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Massachusetts Mitt Beginning to Emerge

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I’d like to say that I was stunned when I heard Mitt Romney tell uber-progressive David Gregory on Meet the Press that he doesn’t plan to get rid of Obamacare completely, but the sad truth is that I wasn’t.  Clearly, the man is irreversibly afflicted with statitis.  He couldn’t even wait until after the election to go back on his repeated promises to “repeal Obamacare on my first day in office.”

To the delight of Comrade Gregory, Romney said, “Well, I’m not getting rid of all of healthcare reform.  Of course, there are a number of things that I like in healthcare reform that I’m going to put in place.  One is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage.  Two is to assure that the marketplace allows for individuals to have policies that cover their family up to whatever age they might like.”

Psst … Mitt:  In a free market, companies make their own decisions as to who they want to cover, and under what conditions.  “Pulling Obamacare out by the roots” and “healthcare reform” are mutually exclusive objectives.

What us hopeless constitutionalists want is for government to get the hell out of the way and let the marketplace determine prices, availability, coverage, and everything else.  What is it that pseudo-conservative Republicans can’t seem to understand about freedom and free markets?

If MittMan’s knees are already beginning to wobble, can you imagine what he would do after being elected?

As I said in my article yesterday (“Are You Ready for Life after Obama?”), “If Romney wins on November 6, freedom fighters will have a fulltime job holding his feet to the fire, but no one should be so naïve as to expect him to actually move America to the right.  It’s all about containment — preventing a further move to the left.”  On reflection, make that a fulltime job x 10.

As the Obamaviks sharpen their swords in anticipation of a bloody homestretch, the likelihood is that MittMan, who fears Democratic scorn far more than he fears the seemingly AWOL Tea Party, is likely to increasingly revert back to his true, make-nice-to-the-enemy, Massachusetts Mitt personality.  I can just hear Switchblade Barry, Axelthug, and their troop of Obamaviks cackling with delight.

I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch too much more of what is shaping up to be another John McMush-style campaign over the next fifty-six days.  If just one reader out there can explain to me how Mitt Romney got to be the Republican nominee just a few years after John McMush went down in flames, I’m all ears.  Masochism, cowardice, and stupidity make for a poisonous political brew.

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50 Responses to “Massachusetts Mitt Beginning to Emerge”

  1. Alice In Wonderland says:

    "If MittMan’s knees are already beginning to wobble, can you imagine what he would do after being elected?………..

    Lol……so much for the "containment" strategy. Better throw that one back on the ash heap of history where you found it…….lol.

  2. Jim says:

    Open primaries gave us Romney. Allowing to vote across party lines..and RINO'S…

    • GrayCat says:

      You really should put down that cup of Kool-Aid and run — don't walk! — away from the poison pitcher!

      People who love to tell others what they can and cannot do, and punish them if they disobey, are what gave you Romney. Party politics gave you Romney.

      Can you see past the party line?


  3. Stephan F. says:

    Ok, let’s just jump right to the heart of the matter.


    “If just one reader out there can explain to me how Mitt Romney got to be the Republican nominee just a few years after John McMush went down in flames, I’m all ears.”


    Like you Robert, I am bewildered, and frankly, stunned, by the results of the Republican primary, and its chosen leader. Like you, I believed the mainstream party might have just learned a lesson after its 2008 failure. Like you, I attended all the tea-parties and heard all the declarations about how we need to turn this nightmare around by following the constitution and those who advocate for freedom. Like you, I was encouraged by the result of the 2010 election and thought that 2012 was to be a slam dunk. Such was the false illusion. But there was still this little voice in the back of my brain, planted there by a particular writer whom I grew quite fond of. This person used terms like, “actions have consequences” & “the something for nothing mentality”. And I remember this quote:

    “purist libertarians would argue that people don't need government at all, but that's an impossible sell in these declining days of the American Empire. Through gradualism and addiction to living beyond their means, most people feel they need government to act as an enforcer to protect their lifestyle – and/or give them an even better lifestyle.”

