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Why Not Invade the Cayman Islands and Bring Back Romney’s Stash?

By Robert Ringer - Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watching all the nonsensical babble going on between Obamney and Rombama, one can’t help but to fantasize about what Newt Gingrich, notwithstanding all his flaws, could have done to the Marxmeister in the White House had he been the Republican nominee.  If Newt could have somehow avoided another egomania seizure, he undoubtedly would have eviscerated the boy wonder from Kenya.

I rarely listen to either Obama or Romney anymore, having long ago added both to my Mute-Button List — a list that includes such intellectual giants as Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Frank Luntz, Bernie Goldberg, and, of course, that what’s-her-name body-language goofus that O’Reilly has on from time to time.

Nevertheless, though it’s painful even to read about Obamney and Rombama, I do try to keep up with their latest yawners on the Internet.  And in this lesser-of-two-evils election, it appears that Obama is not only getting away with his childish class-warfare gibberish, his surrogates are also doing quite well convincing people that the most important issue in this presidential election is not the ever-worsening Obamapression, but how much money MittMan has stashed away and in what countries.

If former Miss Crocodile U.S.A., Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has her way, the feds will soon be all over the Cayman Islands and Bermuda in a search and seizure mode for Mitty’s money.  Maybe they’ll even give her a bounty bonus so she can afford to have her hair done.

As we roll toward the debate season, it will be interesting to see if Romney continues to act like a guy who’s wearing pink panty hose under his trousers or if he can somehow muster the courage to say, in response to the childlike diversions about his wealth:

  • “How much money I’ve made over the years is irrelevant.  I’m here to talk about a Saul Alinsky radical who came into office with the intent of destroying the U.S. economy — and is succeeding in doing just that.”
  • “Where I have my money stashed away is irrelevant.  I’m here to talk about a Saul Alinsky radical who came into office with the intent of destroying the U.S. economy — and is succeeding in doing just that.”
  • “How many workers Bain Capital laid off over the years in an effort to turn companies around (and, as an unintended consequence, create jobs) is irrelevant.  I’m here to talk about a Saul Alinsky radical who came into office with the intent of destroying the U.S. economy — and is succeeding in doing just that.”
  • “What I do to legally keep my tax bill as low as possible is irrelevant.  I’m here to talk about a Saul Alinsky radical who came into office with the intent of destroying the U.S. economy — and is succeeding in doing just that.”

And so on.  You get the idea.

Of course, Romney will never say any of these things, because, after all, they might actually excite the conservative base he so desperately needs but is terrified of being linked to.  Instead, he’ll continue to play tippy toe with Son of Saul and hope that the upcoming Democratic voter fraud isn’t enough to defeat him.

What a great presidential race befitting a once-great country.  Good thing Americans have a choice — especially the choice of casting a write-in vote for Ron Paul.  Oops … gotta run now.  That body-language gal just came on the screen, and the remote is on the other side of the room.

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50 Responses to “Why Not Invade the Cayman Islands and Bring Back Romney’s Stash?”

  1. Pete DiOrio says:

    I believe that the overwhelming majority of citizens would freak out if the politically incorrect truth about Obama's Alinsky plan was detailed for them. Romney would be seen as mean spirited, and Americans have no stomach for thinking about the ugly truth. Their "leaders" would run for cover.

  2. john bear says:

    What difference does it make? In Nov. we have the award winning choice of Mitt 'the white Obama' Romney or Second Hussein. The only viable candidate left the building: Ron Paul.

  3. BLH557 says:

    WOW! I LIKE it when Robert gets riled up! Nice quips, puns and stabs.

  4. Lawrence says:

    How does one vote for a write in candidate? I cannot and will not vote for the lesser of two evils. Evil is still evil.

    • reunion says:

      tptb don't care who you vote for, so long as you vote. what does that tell you?

      hint: "if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." ~ emma goldman

      voting is a creation of the "evil". do you like being typecast as the fall guy?

      • Andrew says:

        You must wake up every morning looking for wind mills to demolish. You're such an egghead why don't you provide thought provoking ideas to fix the political process instead dazzling us with whining platitudes….

        About voting – you are more than welcome to move to Cuba or many of the Arab countries where voting is NOT allowed. Or add your voice to millions of others by NOT voting. Both parties will start to realize the jig is up when that happens.

        • reunion says:

          the political process is fixed. that's the plain sight point. voting is window dressing for a process that will continue whether anyone turns out to the polling places, or not.

          so, as i've written, abstain from injuring others, not to mention yourself – don't vote. the point is to deny tptb the facade of legitimacy that they have convinced you voting represents.

          voters are dupes, & duplicitous, useful idiots. voting is trespass, immoral, counter to natural law.

          did i provoke your thinking, or are you just a windmill?

          • DennisTheMenance says:

            And your NOW Just Realizing this?

            It's the Electral Votes, not the Gen. Public Votes that Make The Decision

            But on the Bright Side? It's also CONGRESS and The SENATE that can and Dose Stalemate Presidents..

            They Have Stymided Pres. Obama and Unless he Gets alot more Dems In Congress? Wont make much difference if He's ReElected …

            If MR is Going to Be Elected? Elect more DEMS In Congress and The Senate then..

