Robert Ringer

The Allure of Communism

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If you’re among those scratching their heads and trying to figure out why Barack Obama isn’t behind in the polls by at least 20 points — why, in fact, approximately 43 percent of voters have already made up their minds to vote for him, notwithstanding his destruction of the U.S. economy, here’s a clue:

In a recent poll taken by Romania’s Public Affairs polling agency, more than 53 percent of Romanians (up from 44 percent two years ago) said they would prefer to live under the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, the brutal dictator who terrorized Romanians for a quarter of a century until he was overthrown and executed in 1989.

Imagine, after more than two decades of poverty and repression — and the constant threat of imprisonment and death — a majority of Romanians would still prefer the “stability” and “security” of communism over freedom.  That tells you a lot about human nature, which, notwithstanding America’s exceptionalism, is pretty much the same all over the world.

So it’s not that hard to understand why 43 percent of Americans are dead-set on voting for Obama.  Our obscene welfare system has created a class of dependency addicts, so why should we be surprised that they would support their enabler-in-chief?

Whether or not we choose to face up to it, a whole lot of people are simply enamored with the idea of their neighbors taking care of their financial needs.  So much so that even if BHO were to come clean and announce that he’s a true-believing Marxist and that he wants to fundamentally transform America into a communist utopia, they would still vote for him.

(Actually, a significant percentage of that 43 percent would probably be even more enthusiastic about voting for him if he made such an admission.)

That being the case, it’s a bit discomforting to know that the Communist Party USA has officially endorsed BHO.  Hmm … wonder why no one in the media has ever bothered to mention that fact — not even anyone at Fox News.

Even more perplexing is why the Republican brain trust doesn’t run a string of ads informing the public of Obama’s communist support.  I would think it would have a big impact on those who are not part of the hopeless 43 percent.

But, of course, Republicans wouldn’t want to be so bold as to pass along an actual fact to the voting public if they thought it might hurt Chairman Obama’s feelings.  The last thing in the world they would want is for Axelthug and Co. to accuse them of factual foul play.

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30 Responses to “The Allure of Communism”

  1. James Z. says:

    This election (at least regarding the two old parties) comes down to a choice between communism and crony capitalism. Lucky for me, the two old parties have not yet succeeded in keeping a better choice off the ballot.

  2. Stinger51 says:

    An old saying goes, "When you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on the support of Paul." This also explains the situation in Romania.

    A verse also exists in the New Testament that talks about certain preachers (ministers) having "itching ears" who will tell the people what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

    I see this situation getting a lot worse before it gets any better in this country. At what point that 43% figure has to grow to, before the rest of us who are pulling the load jump on the wagon with them, is anybody's guess. It may in fact be a figure at the point of no return. In which case the Obama's of this world will have gotten what they wanted, a 2nd or 3rd class America that can no longer stand in the way of a one world govt.

    • kate says:

      what NO one is talking about is who we owe all the money to…. China. When they realize that we are unable to repay them, ,, they may decide to collect on the debt…Do you think they are big enough , or powerful enough to invade… or just take over???

      • reunion says:

        what you mean "we", chemosobee?

      • Lisa says:

        China has already managed to get nearly ALL our manufacturing jobs. What else would they want out of us? Look on Walmart or most other store's shelves if you don't believe this.

      • Actually what I think China wants is to have us submit to them without firing a shot. How you might ask? By wrecking the stability of our money supply. A few months ago China was given unprecedented access to our banking system by going to the big banks directly without having to go thru the Fed – in other words the Chinese now have direct electronic access to our banks – if the Chinese wanted to they could make HUGE withdrawals of virtually all the money in the banks – this would collapse our banks within hours(if not minutes) – think of the Chinese as a giant collection agency – you wouldn't give a collection agency access to your checking account because they could then withdraw all the money in it & wipe you out – you didn't hear about this in the mainstream news media? I'm not surprised – if more people knew about this the big banks would lose virtually all their customers!