    • Stephan F. says:

      And there, I believe, lies the answer. Slaveholders in the (R) party, in general, are no different than the slaveholders in the (D) party. They all want something for nothing, and that means they want us to give it to them. And most importantly understand this: I’m not just talking about politicians here. I’m also referring to your neighbor, your co-workers, your friends & family. Practically the whole country wants their free goodies, and they want them now! It’s really that bad. So you can set aside all the freedom rhetoric because the condition will always revert back to the mean.


      The bottom line: like all other fraudulent enterprises, those who advocate for it, profit by it.


      Lastly, I have some advice for politicians and the fools who listen to them: “Reality will always stand in the way of utopian dreams” – Stephan F.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        "Like you Robert, I am bewildered, and frankly, stunned, by the results………..I believed the mainstream party might have just learned a lesson".


        Silly boy, it's you who have not learned the lesson. The collectivist Republican-cartel and its nominee, Mittens Romney, are merely responding to the irrational, collectivist dependencies of the voting masses. This symbiotic relationship between voters who sell their votes and the politicians who buy them—- in return for cartel favors, of course— has entered into the final phase of an economic death-syndrome.

        Within decades—-perhaps, only years—-from now, a total collapse of amerika will ensure. RJR knows this, because he's no fool.

        The cartel nominee, Mittens Soft Glove Romney, will play the role of collectivist God Father, if he wins the Presidential Reality Show. Mittens will then act as your new God Father, and government will continue to make offers that cannot be refused.

      • Dagny says:

        You've pretty much said what I constantly say to my (R) and (D) acquaintances alike – Republicans and Democrats are the same, the only thing that differs is what free stuff they want or who's rights should be taken away.

    • reunion says:

      "an impossible sell"

      i.e., you must convince the addict (and all the other unsavory aspects that interchange) of liberty's relation to humanity. only then can you have it. it's up to the addict, etc, to give it to you. whose got the monkey on his back? ain't de-monkey-cracy grand? see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. monkey see, monkey…

      I'm a fleabit peanut monkey

      All my friends are junkies

      That's not really true

      I'm a cold Italian pizza

      I could use a lemon squeezer

      What you do?

      But I've been bit and I've been tossed around

      By every she-rat in this town

      Have you, babe?

      Well, I am just a monkey man

      I'm glad you are a monkey woman too

      I was bitten by a boar

      I was gouged and I was gored

      But I pulled on through

      Yes, I'm a sack of broken eggs

      I always have an unmade bed

      Don't you?

      Well, I hope we're not too messianic

      Or a trifle too satanic

      We love to play the blues

      Well I am just a monkey man

      I'm glad you are a monkey, monkey woman too, babe

      I'm a monkey

      I'm a monkey

      I'm a monkey man

      I'm a monkey man

      I'm a monkey…

      ~ rolling stones, "monkey man"

    • Rocketman says:

      Answer is real simple. Number one, look at the money that the big banks put into Romneys campaign verses what the other republican candidates got. Number two, look at the media coverage on how the talking heads softpetaled Romneys candidacy against the other republicans. The nomination process was a sham, bought and paid for.

    • reunion says:

      "an impossible sell"

      i.e., you must convince the addict (and all the other unsavory aspects that interchange) of liberty's relation to humanity. only then can you have it. it's up to the addict, etc, to give it to you. whose got the monkey on his back? ain't de-monkey-cracy grand? see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. monkey see, monkey…

      the censor took the whole post, so you'll have to look up the lyrics to the rolling stones "monkey man" yourselves…..

      We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavoring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still. ~John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

  4. We are so screwed. The only good thing that might happen is if Obummer loses, the economy completely goes down the toilet and that event stains the democrat party for a few decades or more.

    But… no matter what, we are completely screwed.

    • reunion says:

      "can you hear that sucking sound now?" lol…

      awfully close to 'the village had to be destroyed to save it'…but no, mordor must be deprived of the thing that makes it, or any possessor, mordor: the ring.

  5. Lawrence says:

    For the last80 years we have never had a choice with the possible exception of Reagan.

    • reunion says:

      what happened 80 years ago? if you retrace steps honestly, you will find the layering goes back to the beginning.

      honesty is paramount for accurate diagnosis.

