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The problem is not Obama. It is us.

By Robert Ringer - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

According to Rasmussen Reports, Mitt Romney is now ahead in eleven swing states, all of which were won by Obama in 2008. These include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The Rasmussen survey also revealed that 46 percent of swing state voters are “certain” they will vote for Romney and will not change their minds, while 40 percent are certain they will vote for Obama.

This is good news for those who want the Duplicitous Despot booted out of the White House at any cost, but there is also reason for libertarians and constitutional conservatives to be discouraged as well: Four out of every ten Americans are prepared to support Obama to the bitter end! Who in the hell are these people?

Worse, a Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll found that Obama is still viewed as “more likeable, more eloquent and more empathetic” than Romney by wide margins.

Meaning that millions of Americans still have no idea that we have a Stalinist in our midst who is successfully carrying out the dreams of his father to bring America down to the level of Third World countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Please, let’s get real here. Obama is not likeable; he’s mean-spirited. Obama is not eloquent; sans his mainstream act, he talks with a thug dialect. Obama is not empathetic; he’s a classic narcissist who has no feelings for anyone but himself.

So even if MittMan wins in November, the polls show that 40-50 percent of Americans will remain in an intellectual coma and demand that artificial prosperity be revved up in America. And rest assured that Romney will not do anything major to reverse the winding down of America as an economic superpower.

However, as I have stated before, he will tinker around the edges enough to juice up the animal spirits of the nation’s entrepreneurs. And that, in turn, will bring more false prosperity to the restless natives who worship the God of Fun.

It’s a false prosperity that could last anywhere from one to four years, depending on myriad factors. But the national debt will continue to grow, the debt ceiling will continue to be raised, and there will be no serious attempt to cut back on entitlement programs.

That said … sure … by all means, let’s get rid of Commie Obammie. But only after that is accomplished will the real challenge begin, because the problem is not Obama. Obama is a symptom of the problem. To paraphrase Pogo, the problem is us.

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60 Responses to “The problem is not Obama. It is us.”

  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious truth that absolutely no one else will utter.

    • Reddirtokie says:

      I agree. However, Robert is using a paraphrase that many people don't know. Pogo was an opossum that lived in a Georgia swamp and the interactions of the characters was funny but oh so true. I believe the full quote from Pogo is "I have met the enemy and he is us."

  2. LibertyBoy says:

    Robert. You think libertarians and constitutional conservatives are voting for Romney? Only those who are pusillanimous and unprincipled will vote for Romney. The rest of us are "certainly" voting for Johnson.

    • LibertyBoy says:

      Let me expand. IF you've been (and still are) voting R and/or D and you expect different results, the problem is you.

      • flamechasere1 says:

        I'm not expecting different results. There's still not enough of us to get Johnson in. I guess I'm just trying to prolong the demise of the U.S. Romney is not much better than BHO. He will slow the process of becoming a socialist country though. I hope) If Johnson or Ron Paul could have been elected, I think he would have been taken out like the Kennedy's.

      • RLR says:

        Not to put too fine a point on this response but voting ideologically for a candidate that at best will garner less than10% of the vote is insuring another term for the current occupant of the White House. So yes the problem is you!

    • flamechasere1 says:

      I would love to vote for Johnson, but I want the communist (socialist) out more. There's just not enough of us to get Johnson in and I don't want to pull votes away from Mittman if he can get elected. He's the lesser of 2 evils. Just like the last election.

      • Hillfarmer says:

        But he is still evil. I will not vote for evil. If you vote for Romney he and the Republican elite will think you love him and they will continue to give you candidates you believe (perhaps falsely) are a lessor evil.

        Freedom loving people give the Republicans fair warning, "…nominate Paul or lose our vote," Now if we bow down and worship their progressive big government candidate and vote for him we join them in a lack of integrity.

    • blh557 says:

      Then I hope you will "certainly" accept the second reign of the Obamao… Yeah, and thanks for diluting MY vote.

      • LibertyBoy says:

        Really, I've diluted YOUR vote? Prove how that works. (This should be entertaining.)

        • LibertyBoy says:

          HHere's the simple 'rithmetic problem for those who say a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama: Willard has 10¢. Barry has 10¢. Gary has 10¢. I have 10¢. I give my 10¢ to Gary. Gary now has 20¢. How much do Willard and Barry have? (If you answered anything other than the 10¢ each had originally, please repeat the 2nd grade and try again.)

