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The Dirty Dems’ Desperate Lineup

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I admit to not watching much of the Democratic National Convention last night, but the purposely revved up noise and chaotic environment reminded me more of an Occupy Wall Street event than the hopey-changey thing that the Dirty Dems pulled off the last time around.

What struck me as remarkable was the Dems’ first-night lineup of speakers.  For the most part, they were a weird mixture of has-beens, abject failures, and mean-spirited socialists.

I didn’t listen to Debbie Wasserman Schultz speak (not even sure that she did), but, in an interview with Shepard Smith, I did watch her deny a quote the Washington Examiner attributed to her:  “As we know, and I’ve heard no less than [Israeli] Ambassador Michael Oren say this, that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel.”

It reminded me of a funny moment in the early eighties when a reporter asked then Los Angeles Ram coach Ray Malavasi about something outrageous he had said (the comment now escapes me), whereupon Malavasi exploded and adamantly denied he had made such a statement.  The reporter then pointed out that his comment was recorded, to which Malavasi angrily shot back, “I don’t care if it was recorded or not; I didn’t say it!”

But I digress.  For starters, if you were trying to con the walking dead into voting for another four years of collectivism, would you trot out the man who presided over the worst U.S. economy since the Great Depression?  Not only did Jimmy Carter nearly destroy America, he was, and is, a liar, an idiot, and an anti-Israel propagandist.  I gave him two minutes before hitting the mute button.

Then, along came Kathleen Sebelius, perhaps the only person in the Democratic Party who is more hateful than the Obamas themselves.  Like most “new” Democrats, she not only is an accomplished liar, she has the dubious distinction of winning the Ms. Demon of Death title in Kansas.

Sebelius didn’t just allow Tiller the Baby Killer to murder untold thousands of unborn babies in her state when she was governor, she acted as a cheerleader for him and his death factory.  I gave her a generous thirty seconds before muting her out.

And wouldn’t you know it?  Only the Democrats would come up with a keynote speaker named Castro.  To be fair, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is kind of a cute kid with a great smile, but, sadly, he’s clearly bought into the poisonous demagoguery of the Dirty Dems, hook, line, and sinker.

His out-of-context smiling, applause-baiting pauses, and stiff rhythm made it clear that he is not ready for prime time.  But when he grows up, my sense is that he’s going to be an excellent speaker.  I listened for a good five minutes.

No comment on Meanie Michelle, who got the mute button after about two minutes, except to say that I give her an “A” for continuing to project her media-created persona as a kind, gracious, gentle woman of goodwill.  Arghhh!  To those Michellaholics who can’t seem to shake the habit, I strongly suggest you read Ed Klein’s The Amateur and/or Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption.

But perhaps the most bizarre event of the evening was when the Dems brought Ted Kennedy back from the grave.  I mean, we all know how forward looking dead people can be.

When he wasn’t in one of his drunken stupors (for which he once actually apologized to his constituents), Kennedy did more to change the ethnic makeup of America than any other politician.  Actually, maybe he made his greatest strides in this area when he was in his drunken stupors.

One of the great comedy-and-tragedy moments in the Kennedy presentation was when “Champion of Women’s Rights” was flashed on the screen.  Hmm … something about the name Kopechne kept popping into my mind.

Now it’s on to the second coming of Bubba, who will undoubtedly do a masterful job of saying whatever he has to say to lay the groundwork for Hillary’s 2016 run.  But he’s a bit naïve if he thinks Switchblade Barry is going to keep his promise to support her when the time arrives.  Still, it should be enjoyable watching him kiss up to the man he fondly refers to as “the amateur.”

I don’t look forward to many sporting events, but the Giants-Cowboys game should be a welcome respite tonight.


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32 Responses to “The Dirty Dems’ Desperate Lineup”

  1. GrayCat says:

    But wasn't it GREAT when that dirty Dem Marco Rubio declared in his speech: "We chose more government instead of more freedom"!!

