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Missing from the Debate: Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitution

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talk about theatre — Tuesday’s slugfest between MittMan and the Dean of Duplicity had all the drama of the Thrilla in Manila.  A couple of times, when Romney and Obama got in each other’s face, it appeared as though they might even come to blows.

But, then, one has to remind oneself that, as entertaining as this stuff may be, none of it is real.  Anyone who listened carefully to what was being said would recognize that, theatrics aside, most of the debate was about the most efficient way to redistribute income and wealth.

To the best of my knowledge, neither candidate so much as mentioned the words liberty, freedom, or Constitution — which should be the main focus of every debateThat’s right, the biggest problem we have is that we are being robbed of our liberty/freedom and that the document that is supposed to protect us from an oppressive government has been trashed.

Nor did Romney ever attempt to make a defense of capitalism on moral grounds, an absolutely essential undertaking if angry, free-stuff folks are to be rehabilitated after the inevitable collapse of the welfare state.

Romney pretty much summed up where he stands ideologically by making it clear that under his presidency, the top 5 percent of income earners would continue to pay 60 percent of all taxes.  It was enough to make one fantasize about a true freedom candidate being on the same stage with him and asking, “Who has the moral authority to decide that the most successful among us have a moral obligation to support those who are less successful?  Is that in the Constitution?”

Oh, and one other thing.  Mitt also managed to get in one of those “He’s a nice guy” moments when he said that “The president has tried, but his policies haven’t worked.”  Wrong, Mitt; they have worked.

In that vein, my fantasy freedom candidate might have said, “I have to admit that Barack Obama’s policies for fundamentally transforming the United States of America into a collectivist utopia (or hell) have worked almost to perfection, and if he gets reelected, he will surely finish the job.”

So, while the theatrics of this debate were excellent, the one thing that has not changed since I was a kid is that, through gradualism, America keeps moving inexorably toward collectivism.  Actually, I take that back.  In Obama, the far left has someone who has been brazen enough to try to finish the job quickly.  And if he is reelected, he will do just that.

But with a President Romney, it will be back to gradualism, with one catch:  Economic reality will force him to move to the left far more rapidly than any Republican president before him until, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, the government runs out of other people’s money.

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24 Responses to “Missing from the Debate: Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitution”

  1. Joan says:

    You keep depressing me! I just can't help but believe that the Obama/Democratic tsunami needs to be stopped even if it's with someone who is more of a storm surge going in the same direction because the country is so close to 50/50 as it is. I don't know why the light bulb went on for me when I realized taxation is theft and a form of slavery but hasn't for so many others. Luckily my boys, who are college students, "get it" because I took every opportunity as they grew up to help them understand the morality behind the capitalistic system. Not that they can convince THEIR friends however. Depressing.

  2. Judy Sturm says:

    I agree that Mitt Romney is not a perfect candidate, but he is a heck of a lot better than the other option. Hopefully Paul Ryan will help steer him toward fiscal responsibility.

  3. Garlic lover says:

    One caveat. The government HAS run out of other people's money. They are now printing (?) and operation twisting over 50 Billion dollars a month to keep feeding their voracious appetite for more and more. They do not care how it is going to destroy the common everyday citizen of this once proud country, the workers/contributors/savers as long as they have CONTROL. Why isn't Gary Johnson or other candidates allowed into the debate, then We the People might actually get to hear how someone running for office of President is going to address the problem of our disappearing freedoms and liberties which the founders so skillfully crafted in a gift to all freedom lovers, our Constitution.

  4. reunion says:

    "gradualism" indeed…except that it began not with any living person's childhood, but with the constitution (& before that, probably, in the fevered minds of the founding supplanters…). but since 9/11, the pace has been anything but gradual. and that, ironically, has some, probably many, pining for those good old, gradual, days.

  5. Peggy says:

    What makes Mitt so mushy? How can such a successful businessman be so spineless? Who is coaching him to be so timid or is this just his nature?

    Geez, I so want to jump thru the screen during these debates. There is SO much dirt on second hussein, but Romney does the nice guy dance around him. So frustrating and such a waste. This has got to be the ripest opportunity in this country's history for someone to go in and set it on a path proving the simple genius of capitalism. Romney could gp down as the greatest president in our history. I hope he surprises me if he wins, but I doubt it.