          • Wake up America! says:

            I used to think that way too LibertyBoy…and then I woke up and realized the only way to beat the traitor is to throw more votes at Romney. It is the ONLY way! If everyone else is giving their 10 cents to Obama and we don't give to Romney but to someone else…Obama will come out ahead. Rethink your analysis!! Before it's too late!

          • LibertyBoy says:

            I guess I'm unwilling to cross over to the pusillanimous side.

          • Stinger51 says:

            Your logic has a huge flaw. The actual totals are: Romney has 49c, Obama 47c and Johnson has 2c. And you have one vote = 1c. So, if you give your 1c to Johnson, here is how things now stand:

            Romney has 49c, Obama 47c and Johnson now has 3c. Whooptie doo!

            Much as we would all like to pretend that giving your 1c to Johnson will result in him having 50c, that's pure fantasy. A vote for Johnson is NOT going to get Obama-Soetoro out of the White House.

          • rockdoc01 says:

            You are a moron. You assume that all three parties have the same amount to start with – wrong. In reality Willard has 10, Barry has 10, and Gary has 2. Then you assume you have 10 and consider there is no one else. There are millions of others who have the same as you -1. The key is to get them to put their penny in the same basket or more in one of the baskets than any of the other two. It is not simple arithmetic, it is persuasion of a majority of millions of people to vote for a particular candidate and some will not be persuaded one way or the other. It is us as Robert said.

    • Satir says:

      Unrelentingly stupid.

    • jack says:

      LibertyBoy – you're an idiot, a moron of the highest degree. The goal is to rid ourselves of this maniac in the Oval, not to remain intellectually pure. The enemy of the good is perfection and your attitude smakes of a moralistic perfectionist. Add one more catagory to Robert's list of problems – you and your ilk….

      • reunion says:

        hmmm…an intellectually pure idiot AND moron. i guess that's what "highest degree" refers to.

        all work & no play makes jack a dull boy ; repeat; repeat; repeat… which perfection disdaining good did you choose, jack, in "the shining"? you chose the authoritarian "overlook", then, & you are choosing it still. whose the maniac?

        (& an amoral – at best – pragmatist)

    • D Towers says:

      Who on earth is “Johnno”??!!

  3. Jim Hallett says:

    Indeed, the sickness – the inherent problem in the republic – is with US, or at least any of us who justify "progressive" garbage thinking that has assaulted us since Teddy in 1901. Stealing is always immoral, a monopoly of force and coercion are always immoral, so one cannot justify any of the govt. programs, agencies, or laws – NONE of them! The State is still the largest murderer, thief, and obstacle to freedom. SS/Medicare/Medicaid are Ponzi schemes and taking that money is wrong, no matter how one tries to justify it. Obama is pathetic, but the real choice is NOT on the ballot. VOTE NO on Nov. 6th, and do not endorse EVIL – the State is always EVIL!!!!

  4. Andrew McDermot says:

    If you vote for someone other than Mitt Romney you are just giving Obama a better chance to win. I know you think you are trying to make a statement, but guess what, it does not matter. The winner is either going to be Mitt Romney or Obama, period. Do the country a favor and vote Romney in order to rid the White House of Obama's social regime. Please, put the country ahead of your superfluous crusade.

    • LibertyBoy says:

      Before I vote for Romney, please tell me your favorite part of the so-called "Patriot Act" which Romney supports.

    • bitterclinger says:

      So you want me to vote for a "conservative"who;
      1} wrote ObamaCare
      2}loves gun control laws
      3}flip-flops on abortion
      4}thinks humans are causing global warming
      5}is responsible for sending thousands of jobs overseas
      6}loves the idea of arming Al Queda… who we supposedly have been fighting for a decade

    • Jim Hallett says:

      This is just what the Statists want you to believe – that there are only two choices. That is why govt. continues to grow at astronomical portions (regardless of who wins the White House), stealing and coercion go unabated, and the U.S. continues to murder innocents abroad and bully everyone into following their agenda. The State has always been evil, and you cannot justify any moral stance with maintaining an institution that uses a monopoly of force to steal, coerce, murder and lie. The nation-state model is collapsing all over the world (thankfully!), but we will never experience freedom by just continuing to look at short-term "lesser-of-two-evils" choices. How will Romney be good for the country? He WILL NOT be good at all, and yes, Obama is horrible, but why would I endorse someone who will continue to murder innocents abroad, increase the deficit, maintain the evil Federal Reserve, institute more govt. regulations, support coercive govt. intrusion into personal affairs, and be another tool of Big Money Special Interests (which Obama is, too, despite his crap about only caring for poor or middle class folks, which he cares nothing about – only himself and his power!). NO THANK YOU!!