    Oh! I made a mistake! Rubio was capping the RNC Convention, LAST week, not the DNC Convention this week!

    It's SO HARD to keep the good and decent, civilized people of the RNC distinct from those of the DNC . . .

    And those dirty Dems have been SOOO much criminally worse in their state caucuses, conventions, and primaries than the "not angels" GOP.


  2. Bullwink33 says:

    RR , thanks again, I asked a liberal today if he had listened to Michelle's address last night, he said no……tho yesterday he conversed about an episode of "Family Guy"

    He always votes……..

    THe uninformed and hungover………

    they always vote……

    the tyranny of the masses is complete..

    they only know what they understand

    like what's on TV

    The man I fell in love w/ long long ago….

    hid name was *elfare, ignorance & sloth

    "who's payin' for the free lunch ?"

  3. joseph says:

    As always, another insightful column from Robert. I couldn't bear to watch any of the Race Baiting-Hate America-Class Warfare convention, so I'm glad someone has the stomach to watch this garbage. I'm voting for Gary Johnson for President, so who cares about this nonsense anyway?

  4. The Resolute Voice says:

    Your piece would be great humor and Saturday Night Live material if it wasn't so bloody true and yes, sad. But maybe in November all the chickens WILL come home to roost a la Rev Wright. Fateful irony?

    • GrayCat says:

      The pieces praising the GOP convention were even more hilarious, because they denied any bloody truth.

      Fateful irony is blindness to truth, which is banished from either the RNC or the DNC.

      Marco Rubio in his speech at the RNC Convention last week: "We chose more government instead of more freedom."

      And you can point the finger at the DNC — which makes no sleazy attempt to be coy about who they are and what they want — with no sense of irony for the blatant hypocrisy?!

  5. salty33 says:

    The problem with voting for Gary Johnson is that the vote will be wsted, just as it would for ron Paul. There are so many idiots out there who will be voting for the One who Walks on Water, we need all the swensible ones to get together and try to win this one.

    We've had enough of the shadow candidates like McCain, Dole, etc. Let Ryan loose from the cold, dead hands of the scripters!

    • GrayCat says:

      The only wasted vote is one cast in fear rather than integrity.

      Why should all "we" sensible ones try to "win" this one? Exactly what would "we" be winning? "Not 4 more years of Obama"? So what?

      Pray tell.

      What if people like you weren't so wrapped up in your blind dogmatism but actually loved freedom and stood up for it, too? What if you weren't so afraid of voting for what someone else tells you is an "unelectable" candidate? What if you weren't so afraid of not belonging to a team, a herd?

      Then you'd have counted for something, not have wasted your vote on phonies like Ryan. That you think Ryan is the hope and change you believe he is says so much about the depths into which GOP loyalists and "pragmatists" have fallen.

      Wait for it: you'll have only you to blame — no matter who "wins" the rigged election. Go ahead; vote your fear-ruled life away for an "electable" candidate. And you gladly take everyone else's with you. But you're just doing it for "our" own good.

      This differs from "them" . . . how?

      • topeka says:


        Rombama may not be to your taste – but we have people dying under Bambam who would not die under Rombama.

        From Afghanistan to the Rio Grande, and from Obamacare to the Keystone ppln, Rombama will make a difference.

        However slight it is to you (and to me it's no difference at all) – it is a huge difference for those who are in Bambam's crosshairs.

        The time to stand up and defeat Rombama is past for this election – and we can work to defeat him in the next election if Bambam is gone – but for this election we need to stand together or we shall all surely pay the price.

        Even a Libtard understood that you cannot stand by while they take your nbhrs – or else there will be no one to help you when they come for you.

        Even you should be able to understand this.

        • GrayCat says:

          Well, gee, we have people who will die under "Rombama," too.

          Is he going to immediately bring all the troops home and close all the military bases overseas? Where is that anywhere in the GOP-Romney platform?