    The biggest disappointment of this last debate was the silent deer in the headlights look that Romney had when the moderator changed her hat to that of fact-checker. He should have put her in her place and told her that not only was she wrong about obummer saying that it was a terrorist attack in the Rose Gardern, but that she was out of line in her role of moderator. And then with a sweet smile, thanked her for pulling the veil off of the liberal media's lying crusade to sway the voters.

    • KATE says:


      • reunion says:

        the winds of war don't "come". bellows-operating men generate those puffs. and the orifices they direct that compressed air thru are presidents, con(a)gress(ors), etc. then, milgram's pilgrims wet fingers to see which way the blow goes so they can adjust their bedsheet costumes & sails accordingly.

        both these socios work for the war party, as do all their underlings, including the very last loose link in the chain of command, the "voters"…….

        • Scott says:

          Even though some on this blog-site don't get it reunion, please don't stop writing. Honest study of human history shows us that men always have wielded power over others and have used all means at their disposal to do so; voting, collectivism, religion, war…you name it, these power-mongers use it. Oh and by the way it exists at nearly every level of society, even in families and among friends. You remind me to think and hopefully behave like a sovereign individual.

          • reunion says:

            cool…& thanks, scott. & you're right, authoritarianism – teaching reflexive obedience to authority begins in the home (most kids are raised to be statists….).

          • reunion says:

            milgram pilgrim:

            "your wish is my command"
            "thank you sir, may i please have, be, or do, another?"
            "it's your world, boss, i just live in it"
            "whoso would be a pilgrim must be a conformist"
            "no balls, no blue chips – but at least i get some gmo corn chips"
            "moooo-oooo!" (rallying noise, fight song refrain, of team methane hurricane)

  6. James says:

    Dear Robert,

    Maybe you could call of his campaign office and convince Romney's advisers to change his attack mode for the last debate coming up next Mon. I agree there is way too much pussy footing around and no one is addressing specifics. Every answer is political BS.

    Plus look at the media driven questions that were being brought forth. Pure media bullet points with no substance.

    "oh that is a great question…." I felt like throwing up.

    Romney did much better on the attack mode in the first debate.

    What I still can not believe is how 40+% of the population pushing into the high 40 thinks Body Oder is better for them than MittMan.

    Anyone have an small planet I can buy and leave all of this behind?

    Best wishes,


    • reunion says:

      <Anyone have an small planet I can buy and leave all of this behind?

      "free your mind, the rest will follow" goes the song lyric. but do it not, & the past/present will follow – also true. the way out is through – the center – of your own mind. see dante's allegory (snippet below).

      be aware: casting political ballots / stones puts you in league with 9th circle reprobates: no exit….


      To exit Hell, one must climb down the body of Lucifer, which is covered in shaggy hair; the ice stops a yard or so from Lucifer himself. If one climbs down for long enough, one eventually feels as if one is climbing up again. This marks that one is crossing the centre of the earth, or "the point to which all weight from every part is drawn". One then makes their way up to a type of hollow tomb, a echoing grotto of dimly lit grey rock, from the floor of which the hooves of Lucifer project upwards, upside-down from this perspective. A stream of clear, sweet water runs through this grotto.

      This place serves as the exit of Hell and entrance to Purgatory. Its roof goes up thousands of miles, tapering gradually until the opening into Purgatory is reached. This distance must be climbed, and when it is the travellers finally make their way to the surface, where they come "out to see once more the stars" on the shore at the base of Mount Purgatory…

      • Chris McMorrow says:

        There is no such place as Purgatory. That is one of the many great lies of Roman Catholicism. Not even worth using as a metaphor, reunion. At the end of life, one of two great realities await every man, woman and child born upon the earth: Heaven or Hell.

        A man's ONLY hope for washing away his soul-condemning sins (the Bible says that "ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God, being justified freely through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus." Romans 3: 23-24), from which we deduce the Calvinistic doctrine of Total Depravity, is to believe in the death, burial and resurrection of the God-Man…. the second Person of the Trinity… the creator of the universe… Israel's Messiah and the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ.

        To believe in such nonsense as Purgatory is to believe the Devil's lie.

      • reunion says:

        allegory, chris. like your bible. not literal. which doesn't stop (& never will) human condition specialists (lol) from baiting the "t" & switching the "hyphen": li-eral (or, possibly "lierical" to coin another term)…the coin is real, like a poker chip, but the value? that moves, in fits & starts, like all fiats (cheapo italian cars – even the "expensive" ones): to the junkyard….i've referred you to mencken's "where is the graveyard of dead gods" before.

        "this (time) is different" isn't an argument – its denial.