      • Andrew McDermot says:

        I understand where you are coming from but between Mitt Romney's business success, and Paul Ryan's incredible intelligence for smart government, I believe in them. Mitt Ryan is NOT going to increase the deficit. Mitt Romney said on his first day of the job he will fire Ben Bernenke and his money printing terror. He actually talks ALL THE TIME about less government regulations. This isn't some lawyer or bred politician. This is a business man, and he knows first hand that more government regulations are bad. You have no idea if he supports big money either. All of your claims are purely based on mistrust of the past government. We need people who believe in the country, and i truly believe Mitt Romney and especially Paul Ryan. THANK YOU!

        • reunion says:

          <bred politician
          his father was gov of MI (& before that, chairman/ceo of american motors…).

          <fire Ben Bernenke
          a name change at the fed: empty symbolic gesture.

          <based on mistrust of the past government
          which the record supports, & which leaves nothing to support the cognitive bias (distortion) called "optimism".

          < need people who believe in the country…i truly believe Mitt Romney and especially Paul Ryan

          air, water, food, shelter – needs. everything else – wants. wants. wants characterized as "beliefs" (mystically, magically amped up wants) are typically some sort of compulsion, often compensatory in nature. liberty expansively obtains needs & wants, & authoritarianism constrains, contracts & denies needs & wants.

          what you are really asking for is more "authority", please…more of the same.

      • reunion says:

        statists want you to believe there is only one choice, actually. and most of you do believe it. as in, "oh what a state we'd all be in if it weren't for the state!"

        status: state! stat! status quo ante……lol

  5. OpenedEyes says:

    Like yourself, I am also surprised that so many people are willing to support Obama. But I am more surprised that so many people are willing to support Romney. Yes – the problem is the voters. They are mesmerized into supporting the monopoly candidates, even it means supporting the bloated government monopoly that has killed America.

    • LibertyBoy says:

      I'm convinced that there are no Romney supporters, only those scared shirtless of Obama.

    • coachg says:

      You can't be serious….You've got a commie marxist anti american in the office and you are surprised that Romney is barely ahead of the Messiah?
      True conservatives have got to keep working from the inside out…the tea party folks cannot let up. We need constitutional conservatives elected to the senate the house and in local government….
      Like the left is unrelenting…Conservative have got to gain the same resolve or we are our finger in the dam.
      Job one is getting the radical out of the white house.

  6. Mike Rael says:

    Well, I have long said that the problem is that 40-50% of the country follow Obama with a kind of adoration that shrugs aside problems.I suspect that the word "Communist" will not mean much to those folks. Stalinist? Isn't that going a bit far? Stalin killed millions of his own people. Obama hasn't done that, nor do I see evidence that he would do that.
    I do agree with you, though, that Romney's debate would catch fire were he to suggest that Obama's economic problems were deliberate! i recall Romney's taunting of Obama for subsidizing losers. But what if he presented facts and figures to the effect that Obama *wanted* to pick losers? What else could possibly account for his rejection of the Canadian pipeline through the US? I'll never forget when Obama gave all kinds of money to various banks. Then a middle-sized bank that handled many businesses asked for help–and was promptly denied. I predicted that would happen, on the grounds that helping that particular bank actually *would* have helped a number of local economies!!
    Robert, you call Obama "mean spirited." What is your evidence?
    You call him a Communist, for that matter. What is your evidence?
    If you are convinced that all your negatives about Obama are simple truths, why not write a book about it quickly? Publish it as an ebook over Kindle?

    • coachg says:

      Nikita Kruchchev…pardon my spelling…said. That the communists would take down America without firing a single shot…
      No Obummer is not a murderer but he is apart of the undermining of America…and that is the most dangerous of all evils.

    • philip says:

      You must be kidding. You can not see what he's doing? Deliberate effort to ruin the country. No one could possibly make the decisions he makes unintentionally. They are not good for your family or children.There's a design there….look for it. Change the way you see things and the things you see will change. This man is out to ruin the country. That's your kids who will suffer the most.
      YOUR Children. For God's sake….Wake up man.

    • Jenni Arnold says:

      Thank you Mike. Until now, Robert was one who was admired by me for many years until these recent comments. He once was a very logical and realistic truthful individual. That does not seem to be the case any longer, which is so very unfortunate. 'Mean spirited" with no evidence transforms into HATE. Communist with no evidence is also HATE. There were a great deal of people who nver believed they could HATE until the day of an American President named Pres. Barack Obama. There does not have to be any evidence anymore. Just HATED. No evidence will ever be needed for that. It is just so very sad.