          And exactly what is "Rombama" going to do about the Federal Reserve? About the gold standard and competing currencies? Okay, so they were added to the platform because too many people had caught on to what Ron Paul was educating them about, and they're trying to appease and keep some of those "Paulbots."

          Ain't gonna work. If you believe that "Rombama" is going to be ANY better as POTUS than "Bambam" (really? I thought name-calling was supposed to be a hallmark of the hated Democrats?), I got some prime land in Florida I can sell you for cheap.

          But now we all understand a little better why you're so statist: your job and position depend on it — depend on what we are forced to pay you.

          Yeah. Thanks for the memories.

          The Leviathan tax machine will roll right along under Romney, as will the military-industrial-Congressional "complex," because it is the lifeblood of bureaucrats. Without other people's money, you wouldn't be where you are — and we wouldn't be where you've put us, and where you want to make sure we stay.

          Well, sooner or later it's all going to dry up, regardless of the use of force and fear. And my guess is you're not high enough up in the hierarchy to be safe from the consequences.

          Welcome to the real world.

          Voting is capitulation to the beast.

  6. Eric Scott says:

    What happened to the Robert Ringer I knew and loved when I read the book "Restoring the American Dream"? The Robert Ringer who knew that there is NO difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Robert Ringer who said they're "Demopublicans". The Robert Ringer who owns this website is an unabashed Republican. Strange. Where, or where are you Robert?

    They're both collectivists. The Robert RInger I know and love knows this.

    • GrayCat says:

      In his fevered pursuit of the disappearing dollar he has gone to the dark side, revealing that after all he never was anything else, but is in the Bubba Bill Clinton class in his ability to appear to be what he is not.

      Fooled most of us most of the time. All is fair in politics and sales.

  7. Lawrence says:

    No! I won't vote for another RINO. Were damned whoever is elected.

  8. John Rogers says:

    Good comments on the DNC. I too couldn't watch more than a few minutes last night. Tonight, the little I heard didn't really convey any substance. Every dems darling, Sandra Fluke, was a waste of time, except to the party faithful of course. Seriously, guys, you would rather see Obama reelected than vote for a RINO? Seems kinda self-destructive to me.

    I do watch sporting events occasionally, and the Giants-Cowboys game was definitely a better choice. Great, the Cowboys actually held on to their 4th quarter lead to the end.

  9. Alice In Wonderland says:

    Bill Clinton, once again, has proven himself as a ring-master propagandist. He's no amateur salesman, that's for sure, and his DNC speech certainly demonstrated his highly effective folksy-speaking-style. Bill is an alpha parasite, a true-blue sociopath and the most specious man in the Democratic party. His duplicity is unmatched, and his DNC speech was far better than anything the GOP cartel had to offer at the RNC…….

    Slick Willy said: "In Tampa — in Tampa, did y’all watch their convention? I did. In Tampa, the Republican argument against the president’s re- election was actually pretty simple, pretty snappy. It went something like this: 'We left him a total mess. He hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in'…Listen to this. Listen to this, everybody: when President Barack Obama took office, the economy was in freefall. It had just shrunk 9 full percent of GDP. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month. Are we doing better than that today?.. He inherited a deeply damaged economy. He put a floor under the crash. He began the long, hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern, more well-balanced economy that will produce millions of good, new jobs, vibrant new businesses, and lots of new wealth for innovators…President Obama started with a much weaker economy than I did. Listen to me, now. No president — no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years".

  10. Steve says:

    You purists who smugly think there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans are out there in Libertarian utopia and deserve 4 more years of Barry.

    Then again, I'm sure some would prefer that, thinking that once the country totally bottoms out there will be a miraculous revolution, Phoenix rising from the ashes. If the Libertarian Party could change the minds and hearts of the majority, I'd be pleased as punch but it ain't happening. So damn right, I'll settle for the lesser of the evils.

    • Alice In Wonderland says:

      "You purists who smugly think there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans are out there in Libertarian utopia and deserve 4 more years of Barry".

