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Saving America, Romney Style

By Robert Ringer - Friday, August 24, 2012

The cover story in the September issue of Newsmax is titled “Saving America: Mitt and Ann Share Their Personal Journey.”

It reminded me once again that so long as people look to politicians to solve their problems — or the nation’s problems — the problems will only get worse.  Politicians are in the business of passing laws, and laws almost always involve taking money from individuals or restricting their freedom.

There are hundreds of ways to “get the economy moving” (Ugh!), but off the top of my head I can think of seven obvious government actions that, if taken, would quickly shrink unemployment to 4 percent or less, rev up GDP growth to 8 percent or more, and give government enough revenue to begin paying off the national debt.

They are:

  1. Abolish all minimum-wage laws immediately.  Bingo!  Millions of new jobs become available.
  2. Phase out all unemployment benefits over a period of six months, thus forcing those on the government dole to take jobs that are available in order to survive.  Note:  In most cases, these would not be the jobs they happen to want; they would be jobs they would need in order to feed their families.  It’s okay for people to be “underemployed” (double Ugh!) if it puts food on their table.
  3. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency immediately.  No phasing out.
  4. Abolish the Federal Trade Commission.  In a spirit of generosity, I’d give the busybodies at the FTC a year to untangle themselves from the marketplace.
  5. End foreign aid to most, if not all, countries.  Come to think of it, in the name of “social justice,” why aren’t China and Saudi Arabia giving us foreign aid?
  6. Close a majority of U.S. military bases around the world.
  7. Implement across-the-board cuts in spending to bring the federal budget in line with Bill Clinton’s last year in office (when the economy was healthy and, contrary to what progressives would like us to believe, people were NOT starving ).

Isn’t it remarkable that not one speaker at the Republican National Convention is going to so much as mention any of these items, even though they would make America a strong and prosperous nation very quickly?

If an alien from another galaxy were to land in the U.S. today, he would undoubtedly ask why the party of free enterprise and individual responsibility would fail to offer solutions that are 100 percent guaranteed to work.

The answer we would have to give him is that most Republicans are not really serious about solving America’s fiscal problems.  What they are serious about is once again gaining control of the reins of power.

Don’t get me wrong.  If there actually is an election … and if Romney-Ryan manage to win … and if the Dean of Duplicity relinquishes power without resorting to a phony state of emergency before they can be sworn in … they will do the usual Republican tinkering around the edges of existing programs in an effort to put a smidgen more “free” in free enterprise.

And if they tinker enough, it will actually produce some tangible results.  Why?  Because the power of entrepreneurship and even semi-free markets are so great that they will make it possible for the average person to enjoy a heavy dose of artificial prosperity once more (think what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did for the average person), again postponing the day when the bill comes due.

By when the bill comes due, I mean that under eight years of Romney, then perhaps eight years of Ryan, not one dollar of the national debt would be paid off.  In fact, it would grow to $25 trillion — and probably beyond — further cementing the reality that it can never be paid off.

So, short term, the outlook could be rosy if Republicans win the White House and both houses of Congress in November.  But for politicians, the name of the game is to “get the economy moving” (again, Ugh) and get out of office before the national debt takes down the whole fiscal house of cards.

Being the optimist I am, after the house of cards finally collapses, I fantasize about a new America rising from the ashes like a phoenix, an America whose citizens realize that the one creature that cannot improve their lives is the politician.  Emphasis on fantasize.

Now, back to reality and the possibility that what we may be facing after November 6 is not Romney-Ryan tinkering around the edges, but, rather, a permanent Der Fuhrbama dictatorship.  Take your choice:  quick death or slow, agonizing death.  How great it is to live in a free country.