  7. Bilbo says:

    I think Robert Ringer's post is an excellent description of the situation. May God save us from our own folly.

  8. Alice In Wonderland says:

    The problem is Big Bird(s)

    Yes, really.

    Voting adults shouldn't have the underdeveloped mentality of Big Bird, and they shouldn't look like an obese Big Bird either, yet many do. It's pathetic.

    Here's the really sad part, Big Bird has become emblematic of the Democratic party because a large segment of the party is economically illiterate and, therefore, highly susceptible to demagoguery. Demagoguery and identity politics are driving an electorate who are, in turn, looking and acting more and more like Big Bird, himself, except they are much more militant. Big Bird has become an excellent representation of the ignorant masses (aka Bird brain boobus americanus) who buy into Obama's kind of simple-minded, economic demagoguery.

  9. Reality Seeker says:

    Big Bird, Big Brother and Big Spending…….

    A closer look at Big Bird and company reveals they received a million dollars in stimulus money on top of the millions they received in ancillary funding though the government support of PBS. The CEO of Sesame Street, as far as I can tell, receives nearly a million dollars annually. On the other hand, the president earns a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment. So, the CEO of Sesame Street earns more than the President: why is that? Furthermore, "Sesame Street’ has earned hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps, up to a billion dollars or more from toy and consumer product sales, they have hedge fund investments, 289 million in reported assets, yet they still get a government check.

    I think somebody needs to ask Micky, Goofy, Donald duck, The Cat in The Hat, The Cheshire Cat and many other hard working capitalists how they feel about Obama feathering Big Birds' nest by redistributing their hard earned money and obligating them even further by borrowing capital from China.

  10. Smucko says:

    Yes, the problem is us, but the solution is the one group that keeps their heads down and their hands out — Congress. THEY are your elected officials who are supposed to represent the views and values of their constituents, and they do that very well. If all that they hear are shouts of "Bring us more stuff!", "There ought to be a law ….", "Not in my backyard!", and "God just wants me to be happy.", then they give the people what they want in order to get re-elected. It doesn't hurt that the loudest voices also have the deepest pockets.
    Your Congress has given up their constitutional duties by 1) passing legislation that they don't read or understand, and then tell unelected bureaucrats at the IRS, EPA, Health and Services, etc. to "interpret" the law and write the regulations, 2) confirming liberal judges that fool the Congressmen into thinking that they are moderate or conservative, and 3) allow Presidents to declare war and rule by Executive Order. I agree with Judge Napolitano, who said that Congress is acting like a potted plant.
    The American voter has got to stop giving the Congressmen a free pass during elections, and believing that if they can just get the right White Knight in the Oval Office, that he will straighten everything out. Benevolent Dictators are hard to find.
    Have you asked yourself how did our election system get so stagnant that 43 of the 50 states are already decided for the Presidency, and about 97% of Congressional incumbents win re-election?
    It is time to change the water in the pot.

  11. Pat says:

    Obama has Marxist tendencies no matter how you look at it. Obamacare being the prime example. It doesn't matter whether or not you see it or admit it. That's the way it is,period. Selfishness as Robert has said many times is all this boils down to. All these chickens running around with excuses and reasons and nuances and clarifications and calling someone else a liar ad infinitum are nothing but selfish greedy little people trying to satisfy their own empty feelings. We simply have 40% of the population that just can't think past their own short noses. There is no mystery here. There is no hard to understand secret. There are only spoiled little mindless brats that want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. "For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible." Everything is rocket science to a lieberal and everything reduces down to a simple principle for a conservative.

  12. Scott says:

    Each of us, individually, must look in the mirror and ask; "am I part of the problem?"

    To some extent most of us, not only 40%, have been, or are, on the receiving end of government largesse. Until each of us makes the decision to resist the tempation placed brfore us, not much will change.

  13. Eric says:

    I continually startled by the fact that people are blind to what is at the root of the current economic woos of the US. It is greed. Greed by those who took rediculous gambles while telling the government to stay out of their business, that is until their greed came back to bite them and then they became too be to fail hand their hand out like every welfare recipient they say is at the root of our economic problems. It's the greed of our politicians, from both parties, that have been spending like drunken sailors and raiding Social Security like a common criminal robs the corner convenience store. It's the greed of people who think they are owed, at both ends of the economic system, that don't want a level playing field but one tilted in their favor.