      Steve, drink some Go Go juice and then go, go for the evil. Yes, go support it. Vote for it. Cheer for it, Roll in it. Learn to love it; or hold your nose, if you have to, but be part of the evil. You deserve it. All of it.

      As for me, I'll stick with those historical figures who set timeless examples. Take Jesus, for instance, I just can't see Jesus violating his own personal integrity by supporting the Scribes, Pharisees or Sadducees. Jesus recognized a hypocritical, theocratic system of governance so "evil" that it was beyond repair and destined for collapse. So what did or didn't Jesus do? Jesus didn't say, "oh, those Scribes are less evil snakes than those Pharisees, so I'll work with them", did he? No, of course not. What Jesus did do was speak up and die for what he believed in. Speaking for and dying for what you believe in is what brings change. First, you change, than others change because of your example. Now, I'm no Christian, but I can certainly learn a good lesson from Jesus about the kind of integrity it takes to live and die as a real man or woman with personal integrity—-can you?

      Yes, you stick with evil, pal, and I'll stick with Socrates, Galileo Galilei, Mises and the many other truth-telling men of integrity who refused to sit down and shut up and not rock the boat.

    • Dawg em says:

      If I thought a vote for Romney would give the deluded masses more time to wake up and destroy the treasonous GOP I would vote for him. But doing what the elite want, voting for the lesser of evils over and over again, is no incentive for them to change.

      They will NEVER change. Dump the GOP.

      • bahmi says:

        Obama- the President who brought us communism.

        Hey, what a great idea, voting for the bastard son of Lenin!!

        The guy who piddled all over the Constitution,the guy who brought us Robert "The Liar" Gibbs, double citizen Rahm Emanuel, lying Axlerod.. hey, Obama is just one swell guy, can't you dolts see that?

    • reunion says:


      smugly sneering at unwelcome truth is same as shooting the messenger or blaming the victim. its cowardly denial, irresponsibility.

      you prefer legality to justice, volunteering to take yet another plea "bargain", instead of just standing up, & walking away. the "authority" worm has gotten inside your apple…you've been shawshanked, institutionalized. "get busy livin', or get busy dyin'…".

      your perspective on "the majority" is part of your problem. truth isn't in the middle, its out at the edges. false sense of security, & "settling" – that's the middle.

    • GrayCat says:

      Yeah; you just sit back and let the rest of us do it for ya, bud.

      "If the Libertarian Party could change the minds and hearts of the majority, I'd be pleased as punch"?!

      So, unless you see the rest of the herd "changing," you're not gonna change, either. Yeah. That's impeccable logic. "Baaahhhd" logic!

      Marco Rubio at the RNC: "We chose more government instead of more freedom."

      So about those differences between the two parties . . . maybe you should put down that glass of Kool-Aid and walk away from that punch bowl . . .

  11. Helga says:

    At least we stand a chance with Romney/Ryan. With Obama's re-election we will definitely go off the cliff. The middle class in the US up until now was the largest and most affluent in the world and was emulated by those in other countries. Even red China wanted some of that. With Obama re-elected the middle class will be crushed. His goal is to make us a socialist country. You do that by increasing debt and annihilating the middle class. His associations, past and present, and ideology support that. Plus he's been endorsed by the American Communist Party. Think you can live on $20-30/mo as they do in Cuba? Only 5% own cars and most of those are 40 yrs old. Heck, we spend just on cable, smart phones, tablets, fun and games in a month what the Cubans make in a yr! And what's a vacation? Don't believe the crap about their "wonderful" healthcare. I know from people who've seen it.If it's so great why did Fidel go to Spain for surgery? Want the business or home you worked for to be handed to some socialist slacker? We need to scrape up every vote to keep Obama from getting re-elected or we're doomed. Most of his supporters are freeloaders and socialists. They're not going to rest or stop until they're totally in control. Most Americans have no idea what it's like to live under socialism/communism. My parents did–that's why they fled to the US after the Soviets invaded their country.

