Robert Ringer

The Government’s Game of Phony Issues

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

News flash:  The government and the media are engaged in a giant game of recycling and hyping the same old, worn-out, phony issues for those who are inclined to take them seriously.  Some examples:

  • Something must be done to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.  We must impose tougher sanctions.  We must enter into more talks with them.  We must let them know how much we love them.  The truth:  Iran, like Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, and other nasty nation-states will have nuclear weapons — lots of them.
  • We must have more Mideast peace talks so Israelis and Islamists will learn to like each other and live side by side in peace.  The truth:  There will never be permanent peace between the Israelis and Islamists.  Do you really need more than 4,000 years of history to be convinced of that?
  • We must crack down on illegal immigrants, even as our presidential imposter issues an executive order to effectively give amnesty to 800,000 of their children and files lawsuits to help them become permanent residents.  The truth:  All illegal immigrants will become citizens of the United States, just as Ted Kennedy envisioned when he authored the Immigration Reform Act in 1965.  It’s just a matter of time.
  • How will the Supreme Court rule on Obamacare?  The truth:  It doesn’t matter.  In time, we will have universal healthcare — far more extensive than Obamacare — regardless of how the Supreme Court rules.
  • Then there’s the never-ending G-20 summit meetings.  It’s enough to make one bite his fingernails to the quick.  The truth:  It doesn’t matter how many summit talks member nations have, they’re all going to go broke anyway.
  • And the question of whether or not Eric Holder will be held in contempt of Congress is more anxiety than I can bear.  Or will he actually (Gasp!) be forced to resign?  Shame on you if you’re wondering why no one ever talks about criminal indictments for nonelected government hacks who violate the law and thumb their nose at Congress.  The truth:  It’s all a game, which is why Holder will continue to stall and make a mockery of Congress’ investigations.

The list of phony issues that cause the media to constantly wring their hands — issues that are intended to keep comatose Americans enraptured — is endless.  But the truth is that the outcomes of these overhyped yawners are already known.

It’s akin to a perpetually recycled reality TV show — pure entertainment for those who believe Ice Road Truckers and The Celebrity Apprentice are real life.  The idea is to distract Mr. and Mrs. America from the issues that politicians will do anything to avoid.

Many men and women come to Washington with sincere intentions to roll back big government, lower taxes, get rid of federal agencies and employees, free the U.S. of its dependency on foreign oil by utilizing our natural resources, “reform” entitlements, and, above all, get the government to abide by the Constitution.  But few of them get very far without becoming entranced by the hissing allure of the government serpent that urges them to take a bite of the government apple.

And once they bite, they find, to their dismay, that it’s rotten to the core.  By that time it’s too late, so they end up embracing the corruptocrats on Capitol Hill and joining in the handwringing over the same phony entertainment issues we see day in and day out.

Now, if the government and the media ever wanted to look into a really serious issue, they could start by asking why no one has ever been allowed to see the original of Barack Obama’s birth certificate — or even his college papers.  But don’t hold your breath.  The Beltway Country Club feels much more comfortable talking about G-20 summits and never-ending Mideast peace talks.

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0 Responses to “The Government’s Game of Phony Issues”

  1. Pete DiOrio says:

    I believe Thomas Jefferson prescribed a solution to all of this.

  2. Peggy says:

    Wish I hadn't read that. I'm really depressed now.

  3. Ken Okko says:

    Hey Peggy – Sometimes it depresses people when the truth and the facts are depressing. Everything that the combined DeeemonCrap-Repugnant Establishment Liberal Socialist welfare-WARfare New World-One World Govt-promoting Big Govt. Party in Washington today does is depressing. We need to kick out their Keynesian-way of thinking [or, at least, acting] and return to Austrian-school honesty the way we were in the beginning. Back when we were still a practicing REPUBLIC. Ron Paul has the idea. IMO U No Who

  4. reunion says:

    that's one magical apple. a honorable person gets a mouthful of "rotten apple", s/he spits it out – every time (they don't "convert").

    carrion eaters, otoh, are attracted to decay.

  5. Jack Settles says:

    This has been going on for time immemoriam. Spell that if you can.

    I don't think it will end until we have a complete replacement of everybody in congress. And the whitehouse. We ARE in charge. We need to take notice.

    • GrayCat says:

      The core error of your thinking, and why we can't get rid of the Serpent of State is that you believe we NEED rulers.


      If "WE" are truly in charge, who else can or should be?

      I don't need rulers.

      Why do you?

  6. Be Free-Man says:

    Indeed, the reality is that it's a sh!t sandwich that the citizenry is being force-fed.