  3. David Michael Myers says:

    Please stop calling the corrupt Republicans "crony capitalists." If anything, they are "crony collectivists/socialists."

    Laissez-faire capitalism does not permit government to interfere with market processes as does our present system in which everyone, it seems, ignores the constitution and its ENUMERATED POWERS.

    We actually live in a fascist system in which people are allowed to "hold title" to "their" property but the state (government) control its every use.

    Wake up and get your terminology straight.

    • reunion says:

      yes, let's be accurate, precise. "socialism" is the bread & circuses diversion / distraction / baksheesh-bribe component; it is a sparkly bauble, but cubic zirconia, not diamond (itself a substance of vastly inflated value by cartel) that fascists use to pacify, lull, enervate & farm their captive populations.

      the fascists, cartelists, which is to say criminals, own / wield states & govs – in fact these thugs invented states / govs. its not the other way 'round, as you seem to conceive it. even "communist" states / govs are, at base, fascist, inside dealers – they "do business" in recognizably the same way the drovers in "capitalist" bits of geography do – the familiar commie bromides are brochure, just as the familiar capitalist bromides are.

  4. Joan says:

    David, I'm in agreement regarding your comment: 'Stop calling the corrupt Republicans “crony capitalists.” If anything, they are “crony collectivists/socialists.” '

    People throw around the term "crony capitalism" as if it's just another aspect of the free market economy. It's more like contra-capitalism. As far as the free market economy is concerned, once a "capitalist" goes to the government for preferential treatment, he/she is no longer a capitalist.

    Many complain that our economy is in ever-more need of government control, blaming, of course, the free market economic system. However, in my lifetime, we've only had the shadow of a free market economy. The socialists have been quite effective in their efforts and very good at deflecting the proper attention for the job they have done. In fact 43% may be too low.

    • Dawg em says:

      Unfortunately, many people may start out as genuine capitalists but find they must necessarily go hat in hand to govt in order to succeed. Same applies to those who formerly graced the "middle class" and now must swallow their pride and accept federal/state help.

  5. Nightrider says:

    The stats on Romania are shocking. Only 20 years ago the people felt they had had enough of the dictator, overthrew him and even executed him and his wife. And now, they want him or somebody like him back? Amazing. But as Mr. Ringer writes, that's human nature that is so prevalent in the world, including the US, wanting a comfy life provided for them by the government with others' hard work and money, even to the extent of giving up their individual rights under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. (And he France they voted in a guy whose campaign promise was tax the 'rich' to distribute the 'wealth.')

  6. reunion says:

    "You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into." ~ unknown

    i.e., "pass(ing) along an actual fact…" is not enough. not nearly enough.

    or this: "the world always makes the assumption that the exposure of an error is identical with the discovery of truth – that the error and truth are simply opposite. they are nothing of the sort. what the world turns to, when it is cured on one error, is usually simply another error, and maybe one worse than the first one." ~h.l. mencken

    these quotes also speak to "human nature", human "preferences". last word, especially, is cultured (caged, in quotes) because nature/preferences are not even close to independent – at least not without great effort & exertion – of conditioning. human mammals, like canine mammals (not to mention other taxons…"wax on, wax off"? lol) – pavlov's dogs – are very amenable to conditioning/training. ring a bell & saliva flows, autonomically. & such conditioned reflexes, "preferences" (begging the question, "whose preferences, really?"), if not inextinguishable, can be very difficult to extinguish. our problem, as a species, is that the assembly lines pumping out people afire, flamers, homo queue, outputs inventory (truly) far in excess of individualist (anarchic) bucket brigades ability to quench. so, all roads continue to lead to burning rome….

  7. Teri says:

    The reason Obama isn't 20 points behind in the polls is because Americans are lazy and they would rather sit in front of the TV eating bon bons and have others pay their bills or else they do get up in morning and go to work but they don't do all that much when they get there.

    Just letting you know Mr. Ringer, there is a small percentage of us out there who are working hard and we are out of debt and we are taking care of our families. Not many but there are a few.