    • GrayCat says:

      Exactly what chance are you talking about? We're going off the cliff right now, in case you haven't noticed. And have you actually considered the Romney-Ryan economic plan? Exactly how will that mirage benefit anyone, even 30 years from now, when it's supposed to finally kick in?

      Is it possible that one can be so blind as to not see that the token for the machine has two sides, but it's the same piece of tin?

      News flash: the American Communist Party is not objecting to Romney-Ryan, either.

      Did you miss Marco Rubio's comment that "We chose more government instead of more liberty" in his speech at the RNC Convention?

      Does no one understand the significance of that admission? What about that isn't fascist, socialist, communist, totalitarian?

      Please, someone, explain to me the differences again between the DNC and the RNC and their candidates. I wanna know!

      And then please explain to me why, if you're SO AFRAID of "socialism" and "communism," you colluded with those political parties to shut out the ONLY candidate that really was for freedom and economic prosperity. Please explain exactly how you were THREATENED by him and his championing of YOUR freedom.

      So have your parents found the liberties and freedoms they thought they would here? I hear in what you wrote that they have not, but what they have is also threatened here!

    • reunion says:

      helga…the middle class has been hollow, since the 70's (& was on its way to hollow since '13, at least, when the bankers finally got control) – that it has been expanding like a freakish gmo gourd (complete with valves to accept regular blasts of compressed air) is not due to health, is no sign of health.

      the obama frontmen are continuation & extension of all the "administrations" that came before them, as will the romney fronts be, if they are installed. central banking & keynesianism did not arrive with obama.

      all voting does is legitimize, to uncritical observers, the process that has taken things to where they now stand.

      voting is immoral, a violation of natural law, & a cowardly one, at that (contracting with 3rd party thugs to commit criminal acts "on your behalf"). karma has a better ring to it than blowback, but actions have consequences, soon or late…(its late, now).

      voting, & the bowing to "authority" & scraping for 'bennies' (benefits & benzedrine – speed/amphetamine) it symbolizes, got this mess…voting will not clean up this mess.

      • GrayCat says:

        Exactly right.

        Thank you once again, reunion.

        It's astonishing people have no idea what a right really is.

        If people really cared about what is right, they would have to stand on the "Zero Aggression Principle": NO ONE should initiate harm against another, or delegate doing so to others."

        If your aim is to escape one set of harmful delegates, because they are harming you, only to get to delegate harm against others yourself, what is it REALLY at the core of your beliefs?

        • reunion says:

          you're welcome, but…if voting is merely a legitimizing symbol for criminal aggression, how does voting for rp become an exception, theoretically or practically?

          • GrayCat says:

            A tool of self-defense against the very state attacking us.

            Do you see RP as continuing the status quo, or the beginning of the end for Leviathan?

            I see him as the latter. Since the vote is granted under this system, however futile it may be, however complicit with the state it is, still it's another means to effect freedom, however small and fleeting. It's more than what we have now, and voting for RP was more than anything else offered or have access to now.

            I agree that voting is futile. Yet genuine hope, and a deliberate attempt to use their tools against them, even just in my own mind, is worth it.

            You know, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

            With RP out of the picture, of course there is no reason to vote for anyone or anything, simply because none of them is and nothing else is RP and his stand for liberty and freedom.

            And it has been through him that many of us have finally had our eyes opened and come to understand the greatest threat to freedom and liberty, human life and integrity, is the state, embodied in its most inglorious ignominy in the "two party system."

            RP is not and never has been a legitimizing symbol for criminal aggression, which is why he is feared and shut out by the R-Party. He always has been the exception to the rule, plainly demonstrating he is no theoretical construct, but in fact a practical reality.

            I came very late to "the party." But when I came to it, I knew that the ONLY reason I'd ever vote again was for RP.

  12. topeka says:


    Another great column.