    So yes "WE" are the problem because we keep voting them back into office. So stop thinking one party is to blame and the other will fix it all. The evidence, not the emotionally charged dogma, shows that we have become the country we fought a revolutionary war to break away from and both parties are equally to blame. As outlined in the Federalist Papers, this country will need to go through a revolution every 100-200 years or so. Hopefully a peaceful one, but a revolution none the less. We the people have in our immediate grasp the ability to conduct a peaceful revolution. It's called voting. By simply voting out all incumbents until they again start doing the work of the people we can united in a peaceful, non-partisan, revolution.

  14. Dee says:

    So basically, you will be okay with another four years of Obama? Because that's what happens when people get sucked into 'third party' candidates. Thanks a lot. That's how we got Clinton.

  15. Joan says:

    "Who the hell are these people?"
    I can only guess they are
    1) the ones who never cracked open an economics book, slept through the class, or just couldn't wrap their brains around basic concepts. What annoys me to no end are the MBAs, MHAs, etc., who cut their teeth on that stuff and yet still think the progressives are wonderful. Yuk!
    2) the flaming liberals, liberal Catholics, etc. (like me when I was a kid) who think they're helping the poor in America with their incessant belief that the government is a benevolent entity made up of benevolent workers who have only the best of intentions toward the less fortunate. Again, an Econ 101 class is badly needed here because they just don't get the connection between a thriving free market economy and FEWER people being poor!
    I've always tried to talk to others about this; I think I'm getting through to more people than I used to. (Must be my elderliness.) I am not an economist, but I've certainly read/listened to enough works by those who are to be more articulate now than I used to be!

  16. Phil says:

    Amen Robert. Let us pray. And hope. Not much the ordinary guy can do other than this. Prepare, of course, to the extent possible.

  17. reunion says:

    once more, with conviction….

    "sadly, the idea still terrifies a lot of people, who still imagine a world forcibly controlled by politicians would be more safe & civilized than a world inhabited by free human beings exercising free will & individual judgement. the fact is that those people who put their faith in "government" to make things work, though they are by far the majority, & though they may mean well, ARE THE PROBLEM. as a result of their indoctrination into the cult of "authority", they continue to believe & push the profoundly insane idea that the only road to peace, justice & harmonious civilization comes from constant widespread coercion & forcible "government" controls, perpetual oppression & enslavement done in the name of "law", & the sacrificing of free will & morality at the altar of domination & blind obedience. as harsh as that may sound, that is the basis of ALL belief in "government". ~ larken rose

    got that? all pogo possums & pheasantry out there…you're the "we" & the "us".

    All around the pheasant coop,
    The possum chased the weasel.
    The possum stopped to pull out his glock,
    Pop! goes the weasel. ♪ ♫ ♪
    now reverse. either way, the self-flattering pheasants platter themselves. possum & weasel chow, ya'll.

    ringnecks & nooses…tsk, tsk, tsk……

    Harry Callahan: Well, we're not just gonna let you walk out of here.
    Crook: Who'se we sucka?
    Harry Callahan: [slowly drawing his .44 Magnum] Smith and Wesson… and me.

  18. Teri says:

    This is the way I look at it. You can vote for Obama and half of your check is going to go to him. and if you vote for Romney half of your check is going to go to him. Or you could vote for Johnson and you keep more of your check. Your choose.

  19. J. Kenney says:

    For some years now, I have been calling it, “democracism.” But I never have heard the term repeated.

  20. John Hunter says:

    It is mind boggling at how many will blindly vote for the despot.

    Those same ones, would support Hitler if they could be transported back in time to the 30′s in Germany. And those same ones would

    fall for the Anti-Christ if he were to come on the scene today.

    Those people don’t have an inkling of what the lying Muslim usurping the office of the President is.

    Because of those who honored God, we have been the most fortunate, and blessed people n history. But now that the majority have forgotten God, it is over.

    The evil Demoncratic party is God’s judgement on America.

