Robert Ringer

Mitch McConnell to the Rescue

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It’s hard to imagine how anything could top Judas John Roberts’ “Can’t we all get along?” anticonstitutional decision that the government can tax Americans for not obeying orders to buy whatever they are commanded to buy.

But topped it was.  Immediately after Justice John’s scurrilous decision, those in the media and the Republican Party who share a common antipathy (if not contempt) for the Constitution, small government, and individual rights began to one up him.  How?  By talking incessantly about the need for Republicans to come up with a plan to replace Obamacare should it be repealed.

What a relief.  And here all along I thought Republicans didn’t believe in government involvement in healthcare.  It’s so comforting to know that they really do want the government to take over one-sixth of the economy and, in the process, destroy the best healthcare system in the world.  I mean, how could individuals possibly handle their healthcare needs without an army of government bureaucrats calling the shots?

It’s both sad and humorous to watch progressives like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell stumble around for answers when asked by media commentators what alternative Republicans have for Obamacare.  Fool that I am, I thought that the whole idea of getting rid of Obamacare was that Americans didn’t want the government involved in their healthcare decisions at all.

So, once again, Democrats have succeeded in implementing their new-baseline strategy, this time by getting Obamacare passed through a sleazy tactic known as “reconciliation.”  The Dirty Dems were all too aware that the name of the game is to relentlessly move the ball forward, then count on the wusses on the other side of the aisle to accept the ball’s advancement as the new baseline for negotiations.

It’s a boring game, because everyone always knows the outcome in advance:  Republicans engage in hysterical theatrics, vowing not to give an inch.  And, usually, they don’t give an inch — they give up everything. 

But even when Republicans make a few token cuts or adjustments, the Democrats still end up accomplishing what they set out to do:  establish a new baseline that further enslaves the average American and moves the U.S. ever closer to complete financial collapse.

After hearing the good news that the individual mandate in Obamacare was saved via a bizarre rationalization by fellow progressive John Roberts, tough guy Mitch McConnell rushed to go on record as saying that the odds are against Obamacare being repealed.  With a Republican leader like this, who needs Democrats?

McConnell went on to point out that “It’s a lot harder to undo something than it is to stop it in the first place.”  Gosh, Mitch, thanks for giving me a heads up on that.

But, fear not.  None other than MittMan himself has vowed to save us.  Etch-a-Sketch Mitt has repeatedly said that, if elected president, he will repeal Obamacare on his first day in office.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I had no idea that the president could repeal a law all by himself, especially in one day.  Clearly, I need to become better informed.

All this by way of saying, welcome to the world of government-run healthcare.  You may as well learn to enjoy the tax increases and long waits for medical services, because government-run healthcare is here to stay.

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22 Responses to “Mitch McConnell to the Rescue”

  1. wade says:

    Wake up America. I am surveying the brass statue of 3 monkeys I keep on my desk. They "say" me no see, me no hear and me no care. This appears to be today's America. Just this week there is circulating a covey of pictures of Hitler's Germany, 1939, 1941, which were recently found. The semblance to America is shocking. Hopefully there will be someone to save us as we were able to save Germany and Japan during WW 11. (if you have not seen the pictures, e-mail me and I will forward them).

  2. reunion says:

    it's not gov run healthcare. it's gov-front run healthcare. or, gov is transmission, not motor.

    concern yourself only with the great & powerful oz…pay no attention to those behind the curtain….(at least dorothy was conked in the head, had that excuse for yellow brick roading…).

    • reunion says:

      I used to know this old scarecrow

      He was my song, my joy and sorrow

      Cast alone between the furrows

      Of a field no longer sown by anyone

      I held a dandelion

      That said the time had come

      To leave upon the wind

      Not to return

      When summer burned the earth again

      Cultivate the freshest flower

      This garden ever grew

      Beneath these (3) branches

      I once wrote such childish words for you

      But that's okay

      There's treasure children always seek to find

      And just like us

      You must have had

      A once upon a time

      the song is "curtains". oh my. elton john / bernie taupin. top of the stack over at utube, the tune is set to a montage that includes dot's straw sidekick, doing his thing…

  3. Roy says:

    Please send me the mentioned photos. Thanks.

  4. Lawrence says:

    As I have already stated, even if the republicans take over all three branches, they will posture all over the place but will not change anything.

  5. tom says:

    It is time to send all the politicians in Government home and start over with a clean slate, as “We the people”. We never did win the war of independence, England still is calling the shots in DC…we need to do it all over again….keep your powder dry!