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32 Responses to “Saving America, Romney Style”

  1. Alice In Wonderland says:

    Saving amerika…

    Reality # 1: There is no "saving", only prolonging…

    Reality # 2: "America" has been transmogrified into a bread-&-circus-&-warmongering utopia by decades of fiat credit expansion, superpower(ism) and, most significantly, a let's-vote-for-the-lesser-of-two-evils mentality…

    Reality # 3: More than 50% of amerikan households and almost every major industry receive a government check, subsidy or some sort of pecuniary advantage made possible by government "law". This is not capitalism; it's fascism, i.e. "the merger of state and corporate powers"…

    Reality # 4: There are only four primary parts to the fascist-amerikan economy: a) Consumption at about 70%. b) Business investment roughly 16%. c) Net trade ranging around -4% d) Government spending at almost 20%….. Remove the fascist-ponzi-government spending or even discontinue spending growth and the skyscraper of cards totally collapses…

    Reality # 5: Fascism requires growth in order to survive; thus, as soon as the fascist amerikans discontinue building their skyscraper of cards (aka the skyscraper of fascism) the entire welfare-warfare-circus system will collapse and die…

    Reality # 6 The skyscraper of cards will be built higher and higher by whoever is elected Builder-in-Chief, because, at this point, there is simply no other choice other than to collapse fascism now or wait until later. Either candidate is going to choose the wait-until-later option and build with more cards. Build baby build!

  2. Scott says:

    Where are the bold statesmen? We continue this [not-so-slow] boil while nary an elected leader (save a handful) are bold enough to fight for freedom.

    As for me and my family – we won't wait for these numbskulls to tackle the macro problems. We began getting our house in order a long time ago.

  3. Bill Zimmerly says:

    I'm voting straight Libertarian.

    • Gill O’Teen says:

      Whatever else happens, an early morning pause at my liquor cabinet will guarantee that I will be voting 'straight' for nobody. To honor the candidates political positions I will be a wee bit wobbly.

      And Robert, "give government enough revenue to begin paying off the national debt" is one of the funniest lines I've ever read. Our debt is beyond all comprehension and thanks to the magic of compound interest will only be passed onto to countless generations of future taxpayers whose great-great grandparents are yet unborn. History has proven anytime gooobermint has a dollar extra, it spends 5. I don't understand how taking one step forward and 5 backwards can be called 'progressive'.

      • Alice In Wonderland says:

        "And Robert, 'give government enough revenue to begin paying off the national debt” is one of the funniest lines I’ve ever read'".

        It is pretty funny, actually, in a gallows-humor sort of way.

        This is why when it becomes time to get real I adhere to Ludwig von Mises' profound observation that "human action" (e.g. human nature) is the most important aspect of economics. The nature/action of government and the people who align themselves with government (Republicans or Democrats) is to spend baby spend and build baby build—–Empire!

        Think about this: When Ronald Reagan employed such spacious affirmations as "we will dismantle government" he gave the impression to the gullible masses that dismantling government piece by piece was, indeed, possible. This, despite the fact that no superpower in the history of man has ever chose a "leader" to help it dismantled itself. Reagan merely moved one step forward instead of two in the grinding march toward a welfare-warfare empire.

        Recently, while I was sketching a picture of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (aka Caligula) at the Houston Museum of Fine Art, it occurred to me that ancient Rome is loudly echoing itself in modern amerika, e.g. the term "debasement" came from Rome debasing its currency. Sound familiar?

        The neo-Caligula Era is here; it's also called the amerikan era. Only this time the difference is Caligula has nukes.

        • reunion says:

          "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house."

          ~ audre lord

          fortunately, poetically, the masters do not, cannot, maintain their tools, which rust & erode in the face of house maintenance needs that never abate….

          unfortunately, poetically, golden ages of collapsed houses are all too brief. the drones 'just wanna have hive' death impulse is too strong. going to be interesting to read velikovsky's theory of collective ptsd / repetition compulsion……

          • Alice In Wonderland says:

            “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”

            ~ audre lord


            Let's think for a moment about a few outcomes if "the master" "dismantled" his skyscraper of cards.