  7. Reality Seeker says:

    It was somewhat amusing watching Candy-ass Crowley —who, by the way, couldn't fit into a Big Bird suit—side with the Messiah-in-Chief.

    Thus far, the Presidential Reality Show starring Sh*tt Romney and BHO has exceeded my expectations, yet it still hasn't gone far enough. I want to see even more BS. I say it's high time amerikans insist on an even better show; namely, a debate between R & O which includes the co-stars, i.e. both running mates. Yes, let's have a tag-team debate with all four men taking bites out of each others arms.

    I think for the next debate Romney should attire himself with a vampire outfit from Van Helsing. After all, Romney not only looks like a blood sucker, but anybody acquainted with the facts knows Romney's entire fortune which he amassed from Bain (aka Bane) Capital has nothing to do with Schumpeterian growth.

    On the other hand, Obama should hire Jack Nicholson as his debate coach to help capitalize on that "Shining"-like smile of BHO's. Obama can still win the Presidential Reality Show with more evil charm and identity politics.

  8. john bear says:

    When a Democrat debates a Democrat, the Democrat wins.

  9. Chris McMorrow says:

    Not so sure about your conclusion, Robert. Mitt is not a stupid man. He MUST know by now that, if elected, the GUARANTEED sure recipe for going down as a failure would be to infuse his policies with strains of the deadly, insane virus of liberalism.

    George Bush could have gone down as a GREAT president. (For example, he was magnificent in his conduct of the war in Afghanistan.) But, instead, he ignored the U.S. Constitution and is now mostly thought of as a SPENDAHOLIC who ultimately set the stage for Obama.

    George Bush strikes me as being a genuinely nice man. But he was soft. He became infected with the deadly virus of liberalism, and he must now bear the burden of having been the man who gave us the turncoat Justice Roberts… the bloody, trillion dollar boondoggle of Iraq (for many reason's, mostly theological, there's NEVER gonna be an "Arab Spring" – purely a pipe dream) … and … WORST of all… the abomination of an Obama presidency.

    All this because his mind became infected with the virus and insanity of liberalism.

    I could be wrong, but I have much higher hopes and expectations for Mitt. And don't forget: The "American" people have become so soft and corrupt (i.e. dependent on government handouts) that it seems to me he has no choice but to pander somewhat to a degenerate populace in order to be elected.

    Once in office, he should TRY to institute a simple flat tax that applies equally to ALL AMERICANS.

    No matter what Mitt's weaknesses may be… for cryin' out loud… "ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!!!"

  10. LibertyBoy says:

    Again, Robert Ringer proves that he's " intimidated" to mention Gary Johnson.

  11. buest says:

    Romney is suspected of laundering drug money. Ask Gordon Duff about this on Veterans Today. However, he's blackmailable due to this and has to tow the line for good ol' Israel, land of Zionists.

  12. PitBull says:

    Just send me that monthly check – stuff the rhetoric! 47% of the American audience thinks like that. Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney would be talking over their heads. So the debates are like the bread-and-circuses of the rotting Roman Empire….keep 'em entertained and they won't know or feel the coming abyss.

  13. Scott says:

    …and let the collapse begin. Physics, reality will prevail, though suspended for a time by human manipulators. Do not weep for our republic – weep for yourselves. This rotting, rusting has been creeping upon us for some time now…even at the inception of the republic. Denial is part of the mourning process, but denial must make way for acceptance.

    • reunion says:

      denial ain't a river in egypt. its bigger than that. its more like all the low places of the earth that all the rivers dump into. where do rivers begin? higher elevations. real gravity (& fake gravitas) take it downward from there, cutting & carving & flooding huge swaths thru the sediment, & even rock, dumping it all back into the seas from which everything terrestrial came. so is denial really denial…or is it actually desire to regress, get back into the amniotic soup pot?

      sea level's rising. tsunamis in all directions. higher ground, galts – not gulches……

  14. Tom D. says:

    Regarding the third and last debate: Obama is supposed to be a great intellect. But twice he used the word “decimate” as meaning something being entirely wiped out. That’s certainly the meaning it’s taken on in a slang way. But the literal meaning of “decimate” is to reduce something by 10%. The “dec” in “decimate” is the same “dec” in the word “decade” (for “10″). I wouldn’t knock a pro athlete for using “decimate” incorrectly. But when a highly educated President of the United States—who’s supposed to be a towering intellect besides—misuses “decimate” in an important Presidential debate, it makes me suspect he isn’t so smart, after all.

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