  6. The great Joe Sobran once said "Even when Republicans win they govern on terms set by liberal Democrats." True! I miss Joe. Never cut deals with the Democreeps. The last good Democrat was Larry McDonald, murdered by the Soviet Union. Demos call for cooperation when they don't have the numbers. When they have numerical control they become the schoolyard bully, as they were for some 40 years before 1994. McConnell and Boehner are pitiful. We need another Jesse Helms, hated by the left. Good for him! Let's Make a Deal Mitch looks like the old longtime character actor Edward Andrews with those round glasses, similar mannerisms. Guaranteed : You've seen Edward Andrews. Of the two I prefer Andrews. Remember McConnell trying to derail Rand Paul ?

    • reunion says:

      what about sobran's observation leads to conclusion that the "good cop" is cutting deals with the "bad cop"? how many times do you take that up the river trip before you get it?

  7. Teri says:

    I will go one farther. No I can't understand why government is in the health care business. I also can't understand why my employer is in the health care business. That shouldn't be his burden. All I ask is for wages, I can figure out the other all by myself. I have figured out car insurance all by myself.

    • reunion says:

      cartels require gov/state force to make their monopolies stick. states are tools – they are not in any business. as for employer health insurance, that came as a result of the complete state control of the economy during ww2. because wages (&prices) were strictly controlled, & labor was tight (many of the men were drafted to the sausage factories (front lines), employers began competing for workers by offering "benefits" in lieu of cash wages. i haven't seen it, haven't looked, but would not be surprised if the idea was drummed up by insurance business lobbyists…and we all know how "insurance" has thereby been bastardized.

  8. Steve says:

    Wade, I'd like to see those pictures too.

  9. Gill O’Teen says:

    Not that I'm a fan of any of the loser RINO-kons, but let's be fair. At Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, McConnell also said, “he'll do whatever he can to repeal the law.” He added that if given control of the Senate next year, he would support using budget reconciliation rules to repeal it. Doing so would prohibit Senate filibusters and require only 51 votes to succeed.”

    Don't understand why all but those initialed GoT, including Mr. Ringer, overlook them fighting words.

    If we judge the lake just by its surface, we might be bit by the gator lurking just below.

  10. Alice In Wonderland says:


    The Rino(cons) are the gators;The voting,sitting ducklings are prey— their prey. amerika is the swamp.

    "He'll do whatever he can" is mere affirmation, i.e. sweet talk as meaningful as gator tears.

    This is an election year and the neo(con) gators are hungry.

    "A society that chooses between capitalism and socialism does not choose between two social systems; it chooses between social cooperation and the disintegration of society. Socialism is not an alternative to capitalism; it is an alternative to any system under which men can live as human beings." ~ Ludwig von Mises

    The neocons are disintegrators ( aka disinte(gators)) of capitalism and "to any system which men can live as human beings."

    Two-party fascism has turned America into a swamp, and the gators are swimming and feeding in said amerikan swamp.

    Learn and come to grips with the truth.

    • reunion says:

      or, learn & pry open the grip those disintegator jaws have on you…lol

      • Alice In Wonderland says:

        Yours are currently the only comments worth the time to read.

        I truely hope RJR's "The Entrepreneur: The Way Back for the U.S. Economy" is of some worth to Mr. Ringer's readers.

        I tire quickly of neocon (neo)apologists and all of their collectivist rhetoric. Let's hope that RJR has found "the way back" to the soundness, truthfuness, found in his best work: "Restoring the American Dream."

        Bastardizing the truth by attempting to mate libertarianism with (con)servatism is, in the end, merely choosing to join the two-party collective-family of bastards. Another sell-out-to-the-GOP book is the last thing the little swamp ducklings need to read.

        Ducklings! "Learn [how] to pry open [and avoid] the grip those disintegator jaws have on you."

  11. Erato says:

    Too rich not to share, just stumbled across this today: dinocroc vs. super(disinte)gator, the movie … lol! The trailer at dinocrocvssupergator {period com} is a must see.

    • reunion says:

      when you can snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper, you'll have this (& autoerotic asphyxiation) to look forward to. lol

      bonus point question: identify, in sequence, repubs or dems gobbled…..

      • Erato says:

        Lol! Hmmm, well, let's see …. dem, dem, dem, rep, rep, dem, rep, rep, dem … how'd I do?

        • reunion says:

          it was a trick question. no wrong answers! under the screenprinting, d's are r's & r's are d's – unionists & collectivists & gangsters all.

          hmmmm…dr's r(&)d roi is *dr opm aka **yom's i.e. inverted iou's raised to an ascending exponent…sigh, still a bit early for cocktails. but it is friday. lol

          *depository receipts

          **you owe me's

          • Erato says:

            Oh, see! originally I was going to say they were all socialists in sheep's clothing… the croc / gators say 'lamb chops, yum!' while the sheep bleat 'other people's money, yom!' … lol

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