            Card(s) # 1: The amerikan military is currently the largest, most complex, most technical and most expensive government jobs program in history. If it is dismantled and all of the troops return home, where will they be employed? In the free market? Oh that's right—I forgot!—there will be plenty of jobs because card # 2 ( the minimum wage) will be taken out along with card #3 (unemployment benefits). Yes, now I see: Millions of unemployed and "underemployed" will be competing for low paying jobs which pay less than 7,6,5,4,3,… dollars per hour. And how are the unemployed troops going to pay off their mortgage, car payment, credit cards, inflated food, medical, dental, electric, water, gas, insurance, childcare etc, etc bills?

            The answer is that they won't be able to pay them off. Then what happens? Massive default. Then what? An economic death spiral which wipes out the middle class as the monetary system collapses.

            We live in an highly interconnected consumption(ist) country and an economic system based on 70% consumption and 20% government spending both of which are fueled by fiat credit expansion. Once you discontinue the credit-boom growth-model, you have an economic crack-up— just as Mises warned.

            Start removing the cards now, and wave bye, bye to amerika.

          • reunion says:

            < And how are the unemployed troops going to pay off their mortgage, car payment, credit cards, inflated food, medical, dental, electric, water, gas, insurance, childcare etc, etc bills?

            a different definition of "paying it forward" crawls from the bog. scarlet sez, "i can't think about that right now. if i do, i'll go crazy. i'll think about that tomorrow."

      • reunion says:

        "progressive" is easy to see if you first plug it into 'zero sum game'…..

        "Let me tell you how it will be

        Theres one for you, nineteen for me

        cause Im the taxman

        Yeah, Im the taxman"

        ~ the beatles, "taxman"

      • GrayCat says:

        Why vote at all? Especially if you must "fortify" yourself to do it.

        Why HONOR candidates at all?! Regardless of political positions, the ones that will be proferred for your vote will be dishonorable by political, philosophical definition!

        You seem to be implying that you have no choice but to vote, however repugnant that is to you; that you MUST give SOMEONE your consent to "represent you" and do things in your name you do not want and would never do.


    • reunion says:

      i'm voting straight libation, a nice single malt, per gil's imagery…..

  4. 4204life says:

    Strong article! Whatever the outcome, our unalienable rights shall not be infringed upon and STATES rights shall no longer be usurped by FEDERAL agencies or superceded by any INTERNATIONAL agencies.

  5. DDDigger8 says:

    "If there actually is an election……" No matter what you think

    of the upcoming "election" in Nov 2012, there won't even be

    a shame election in 2016 if we get four more years of Obumer.

    The 2012 "election" is more about which religion we are going to practice in the USA, than it is about Republicans or Democrats. Are you scared yet? You should be!

  6. forwhy says:

    6. There are 50+ domestic military bases that the Pentagon wants to close but Congress won't let them. How about giving them carte blanche to close bases for a year?

  7. James Z. says:

    Here's a little riddle for the kiddies. Q. How many pro-Romney people does it take to change a lightbulb? A. Ha Ha! Trick question. There are no pro-Romney people, only anti-Obama people.

  8. Decades of Department of Commerce imposed quotas and tariffs have done nothing but create inflated pay checks for essentially unskilled labor (union) and inept management unprepared for a world economy. Wars can only prop up an artificial economy for only so long.

  9. topeka says:

    Robert – great article

    keep it up!

  10. Jim says:

    As long as we're all puffing on the same toke, why not add to the above listed seven pipe dreams a few more:

    Pass the "fair tax" amendment and abolish the IRS.

    Pass a balanced budget amendment.

    Enact term limits for Congress.

    Abolish the Federal Reserve.

    Abolish Homeland Security and encourage all citizens to carry firearms, ESPECIALLY on airplanes.

    Return to the gold standard.

    Abolish all lobbyists.

    Abolish all "victimless crimes", legalize and regulate drugs, prostitution, etc..

    And, while we're at it, do away with the electoral college.

    vote a Catholic ticket in November, "nun of the above"

  11. Pitch says:


    Sadly and respectfully I must be the harbinger of the "truth based on reality!"

    You have passed your expiration date and should be discarded as tainted? Do you honestly believe that one could be elected in Amerika 2012 as a "Dog Catcher," let alone “President” by running on your seven (7) obvious Government actions needed to transfuse new stem cells and blood into our already expired patient?