            Next Best thing to Less Gov't is One that Neither Side can do much..

            2nd best vs Electing Ron Paul ..

        • Scott says:

          I vote…with my money!

  5. Bullwink33 says:

    Mr Ringer, again your observations are shocking ! unfortunately the body language girl ? I like Snooki myself….

    Unfortunately it seems the only people who have time to talk (not write) really have nothing to say..

    Seems the problem is literacy, few write anymore (texting is baby poop) and writing requires a little thought( if you remember "think before you speak"you are old)

    So apparently one here assumes thought is automatic ,if I go to MCD's for breakfast qam I thinkin' ?

    If I get most (all) of my information froma overly liberal media, where I get the answers I'm lookin' for (Who's on first ?) I really don't have to think, cuz hey I'm entertained, the truth can wait……no time for it

    I like all those unlimited plans,like a big thought free lunch, U Tube, there is so much wow goin on it seems.

    of course I endorse being a libertarian, and thank you Robert for helping me tire of toys etc, but heck it took me ten years to understand what you say…since you made some $$$ too it makes me feel good

    But generally I feel alone, seems " I can cure illness, make a blind man see, but cannot do anything about the fool folly thing "

    fortunately things are working out well as any alternative is pure folly..

    Does Obama (BEAR) in the woods ? wake up with a Berry ?

    the problem is the guy's nuts,like 50% of the citizenry and 95% of the voters

    seems I like , want, feel, beats "this is the way it is" everytime

  6. Steve says:

    Then you and those like you wil help to insure that the by far greater evil will prevail. SMH

  7. Bullwink33 says:

    Hey SMH, what about the Gorgias ? who's you ?better than tho ?

    altho I'm kinda poor compared to reunion and a few others on this blog, your insult excites me ! now I can relax 18 little words and your done ! until next time MSB

  8. Carol says:

    If, in good conscience, you cannot vote for Romney—then don't vote at all. But if you want to deny Obama another 4 years of destroying the country, hold your nose if you have to—but cast your vote for Romney.

    We all need to decide which principles we hold dear are the most important. I think what RR is doing makes him seem like a pouting, vindictive child who didn't get his way so he's ready to cut off his nose to spite his face. In this case, especially, with so much at stake, that is not sticking to principles…that is utter stupidity. It is imperative that Obama be denied another 4 years at the helm…at all costs!

    • reunion says:

      if the lesser of 2 is your principle, then you are unprincipled. "pragmatic" is not principled. "real politic" is not principled. machiavelli was not principled, but your perspective reveals him to be your prince.

      • topeka says:


        no …. Carol is not unprincipled.

        The primaries are over and there are two choice. The time to choose a principled candidate for this election began about… oh twelve years ago.

        Waiting for your Messiah to come is about as principled as the Occupy babies.

        I have been PARTICIPATING in politics for over thirty years now – and it's the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY types who have always handed the primaries to the Soccer Mom Country Club Let Them Eat Fascism-Lite Crowd.


        This happens b/c the Soccer Mom's won't support anyone with a "blemish" and the PERFECTIONISTS won't support anyone else. So a candidate shows up at a few meetings – and s/he's done – if they cannot read the crowd – they can read their campaign contributions and they're toast.

        Now Grow Up – and Stop Wasting Your Posts on Insulting People.

        You have a brain – Use it!

        • reunion says:

          primaries are parliamentary. just rules. nothing to do with principle. but you seem to be saying that the "principle-free zone has now been entered" (like those specially delineated free speech zones…).

          your jaundiced eyes continue to "see things". when do i ever argue for messiahs?

          "participating", all caps, argument from authority, fallacy. and your conclusion: if principled types (theoretically, at least…i'm just keeping things within your little carving…) hadn't frustrated wishy-washy types, "good enough" would have been "elected".

          notice how favorably you are wont to contrast your "participation", a quantity, to principle, a quality, which inconveniences you, your (low) aims, and so is therefore mischaracterized as tyrannical "my way or the highway". does "a is a" also strike you as mwoth? principle is not relative, has nothing to do with individual biases…but relativism is what you scream for.

          you are a natural criminal, topeka. if you were a smarter one, or a more motivated one, you might have been up in front of your mantra chanting "participants". but you're not smarter, or more motivated, so you're merely a voter.

          but, its never too late to become legitimate. even for you.

      • Scott says:

        Living in California makes the pragmatic vs. principled argument moot. A liberty lover's vote means nothing in California anyway…so I get to vote however I want with a perfectly clear concience…lol

    • DennisTheMenance says:

      Yes, And Just like to see the Rest of the Country and World for that matter, do what I and Others Like Me in the Middle and Upper Class do..

      We Live within our Means

      We have Kids Only If we can Afford to Raise them Properly and if we don't have the Income to do so? We don't have them..

      and Any $ we get to Help us out, is Paid Back As All Welfare /Hand out $ should be treated as.. a LOAN not Free !

      We make our College Loans Owed Forever Don't we?

      Why not any Freebies we give out?