    The good news is that freedom is only a second passport away. Having multiple citizenship allows the holder to vote with his feet.

  7. Bullwink33 says:

    Seems we do but the less than 1% who think are overwhelmed by the "nothin' can be done…..everybody does it crowd"

    50% takin' a handout ! you wanna be stoned to death ?

    why work when you don't have to ?

    How can you intelligently process accurate information if you really just want a beer ?(can't)

    Just block it out, cell phone,I thing,video games, Baseball, Trucks other manly things,

    And Dammit I missed OPrah's show w/ the Kardashian family, what's Snooki doin' ?

    Why do you think the most squirrels per square mile are in DC

    That's where the nuts are !

    Obummers illegal thing, well now they can vote for their savior !

    If we have a depressed blogger all is lost here, emotions dominate liberal thought, facts are just facts, can be pretty useful comared to the alternative

    "The Lady Protests too much Methinks "

  8. Judith says:

    Well, since I have already read Obama's real birth certificate from Kenya, watched in horror Holder getting away with allowing the set up of the death of our own border agent, and most likely getting away with it, Moocher Michelle's extravagant vacations on the tax dollars of her American "black people" she supposedly cares so much about, her husband spending half of his presidency pandering for millions of dollars for his early retirement, while not doing one thing with his millions to help feed starving people in his father's beloved Kenya, bend over at the wast to Islamic and/ or fascist dictators in front of the entire world, pander to illegal aliens, and throw unborn babies under the bus and an impotent Congress and Senate talk and talk and do little, I am perplexed that we are still standing. He has made sure we are nothing to look up to and why is it our legislative branches can do nothing? We won't stop the Middle East from imploding, and we can only hope Israel saves us, and the next time around we get enough non-corruptocrats to do some good.If this administration is not voted out by the people of this country, move to Canada.

    • GrayCat says:

      Why do we need anyone in any administration at all?

      It's not "their" fault. It's OURS for allowing others to rule us.

      Simple as that.

      Moving to Canada is merely an anesthetic. Staying under it long enough will end you just as surely as staying in the U.S.

      It's not about Obama. It's about why anyone thinks Repub or Demo is necessary in the first place.


      I don't need someone else — YOU, through "elected officials" — telling me what decisions I must make and how.

      Why do you?

  9. Ron says:

    The solution is rather simple, our republic must undergo a transformational change, back to the original documents with part-time patriotic representatives that were inspired to serve their fellow citizens of the whole nation. A nation that revered god, its borders, its currency and non-corrupt banking system while raising and educating its young that they live in the greatest sovereign country with opportunity for all without divisive influence of major media and lately even the top office holder in the land.

    Too much me-ism has resulted in far too little free-ism. Divided we stand today and anyone daring to stand up, stand out and tell it like it is is quickly written off by the media as a crack pot. At least we are still standing, but unless we can coalesce into americans without the prefixes, it will not be for much longer. As one buffalo cannot cause a stampede like a single minded group, so each freedom is snuffed out as we look upon and ask if anything will be done. Sovereign states are not welcome in the new world order and neither are free thinkers or patriots.

    The two party system has to be scrapped with a multi party system put into place. The major two play a game together and ensure that the citizens continue to lose.

    Cash for Clunkers should have been termed Take from the Other Guy without him being able to notice or if he does, able to do anything about it. This term can be applied to most all of the social, environemntal and regulation programs l

    • GrayCat says:

      Uhhh . . . are you FOR or AGAINST individualism — individual freedoms, liberty, and rights?

      It's hard to tell from what you wrote.

      "The whole nation" is anti-individualist. Only persons can have freedom, rights, and liberty, and that isn't given by any founding document. Those ill-penned founding documents are what gave birth to this whole nightmare.

      As I've asked of others here: why do you believe we need rulers? Are you, as an individual, so lost and alone and unable to decide for yourself how best to live your own life, that you need rulers above you to do it for you? And of course, you must pay one way or the other for the privilege.

      I don't.

      Why do you?

      The PROBLEM is outside, state/government collective, "single-minded" rule of "us" versus SELF-government.

      The only way to avoid being stripped of your freedoms, liberties, and rights is to allow them to be stripped from you in nice, civilized political elections, agreeing to abide by the final collective say. Handing over your individual self to your "betters" is to admit you cannot live your own life and therefore you do not exist. "Take from the Other Guy" is WHAT governments — ALL of them — do.

      Why do you want that?

      What else is necessary besides the three basic laws of non-aggression, non-theft, non-fraud?

  10. topeka says:


    Once again, another excellent column…

    … if only it were not true – it might be funny…

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