    "The American Dream" was skillfully poisoned with MASSIVE Government drug over-doses and died an insidious death long ago…and I am more than certain that only a very small number of citizens have the slightest idea or IQ to comprehend the unbelievable Hellish nightmare Armageddon they are facing regardless of who lives in our White House henceforth?

    For the record, I have just listened to our Demo-Publican Parties candidate Romney’s latest “Pitch” to voters in Ohio and the gist of his entire tirade was “YOU CAN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT GOVERNMENT HELP!” This man is just another “Power Crazed lying Political Con Artist.”

    I vote for “None Of The Above!”

  12. Alice In Wonderland says:

    For all the depressed souls who are reaching for the whisky bottle, I've posted a cheer-you-up video on Youtube. I retitled it: OBAMA'S DEBT BOMB STRIP SHOW. You can link to it here, if the address isn't scrubbed off by RJR.

    By the way, if Ron Paul had had the type of talent found on this video on his campaign staff, he might have pulled off an upset and beat that Android Romney for the nomination.

    • GrayCat says:

      Too bad "the American people" make campaign "talent" a necessity, rather than thinking for themselves and loving freedom.

      Then Ron Paul wouldn't even have had to run.

      There would be no presidential race — no political "races" whatsoever.

      We've looked in the mirror, Alice, and we're painting the roses red. ;-)

      • Alice In Wonderland says:

        I agree with you, Cat. That's why I don't vote. Never have and I never will; however, I did donate a sizable amount to Ron Paul's election campaign, and I'd do it again for the simple reason that Ron Paul was a means to educate the ignorant masses.

        In 1958 Aldous Huxley warned that TV would change the dynamic of Presidential elections from a debate about ideas into more of a visual competition. Boy oh boy, was he right.

        TV completely changed the entire culture.

        • GrayCat says:

          Only because it's what "we" wanted. We seem to be programmed to choose the "aesthetic" over the substantial. It's what's running the whole obesity obsession — call the food police!

          I'm inclined to believe the TV culture was primed way back in the early Victorian era, and when "our boys" were sent to fight in the European trenches in WWI everything really did change: "How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm, After They've Seen Paree?"

          It's the illusion that nobility is conferred on the noble-looking. It's why people are continually shocked that the nice-looking man down the street turns out to be a pedophile serial murderer. We expect evil to be ugly and readily identifiable. "Beauty is as beauty does" never really seems to have caught on, historically. Beauty is usually equated with truth and goodness. Caligula was beautiful, but Claudius was not. Our wiring is screwy in this way; it's why there's a looking glass — and we still have to paint the roses red. ;-)

          • Alice In Wonderland says:

            "We seem to be programmed to choose the “aesthetic” over the substantial".

            Yes, this tribal hard-wiring dates back to when a well-built, alpha tribal-leader was absolutely necessary to lead the tribe into hunting both animals and men.

            Sexuality, confidence, animal magnetism, wit and intelligence subliminally drive human action. The id is still a major factor in human action. Humankind's greatest tool may be a "substantial" brain that can reason, yet sex, tribalism, violence, the urge to feed and the desire for immediate, hormonal gratification are what overrides the reasoning brain most of the time.

            Moreover, TV alters the brain waves. Most humans become more suggestible and less critical when they go under the hypnotic-like influence of TV.

          • GrayCat says:

            Mostly agreed.

            But part of that greater suggestibility is also cultural programming, I believe. You can teach your kids to question what they see and thereby develop resistance to the message, and their otherwise sublimated native intelligence.

            I think it's a matter of envy and laziness: we WANT what other people have "so much" it's easy to suggest that we SHOULD have it by any means, instantly, for "fairness's sake." Isn't this really why TV marketing is so profitable (not necessarily successful in shaping buying decisions . . .)?

            And it takes energy and a strict moral code of "you can have it only if you work for it and pay for it" to THINK. The point of most entertainment is to relieve us of that onerous burden, yah?