    Met Sebelius during her campaign for governor. She practically assaulted my middle child with reproductive rights and inappropriate comments coming from a stranger to a tween child. When my mother interjected herself, Sebelius gave the usual lines about letting the girl decide for herself. (Decide what, she was twelve.) Still refusing to be shaken loose, my mother dragged me into the conversation, and I informed her that as a junior state executive I had no business speaking to a candidate. Everything to lose and nothing to gain. I had to repeat myself several times to make the pest go away.

    Sebelius admitted she was an organizer and an activist against the "Hitler" who was running against her. She wore a button identifying herself as a member of an Acorn front group. She admitted it – it was not a secret, or something she was ashamed of – she described Acorn as an umbrella akin to United Way helping the Masses Fight the Man.

    When she won; she immediately displayed the DIFFERENCES B/W THE R'S AND THE D'S. Unlike the R's who only replace the top appointees – her operatives rearranged our whole department inc. career civil servants. The damage done to the agency is permanent – and were I gov of KS, I would have to massively reorg the place regardless of the rules to restore the original functions. But sure enuf; the agency started pumping out Left-wing Agitprop based on fraudulent/scurrilous data.

    • topeka says:

      In the decade since, I was not surprised to see this baby killer fanatic rise to the White House. She knows nothing about the economy, health, medicine, epidemiology, safety, the environment, or anything else beyond the bumper stickers and the flip cards on the Left's agenda.

      Her impact on our agency was to marginalize our scientists and engineers, defund our research projects, redirect our grants from small agencies and towns (including women's shelters!!) to pet projects in the Lefty strongholds – all the while supporting outrageous education and welfare spending in the western part of the state.

      Now seriously – I do not mind paying for illegal kids to get educated – but to blow hundreds of millions of dollars in a tiny state like KS on swimming pools, new cafeterias, and $100k+ salaries for administrators to teach the racist agitprop that passes for edumacation these days – that I object to.

      Sebelius was a disaster for KS; as she has been for HHS. Nothing more than an operative of the Left.

      People like Sebelius destroy their opposition – in office she wiped out the ppl who knew their science and replaced them with operatives and drones who repeated the mantras, but understood nothing about physics, chemistry, biology, or medicine, much less engineering. You may not like bureaucrats – but would you rather argue with a guy who knows what a Periodic Table is – or a 26 yo blond who "knows" YOU are a Homophobe?

      Think about it!

      • Alice In Wonderland says:

        "You may not like bureaucrats – but would you rather argue with a guy who knows what a Periodic Table is – or a 26 yo blond who “knows” YOU are a Homophobe?"

        I'd much rather not have to argue with a parasitic bureaucrat at all.

        Moreover, I'd like to see government "bureaucrats" become truly productive members of a free market by going out and applying for a job in the real economy thereby discontinuing their part in the collectivist cycle in which “the bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy".

        The good news for freedom lovers like myself is that the ballooning bureaucracy is about to reach its final Kafkaesque phase whereupon the funding rubber receives the budget needle and the balloon then goes PoP……..

        When your gov-check finally bounces, Topeka, good luck in the real economy after the collapse. And don't let the coerced-taxpayer-funded door hit you on your bureaucratic backside on the way out of whatever bureaucratic-wealth-redistribution center you currently work in.

      • reunion says:

        your agency, topeka? why am i not surprised? the gangland turf war is very personal, to you. in some contexts blatant conflict of interest & recusation is, at least theoretically, a given. you're a tax-eater, complaining about other tax-eaters, under color of principle, not a producer.

        there are two fundamentally opposed means whereby man, requiring sustenance, is impelled to obtain the necessary means for satisfying his desires. these are work and robbery, one’s own labor and the forcible appropriation of the labor of others… i propose in the following discussion to call one’s own labor and the equivalent exchange of one’s own labor for the labor of others, the “economic means” for the satisfaction of needs, while the unrequited appropriation of the labor of others will be called the “political means.

        ~ franz oppenheimer

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