      • topeka says:

        The stitch in time that saved nine.


        re-divided: Again you are not helpful. Your Fantasy-Ideology of being the smartest guy in the room fails to build the coalitions necessary to win political campaigns.

        Newsflash – the lone gunman has not been a viable unit for …. oh, about never.

  6. david brooks says:

    The tipoff should have been the acceptance speech, which was all platitudes and praise for America, with nothing of substance. Having appeased the GOP convention, etch-a-sketch is now free to reinvent himself once more.

  7. Michael Rael says:

    I also thought it was odd that Romney would begin reneging on his promises *before* the election.

    I note that, for folks who want marijuana to be a non-issue, Romney he has said he is against legalizing marijuana in any form. Obama said he is for legalizing; it's just his poor beleaguered Justice Department, does not seem to be getting the message.

    This is shaping up to be a really odd campaign.

    I rather wish that Ryan were the Presidential candidate rather than the VP one. I suspect he's a lot closer to the Prez I'd like. I say that, though, while being unsure if he has the internal fiber to resist the Dems when they want to pass another TARP or maybe give billion dollar loans to some other industry:(

    • reunion says:

      < another TARP or maybe give billion dollar loans to some other industry:(

      that is, & always has been, the submerged mass of the ice berg. other "entitlements", so-called social welfare bailouts, are just a chip of the old ice cube….

    • Jdh Jimbo says:

      Look at Ryan's voting record. He is no conservative!! He is just another Statist, though I do applaud the fact he is trying to wake up the idiots regarding the Ponzi schemes of SS and Medicare/Medicaid which will finally send the republic down the drain. However, his compromise solution is no solution. End govt. It is always the problem and is the most immoral, inefficient, and incompetent institution we have, not to mention the biggest mass murderer on the planet!

  8. JdhJimbo says:

    Robert, as I am sure you are aware, is that the Republican Party of 2012 is not the Republican Party of its roots, and no way reflects the conservative principles of Russell Kirk and other thinkers! It reflects the misguided and immoral passions of neocon nitwits (Irving Kristol founded this branch that has taken overthe party and is rooted in stupid "progressive" thinking). Those who vote in the primaries are loyal to the party name, and do not really do any critical thinking, so that is why McCain, Romney, Dole and others have captured the nomination. As I am an anarcho-libertarian in the Rothbard mold, I could only vote for Ron Paul, and thus because he was squeezed out of even a voice in the Republican Party, I am voting NO on Nov. 6th. I do not endorse evil, immoral aggression and theft, and both candidates offer this agenda. Obama is horrid – the most damaging president since LBJ, who along with Wilson and FDR, trashed the Constitution and sent the republic into a downward spiral from which it is unlikely to recover. Romney is no real improvement, The nation state model is failing all over the world, so the sooner we get rid of evil govt and let people endure true freedom and free markets running everything, the better we will be. Looking for a lesser of two evils strategy just promotes more statism, more debt, more theft, more war, more coercion, etc. The United Soviet States of Amerika is just another tyrannical govt.!

    • reunion says:

      < Republican Party of its roots….

      which is to say lincoln, & whig clay before him, & federalist hamilton before him. to rah-rah any point in the sequence, beginning to current, is to proclaim, "i have been rooked & co-opted". swallow the medicine now, feel better later.

      anarcho's don't vote, by definition. but minarchists do.

  9. Rocketman says:

    Well, it didn't take long did it? He didn't even have the decency to wait until after he won the election to start going back on his word. Well, I may not be able to vote for Paul for president but I can vote and will vote for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson for president. All those of you republicans out there that say this will re-elect Obama, I say to you "Romney is nothing more than Obama-lite and this proves it so it doesn't hardly make any difference."

  10. Gill O’Teen says:

    mitzy's betrayal of his key campaign promise is the last straw for me. He will not get my vote in November. He was actually gone the moment he tossed Todd Akin under the steam roller, but I still held out a bit of hope. This leaves me struggling to find someone I can vote for. As I have pointed out numerous times 100% pro-life is a litmus test for me. If you disagree, swell. I don't care. This eliminates Ø’bumorrhoid, rummy, and that guy with two dogs next door making shovel ready jobs. I found a checklist posted by The Constitution Party claiming to assess which political party is most compatible with a person's beliefs. I answered their 23 questions and had this result: 21 of 23 Constitution Party, 3 of 23 Republican Party, 2 of 23 Democratic Party and 18 of 23 Libertarian Party. The two disagreements with the CP were more of degree. These questions applied to some, I prefer ALL.