  8. GrayCat says:

    "Even more perplexing is why the Republican brain trust doesn’t run a string of ads informing the public of Obama’s communist support. I would think it would have a big impact on those who are not part of the hopeless 43 percent.

    "But, of course, Republicans wouldn’t want to be so bold as to pass along an actual fact to the voting public if they thought it might hurt Chairman Obama’s feelings. The last thing in the world they would want is for Axelthug and Co. to accuse them of factual foul play."

    You continue to pretend to be honest. The fact is it's not about "feelings," it's about the fact that the Republican Party is completely interchangeable with the Democrat Party, and to "expose" facts hurting the "other side" risks laying bare the damning facts of the GOP's own Communism.

    A government with severely limited power, no power to tax, no war powers, and no fingers in a truly free market is anathema to the Republican Party no less than to its "opposition."

    You know, Robert, that whole pot-and-kettle thing again.

    The BRILLIANT Marco Rubio at the RNC convention last week: "We chose more government instead of more freedom."

    How about honestly parsing that little gem for us, please, and explaining how the GOP is different from the Dems in any real way?

    • reunion says:

      whigs > republicans (fwr's)…unilateral tyrannizing is like unicycle riding – inefficient, riskier. bicycles are more efficient, easier to control, cruise along on. two wheeling allows the good cop / bad cop "dichotomy".

      and so > democrats.

      whether "the founders" (fwr's) invented the dems, or merely co-opted (co-cop-ted, lol…) them, is irrelevant. as are third wheels (tricycles), four wheels (trainers), or more wheels (ever see a roller conveyor used to "load the goods"? lol…).

      roll along, little doggies……

      • reunion says:


        didn't 'print' for some reason. is there a list of automatically censored words now? lol….

        • GrayCat says:

          Well, Robert has finally come completely out of the closet (see earlier column, "Are Republicans Closet Obamaholics?") making no bones about how he really feels about us libertarians and anarcho-capitalists, so it stands to reason.

          The push is to rally all people fearful of the Dems at any cost to vote for Romney-Ryan: "Anyone (but Ron Paul!) but Obama!"

          Disgusting. But if anyone is paying attention, now Ringer isn't even pretending to be a libertarian or anarcho-capitalist.

          As Marco Rubio so candidly put it in his speech at the RNC convention last week, "We chose more government instead of more freedom."

          Yeah. That about says it all.

          • reunion says:

            you think the thin ice will support another figure-eighter, too? lol…..

            Slang .


            a racehorse, athlete, or the like entered in a competition under false representation as to identity or ability.


            a student paid by another to take an exam.


            any person or thing that is fraudulent; fake or impostor.


            a substitute or addition, as a professional musician hired to strengthen a school orchestra: We hired three ringers for the commencement concert.

            but then there's reverse-ringers, infiltrating double agents, etc. there may even be double reverse-ringers. ooohhh, is that what the ring trilogy refers to? who's on first; that's right!


          • GrayCat says:

            This was meant for you, reunion:


            You GO — as in ROCK! — honey! :-D

            Dunno why it wasn't left "Reply" under your comment.

          • reunion says:

            lack of gray connecting lines…censorious conspiracy attempt, probably (right, topeka?). lol….

            butler shaffer calls george carlin a stand-up philosopher (instead of "comedian"). stand up is a solo. single link, chain-less command. distributed. "gray lines? we don't need no stinkin' gray lines!" ~ treasure of the sierra madre / blazing saddles lol….

            "The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion." ~Henry Steele Commager

            *commager may have missed the point

          • Lisa says:

            I plan to write in Ron Paul as the choices BOTH major parties are giving us are disgusting to vote for. Not much difference between Obama and Romney to make me interested in voting for either of them.

          • GrayCat says:


            You GO — as in ROCK! — honey! :-D

      • reunion says:

        *shoulda' been federalists>whigs>republicans (fwr's). these are "the founders".