    • reunion says:

      photokeratitis (snow blindness)
      votokeratitis (vote blindness…a votive, offered in vain, to a saint, secular, or otherwise…)

      to quickly un-boggle your mind, John, read over Milgram's obedience (to "authority") experiment. he devised his experiment in an effort to understand "the" german peoples' obedience to hitler, but he conducted the experiment in '61 america. punchline: ain't no difference between (at least 2/3'rds) of americans & hitlerian germans.

      inculcated obedience to "authority" is the wellspring of the 'banality of evil' (hannah arendt). if you are a voter (in political "elections"), you are banal……

  21. Sean St Charles says:

    For those of you against third party candidates need to realize that the American people for years have been wanting more to choose from. They are tired of being forced to pick between two dimwits and even though there are at least three other presidential candidates, they are not allowed to debate in the presidential elections. The reason: because they do not have a reasonable chance. I can’t imagine why! Maybe if they got some press and people knew what they stand for they could get more attention. This is exactly what the Packy and Ass do not want.

    • rockdoc01 says:

      But why have the third party options not been able to gain a majority. It is the people in them not successfully promoting them to the masses. Some smart PR needs to be done before they can become truly viable and not just noble idealistic movements.

  22. rockdoc01 says:

    The key is to TRIAGE, deal with the greatest problem (Obama socialism) first to save the life of the patient (the USA), then deal with the minor problems (party bosses pushing candidates) after the patient is stabilized. An awakening is occurring even within the GOP because of movements like the Tea Party. Eventually we will either revise the GOP or a new party will develop.

  23. Warrior Princess says:

    Mitt has been programmed from the beginning to protect a government which offers freedom to practice religion. It is written in scriptures. Also, Mormons in the past were murdered and tortured and harassed until they gathered together and went to Utah and built themselves up on Earth's raw elements. Mormons enacted a welfare system and men took widows into their families to protect them and offer them welfare because the large number of murdered Mormons had left wives and children unprotected. They stopped the practice because they had grown past the problem and it became against the law of the land. Mormons have always considered the constitution spiritual and in need of protection. Mitt is programmed to take care of US government and the constitution and the people.

    • reunion says:

      < Mitt has been programmed

      yes. "open the pod bay doors, mitt"…

      < spiritual constitution

      spirit. latin spiritus, "breath". hot air. mirror-fogging. etc.

      and the "program" writes – well, has ghost-written (spirits again) – simple 50-page memos ("its a mission statement" ~ jerry mcguire) to straighten out the healthcare (should health be in quotes, or care, or the whole thing?) cartel. plus, spirits are a protected class now, too? oy vey…….

  24. Warrior Princess says:

    Someone said Romney wrote Obama Care. Wrong. Romney wrote out a simple plan for his state which I don't think was over 50 pages long. Obama Care was thousands of pages long and was aimed at government control, communist take over, and destroying our finances. Big difference…..Romney care did no financial damage;obama care is aimed at making US go belly up…………As for Johnson, he is a loser and not even on the ballot in all states. Voting for him does not support the needed votes to separate from o……If anyone wants to support a regime which favors a government take over, removal of gun rights, giving our country to illegals, abolishing the constitution, replacing congress with executive orders, dancing for Soros, and jurisdiction of the UN, then by all means vote for johnson or obama….. Robert Ringer has been my favorite author for years. However, should Mitt be elected, RR has a lot of words to eat when Mitt proves him wrong.

  25. KiloVoltaire says:

    I already voted for Gary Johnson, but not because I have any illusion of him winning. Although I agree with his policies and respect his experience, it's not an ideological vote, either. And while it might be tempting to view him as a spoiler, I really don't care who wins the presidential election. The reason is quite simple: Obamney and Robama are two sides of the same coin.

  26. PitBull says:

    A fine, fine analysis, Mr. Ringer. Sadly, Mr. Obama would never say, 'the problem is us.' He is a chief worshiper at the altar of the 'god of fun.' He and his family have benefited mightily from the millions of working Americans who made their educations – and lifestyles – possible.

    As for Mr. Romney – I'd love to hear him say, 'the problem is us.' He is not – at least not yet – a worshiper at the godawful, corrupt celebrity culture altar. He and his family – mostly through their own efforts – contributed mightily to their own educations and lifestyles.

    So long as Mr. Obama continues to stoke the coals of 'white guilt,' rich vs poor, haves and have nots, level playing field vs competition, color vs content — so long as the MSM carries his divisive message to the masses — the results of this most atypical of presidential elections will have far-reaching consequences lasting several generations. Messrs Romney and Ryan – and their messages and possible solutions – face formidable times.

  27. Lawrence Ekdahl, says:

    God gives us the government we deserve As a nation we have deserted the true God of the bible for innumerable gods of greed privelege and power, No nation can long endure who does these things. God is turning us over to our own filth.

    • reunion says:

      "god" (& a bit of luck) helps those who help themselves – & damns those who help themselves to others' produce (as all "voters" & political actioners do)…….

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