    Note, how close are the RINOcrat and DIMO'wit scores are.

    So now I'm all on board for Virgil Goode.

    • Jdh Jimbo says:

      I voted for the Constitution Party in 2008 (the Ron Paul campaign urged a vote for Chuck Ballwin, since an RP write-in vote in Michigan would not be counted), but I believe the quickest way to get rid of the evil govt. altogether is to not endorse anyone who believes in any kind of aggression, coercion or theft, and most politicians – even the minarchists ones – still believe a little theft and coercion is OK, so they lose my endorsement.

  11. Smucko says:

    In the movie PATTON, General Patton got raked over the coals by General Eisenhower for telling some reporters at the end of the war that the Democrats and Republicans were not that different from the members of the Nazis Party. For a Great Warrior who savored the past, he was a man ahead of his time. Perhaps it was because he had studied the past, and didn't want to repeat it.

    The reality appears to be that this country (and the world) are going back to the 1930's, and the choice is the American model or the German model. What is needed is a deflationary world economy that forces everyone to step back and get re-wired back to Western Civilization values, but alas, it is becoming more apparent that the Central Bankers are winning and we are heading toward the hyper-inflation of the German model. And we know how that movie turned out.

    As Mr. Ringer has pointed out many times, when the government can't bribe you anymore, they have to oppress you to keep you off the streets. (yes, that sound you hear is a drone flying over your backyard). In the end, it will come down to which side the Army takes.

    And, speaking of the Germans, remember in the debates that Ron Paul was not in favor of building the Great Fence across our southern border because it could be used to keep us in.

    What an interesting time we live in. Us Baby-Boomers who missed Vietnam may still get the chance to tell our grandkids how we lost our country and what we did in The Great War 3 to get it back.

  12. larry hagedon says:

    Our Republican Presidential primary system is broken. It is consistently producing the worst of the worst possible Republican Presidential candidates.

    I see no way for America to survive the next four years.

    • GrayCat says:

      Please go back and read some real history.

      You will learn that this system was never meant to honor you and your choices. It is merely a means to placate an ignorant, restless population into believing they have a "voice" in how the state abuses them.

      "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." — Emma Golding

      As long as you lie to yourself that the Republican Party is better than the "other" parties, you will continue to be surprised and disappointed and helpless.

      If "America" doesn't survive the next four years, would that really be such a bad thing? Wouldn't that rather afford all of us an opportunity to finally reject rulers and simply self-govern?

      Economic prosperity, no wars, and no "foreign enemies" to fear. No Federal Reserve to jerk the economy around, no taxes to support the "social" and "military-industrial-congressional-complex" programs you now resent.

      No more "out of control" government, deficit, debt, spending.

      We could actually emerge "the land of the free," finally.

      Why do we NEED presidents and presidential primaries and political parties and the state?

      Why not freedom?

      • Jdh Jimbo says:

        This is the crux of exactly what we need, GrayCat. I need nor want any president, senator or other political criminal to tell me what to do, and I have no need to tell others how to live my life. Just let me live in freedom with free markets, a free market justice system to ensure the busybodies will not overstep their bounds in encroaching on my freedom, and all will be very well. Countries like Uruguay that have no military are vastly superior to the U.S. (which is why I intend to spend half the year there), and they have no enemies. You want to stop the war on terror? USSA, get the hell out of these other lands and stop telling them what to do! It is not your right at all!!!!

  13. Rob says:

    Mittman better start talking to Paul Ryan a little more. It is strange to even say he likes things in Obamacare. He's a politician and could have easily lied and said the entire plan is garbage and needs to be thrown out.

    After all Obama lies all the time and gets away with it:

    "Shovel ready, not that shovel ready"

    "You didn't build it"

    See Obama tells the truth AFTER he is elected, not during the election.

