (gets a vote) and Coke (Romney) loses a sale (loses a vote). That's what kind of dumb people think.

  37. Scott says:

    I get to vote my concience and not feel guilty aobut it! I live in California. Which means of course, that my "conservative, dare I say Libertarian" vote is meaningless. The only way that a Republican presidential candidate could win the electoral votes in California is if The Bay Area and Greater LA fall into the Pacific Ocean.

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