  9. 4204life says:

    Good article Mr. Ringer. It is a manufactered consent by the social engineers who support globalistic sociopaths hellbent on a totalitarian One World Government. They use the Hegelian Dialectic method to further along their plans. (Thesis)-(Anithesis)=(Synthesis)

    They also use the 'Strategy of Tension'. Theory that descibes how world powers divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agent provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.

    There is a plethora of organizations that are working together to bring to fruition this heinous plot. Many within these organizations are not aware of the underlying malevolence and they create a facade of benevolence that allow the overseers to operate with impunity.

    "We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings in nature, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their prosterity, but only with the present toil and the next meal."

    "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive." Both quotes from Harold Wallace Rosenthal

    The Mormon religion is based on Zionism and connected with freemasonry. Total fraud to sell NWO freaks totalitarian form of Global governance.

    • GrayCat says:

      Can you please remove your head from its dark place full of religious techno-garbage long enough to understand that Robert's champion, the GOP, is NO DIFFERENT and has NO DIFFERENT goals, please?!

      It's astounding how utterly blind some people can be.

      The GOP is JUST AS COMMUNIST with the specific goal of being at the top of a single government for the whole world as any DEM.

      Everything you mentioned is ALSO CHARACTERISTIC of the GOP.

      Do you really not see that?!

  10. Rob Larson says:

    It's no real mystery why the Republicans won't blast Obama over his Marxist sympathies. It's because they have socialist sympathies too. Maybe not the welfare state part of the equation but they're all for the warfare part of the equation. Together both parties comprise the welfare-warfare state and a better source for societal control has not yet been invented.

    If the Republicans were to really stand for the values they claim to stand for, they would dismantle government overnight. They don't want to because then they don't get the same benefits that the Democrats have over the last century. If they continue the welfare-warfare state they don't have to really campaign. Elections remain what they are now, a "lesser of two evils" choice instead of a choice that matters. Then anti-Federalists pegged it when they said the creation of a superstate would, over time, abrogate all power to itself. That process is almost complete in the US today.

  11. DDDigger8 says:

    We do not owe all of the deficit to China. Part of the deficit is just "funny printed money." We pay for that right away in the form of a depreciated dollar. I would really like to know just how much of the deficit we owe to China. China has been getting rid of some of their U.S. dollars by investing in oil and gas wells right here in the good old U.S.A. When you begin to hear about all the oil and gas we are shipping to China, don't get too upset – we already sold it to them before it was ever pulled up out of the ground. If you take the time to learn about the Federal Reserve, how they came about, you would be just as angry at them as you sometimes are at China. We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve. They are not a department of the U.S. Government and we do not get to elect them. How much control does the Congress really have over the Federal Reserve? None?

  12. topeka says:

    Few of us really appreciate how lucrative the Dole is; for one thing it is true that a single mom in Boston is not living high on the hog on her welfare check and her foodstamps.

    Nonetheless, down here in Texas the Dole is not only obviously lucrative, but it would darn difficult if not impossible for a male to earn the same benefits.

    Consider a family of one illegal Mexican and one native citizen and two or three kids. The citizen has no income, save a part-time job or babysitting which she brings in as cash. They have a Lone Star card, free phone, electricity and gas subsidies, and medicaid for the kids. And yes, I know these people – many of them – and their kids have braces. (How do you afford braces?!!) The dad/BF makes $12-15/hr cash, or the equivalent of $18-23/hr for an American paying taxes and other deductions (exc. med insurance.) All told they are bringing in about $36-42k in cash plus bennies.

    What would a white cracker family need to make to live like this? $65-85k? plus bennies. Where does a cracker get that? When you make $8/hr and no bennies, you are more than a fool – the AG comes after you for child support; the school attacks you as a deadbeat; you are humiliated in front of your kids.

    Ironically – crackers are proud and suck it up. But as the system destroys more black/Latino males, the anger is brewing. The Left knows this and is stoking it. I've met men who think welfare is a Republican plot!

    Many of these ppl will vote "O"

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