  14. GrayCat says:

    RJR: "If just one reader out there can explain to me how Mitt Romney got to be the Republican nominee just a few years after John McMush went down in flames, I’m all ears. Masochism, cowardice, and stupidity make for a poisonous political brew."

    Is there no end to the dishonesty in RJR's articles?

    1. The Tea Party is "AWOL" because it was co-opted by the GOP from the original Ron Paul supporters.

    2. Romney got to be the GOP nominee because of people like you, RJR, who would not stray from the party line and would not fully endorse Ron Paul.

    Indeed, "Masochism, cowardice, and stupidity make for a poisonous political brew." As demonstrated at this site interminably.

    Marco Rubio at the close of the RNC convention: "We chose more government instead of more freedom."

    There ya go: party politics and phony "freedom fighters" and false "constitutionalists" in a nice neat package.

    If you honestly want to know "how" it happened, all of you party loyalists, go take a very long, hard look in your mirror.

    Clean it first for a clearer view. If you really want to see. I don't think most of you do. Otherwise, this would have been a very different outcome.

    Enjoy what you've done to yourselves — and the rest of us.

    There is a solution: what if they held an election and nobody voted? Don't like the "choices"? Withdraw consent! Don't vote. Unlike in Australia where it's against the law not to vote, it's still a choice to vote here. You CAN be free a little here. Be free.

  15. Tom says:

    Yah think the press had anything to do with it???? I did not see them give Ron Paul the time of day.

    America is sick unto death if we do not have a revival of back to God in this country.

    • GrayCat says:

      There can be no "back to God" revival without first the basic human society of freedom, of individual self-government.

      God is not in favor of any man-made state, American or not.

      Only a free man can ever come freely to God. And God forces no man to come to Him.

  16. Larry Shepherd says:

    Over the decades, I have read that approximately 25% of the population of North America in the 1770's actually supported and participated in the American Revolution. Using this number as a guide, 75% of the citizenry either supported the Crown, or could care less what form of governance they lived under. In 2012, why are we to believe that we need at least 51% popularity in order to affect changes that are needed to return this ship-of-state to its proper course?

    The Progressives in both party's understand this simple equation, so why don't we? The object is to gain power/authority and impress the victorious ideology upon the nation. The choice this election year is between fast, or slow Progressive changes. For those impatient individuals, Obama is the clear choice, while Romney is more to the liking of the slower, Alinsky approach. The only real choice is the speed of the delivery toward the progressive Utopian society.

    Obama clearly is a committed Progressive Marxist, but Romney seems to be lacking an ideological bend which causes him to be pushed into the prevailing wind direction. I really don't believe for a minute that Romney has ever given the philosophical consideration of governmental systems a moments thought. This year, do we want an Progressive ideologue, or a rudderless ship to lead the way?

    We simply need to focus upon gaining power with our small percentage (like the Founders) and force this nation back to the outline of the Constitution.

    • GrayCat says:


      The fraction that didn't "join" one side or the other just wanted to be left alone; BOTH the warring factions tried to force the "non-committed" to kill for them to seize control of the "ship of state."

      The problem isn't the course the "ship of state" is or is not on; the problem is the "ship of state."

      The non-committed had it exactly right: no "ship of state" is necessary.

      The issue is CONTROL: to seize control of the "ship of state" is to seize control over your neighbors, on-board that infamous ship with you or not.

      As for me, I want NO SHIP OF STATE!!!

      I do not want to be controlled, and I do not wish to control anyone else.

      Your only — and typical — solution is gaining power and force. You want power and control — exactly as your "opponents" do.


  17. PitBull says:

    MassMitt got to be the nominee because there wasn't anyone else 'bland' enough to make the cut. The rivals – Newt, Santorum, Paul, et al – appear 'too hot' in front of the camera. Mr. Romney is 'cool'. McLuhan's 'the medium is the message' wins again.

    The message we need to hear is a 'hot' message. Cut entitlements. Cut/freeze federal pensions. Cut the size of government. Cut spending. In other words, life as we Americans have known it for the last 50 years MUST change. Who will talk about it? Who will take it on? Who will lead? And once we find him or her, who will follow?