            I think the responsibility, as always, lies with us. Nothing is really "done to us" without our complicity, even the authoritarian state. "They" make it so easy for us to just relax, lie back, and enjoy it — until it's too late to take correct and effective action.

            Isn't that essentially why we're in this mess? "Promise them anything, but especially what they want, and they're putty in your hands."

            Other than the presidential race, I don't think people are elected on their looks; most people in office aren't exactly GQ models. But they KNOW people with money, who will get them in if they promise such-and-such — like red roses . . . The Queen of Hearts isn't exactly a heart throb herself . . .

            Anyway, yes, I agree with much of what you say.

  13. taejonwill says:

    If 1 & 2 (& other draconian shredding of the social safety) would result in tear gas and batons at first keeping the rioters at bay, then rubber bullets and live amunition finally being implemented as urban areas become semi permanant riot insurrections. The radicals would then result in bombs and sabotage to make the more fortunate give in to their demands, a more stressful and less happy world for sure. And in essence a miniscule effect in reducing the national debt.

    3, 4 5: Small potatoes, no noticable savings or reduction in government debt.

    6: We need to have an honest discussion of how military service is a backdoor government means to help people gain employment outside of the private sector. We may or may not need an army, but it is in essence socialism.

    7: Cutting medicare and social security is a non-starter, they are very popular and enjoy bi-partisan support. It will never happen as long as Amerca is a democracy. So if we really want meaningful cuts in social programs, I don't think there is any alternative than authortarian goverment that is not dependent on popular sufferage to remain in power..

    • GrayCat says:

      So this is your solution?

      Society needs a government "safety net" at any cost? Authoritarianism "for our own good"? You ever read Orwell's 1984 and think about it?

      "The more fortunate"?

      Simply ending the Federal Reserve System and the IRS would go a very long way to implementing and establishing a truly "fair" society.

      Medicare, Medicaid, and SS are still on life support ONLY because political leeches threaten that part of the population with disaster if those programs would be eliminated.

      The fact is they WILL be eliminated by inevitable fiscal death, with NOTHING then softening the blow. The youth are catching on to the scam, and they're NOT going to allow themselves to be exploited forever. "Bipartisan support" is nothing more than bipartisan propaganda and fear-mongering. Its time is running out with the awareness of the unfairness the young people are waking up to. Ron Paul's solution would have prevented the coming backlash.

      If people could actually keep what they earn at real, not-made-from-government-fiction jobs, you don't think things would improve radically?

      That is your point? That to avoid civil unrest, rioting, the only workable alternative is a frank dictatorship?

      Tell us: did that work for the Communists last century?

      Why would it work here? You think the 50% not on the government dole will stand by limp-wristed and let this happen? You believe there would be no civil unrest and rioting by those "more fortunate" — the WORKING young — in this event?

  14. Tom says:

    As one of the many above blogs attest to Robert, the "simple" and I mean really "simple seven step program wil never work! The national debt can NEVER BE PAID OFF BECAUSE THEY NEVER CREATED THE MONEY TO PAY THE INTEREST AND THAT IS WHY THE DEBT IS OUT OF CONTROL NOW, THEY CANNOT TAX US ENOUGH TO EVER PAY OFF A PHONEY DEBT.




  15. david brooks says:

    Mr. Paul, in an interview, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined.

    "It wouldn't be my speech," Mr. Paul said. "That would undo everything I've done in the last 30 years. I don't fully endorse him for president."

  16. Mike Walker says:

    Just read your acticle "Saving America, Romney Style." I think the point that struck me the most was the possiblity of some type of national emergency being declared either berfore the election or between the election and the new regime taking the reins. My question is this: Do you seriously believe this could happen? I have fears of this possibility but haven't shared them with anyone but my wife (in a passing comment – humoreously). Would like your insight Mr. Ringer. Thanks and God bless.

    Mike W.

    ((misplaced Texan in Ohio)

  17. DJ says:

    I’m usually to blogging and i also truly appreciate your articles. This great write-up has actually peaks my interest. My goal is to bookmark your blog and preserve checking for brand new details.

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