    We 'feel' something in the air. We 'feel' things aren't just right. When 'feel' becomes 'fear of the imminent', we may get the right leader. Then, we may follow. Things have to get much uglier!!!!!!

    • Jdh Jimbo says:

      There is no "right leader", since democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner! The sheep always loses – first shorn, then eaten. Why should a majority be entitled to tell others how to run their lives, steal from them to enforce the agenda, and have a monopoly of force to do so? The Constitution may have been better than what other countries have had, but ultimately it failed, because it allowed power elites to gain control, expand govt., and ruin the republic. It was an inevitable result from Day 1. It is true that since 1900, the "Progressive" Movement has been horrid and greatly accelerated the decline of the Republic, but Lincoln was a sham as well, despite what the history books might say. We don't need any stinkin' "leaders", and we surely don't need anyone confiscating our property, stealing our money, and committing to killing innocents in foreign lands. Self-governing is the ONLY moral choice. Perhaps, an Obummer win in Nov. will just make the collapse occur sooner, and that is a GOOD thing!!!

      • GrayCat says:

        Exactly so!

        Thank you!

        All forms of government-by-others INEVITABLY develop into tyrannies. INEVITABLY. It is the nature of the beast.

        As you well put it, "Self-governing is the ONLY moral choice."

        Wolves always need herds of herbivores.

        Why can't we just be what we are: MEN, born to freedom?

  18. Ed Zee says:

    Is Mitt the best of the two evils, I don't know who to vote forI might not even vote. I read Mr. Ringer last book and was all ready to vote for Mitt but know all promise but once elected nothing but the same ring a morue.

    • GrayCat says:

      There is no "best" of two EVILS.


      Don't vote. Don't play their EVIL games again. Never give them your permission to be and do EVIL again.

      ONLY a non-vote is a NO! vote. Only a NO! vote is a vote for GOOD INSTEAD OF EVIL.

  19. chris yeo says:

    Whilst voting in Australia is "compulsory", that is to say you must receive a ballot paper and place it in the box, one is not obliged to vote for a candidate. One may scribble over the ballot paper, such votes are termed "Informal", and can account for several percent of the total.

    • GrayCat says:

      Wolfgang Goethe: "None are so hopelessly enslaved, than those who believe they are free."

      Are there any penalties for not complying with the state's "compulsory" voting?

      If so, you are enslaved and not free at all.

  20. GrayCat says:

    How wonderful you have the freedom to cast in "Informal" vote.

    Very free indeed.

    No, no obligation to the state there at all.

    Why would an "Informal" vote "count," but abstaining, not participating, would not? Why must an "Informal" vote be compulsory?

    Yeah. No, you're not owned and coerced by the state at all. You're perfectly free. Your state only wants to make sure your voice is heard — and the only way it can do that is to force you to speak into its special microphone.

    Got it. Loud and clear.

  21. topeka says:

    Thanks to all of you fools who refuse to participate in politics – the Republicans in Liberal States have their way with the nomination.

    Try participating –

    1. wear a suit

    2. speak from experience or direct knowledge, if you speak at all

    3. keep your racist and anti-Semitic comments to yourself

    4. and leave the tin-foil hat at home…

    then Listen, Listen, Listen… and learn how to win friends and influence people.

    Outrageous comments may fly in Texas and a few rural states – but if you want to win you have to be friendly, NICE, and

    … you cannot FLAME people in person.

    The Nasty – Take My Marbles Home – Types Drive Me Nuts.

    Are you adults?

    Can you act like a grown up?

    Or do you just want to act like a teenager at a Sci-Fi convention who thinks he can win Star Wars vs Star Trek war by screaming names at the guy in Spock outfit and making him cry.

    It is LOSER-tarians who behave like the latter who are the most responsible for our plight. You drank the KOOL AID of the Left, and Stayed Home, while the Left took over.

    Now – while our kids are getting their arses shot at – you WHINE!

    Suck it up – vote for Rombama – and if you have to BLAME SOMEONE FOR THE LAME LESSER EVIL CANDIDATE


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