      Alot less would accept them and Go work

      I know Our Kids Did when they wanted $ and it was a LOAN..

  9. reunion says:

    implicit in all this moaning is an addictive belief in a messiah-savior.

    underneath that is the complete lack of self-confidence & self-worth that makes the vicarious lives & identities "offered" by the drovers just too compelling.

    sportsfans, cheering & jeering, thumb-signing, from the stadium cheapseats, cast of thousands wheeled-on extras for the wide angle pans of the camera. couch tubers festooned with sightless eyes, anticipating baking, frying, & au gratining (oh, my!).

    it doesn't have to be that way.

  10. Ted Pawlikowski says:

    Robert – Write in Ron Paul. No thanks. There is a candidate on the ballot that requires no write in and holds much of the values I do – Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President.

  11. Steve says:

    Hey Bullwink, SMH = Shake my head…

  12. Mike says:

    The problem with the Repubs is that they fight under the Marquess of Queensberry rules and the Dems are street fighters.

  13. DDDigger8 says:

    Here we go again. You are not going to get Ron Paul or

    Johnson in the white house. So a vote for one of them is a vote for Obumer. You really think you are above allowing yourself to be compromised by voting for Romney? Well, again, think about who is going to name the next Supreme Court Justice – Romney or Obumer? It's going to be one of them no matter what any of us think. The problem with our nation is Obumer – Romney is not the problem, but let's deal with that when (if) it occurs. Our next Supreme Court Justiced could be around for the next 40 or so years. Think about it.

    • reunion says:

      reacting (yet again) later is "thinking about it"? kick the can, until you kick the bucket, is what you really mean. obviously, you're not above being compromised…..

    • Bill Zimmerly says:

      Since Romney and Obama are demonstrably the same -their *RECORDS*, not their words- what have we got to lose with a write in of the only Doctor with the real cure?

      As for me, I *REFUSE* to accept the media-created "heads we win, tails you loose" choice that they are laying before us.

  14. Jack Settles says:

    Nothing starts a roundtable of comentors better than a good political discussion. As one who voted for Roosevelt and Truman and Kennedy, yet I'm a disappointing republican. Paul reminds one of Harry Truman. N.G. reminds one of someone else, but one who would be a good President. The prestige of the office draws a lot of fllys flying around the flame. Money seems to be the thing that gets one elected these days. How much of the hundred million is going to the Camans? The idea about voting for the other guy is a good one.

  15. Mark Wells says:

    In CA, NY, WA, DC, MA liberal etc… O will win anyway so a vote for Johnson in those states sends a valuable message to the R's that the tide is turning and they should get on the boogie board. If only he could be included in the debates then we would have a barn burner ( and maybe a chance ) in 2016. Things will have to get worse with the economy and the culture before any major shift takes place. In the mean time think of the wasted lives, time, and money. Sad Sad Sad

  16. Paul Carter says:

    Well said Mr. Ringer. Romney is taking a knife to a gun fight. BO Is not a nice guy and Mitt better take the gloves off if he is to have any chance.

    • reunion says:

      juicy quip ("knife to a gunfight"). i heard it from sean connery's mouth, in "the untouchables". that was the movie about the state's creation of organized crime in the alcohol biz, & its make-work "fight" against it. knife & gun were two ends against the middle then, & still are. stuck in the middle with you (think i'll go to utube & look up gerry rafferty…).

  17. GrayCat says:

    Once again the issue is derailed. Why Robert put the emphasis on the persons and personalities of both Romney and Obama is baffling.

    The issue is not the men. The issue is ideas. The issue is freedom. The issue is the candidate who best expresses and has a track record to support his/her claims to be a champion of freedom.

    There's only one candidate, Ron Paul. And for all of you who blindly blather that he is out of the race, it's plain to see where you get your "news."

    Once again, the only reason Ron Paul could possibly not get elected is if you do not vote for him, but throw your vote away on anyone else for any other reason.

    Willingly limiting your choices to one of two prescribed puppets reveals crass idiocy and disregard for the true and actual good, not to mention your hatred of freedom. Willing not to see the truth reveals your love of lies and love of power in supposing to rule others. Willing to hide behind "elected officials" and a "system of government" to try to force others to your preferences reveals a ruthless sociopathic heart.

    Whichever of the two of your "choices" wins, you will get what you deserve, and you will have arbitrarily and arrogantly forced the rest of us to live under your "mistakes," too.

    With "friends" like you, who needs enemies?

    • reunion says:

      true friends are rare, overt enemies are uncommon, but the sloshing weight of biomassman is why there are several hyphenated "new's" prefixing "orleans". floodplains can be nice places to visit, but you don't want to live in them. :<)

  18. Judy Rice says:

    Robert Ringer I've been your fan since the 70's and read all your books back in the day and subscribed to your newsletter in the days of print. I always like hearing your view of the current political climate and currently the Voice of Sanity.

    From a listener

    God Bless the USA.

  19. thoughtcriminal says:

    i have to agree on your Mute – Button list ( except for Goldberg) , the real kicker was the body language girl . totally predictable and predicated. If i can figure her SOMEONE out before she does? ( what a waste of time)

  20. John E. Gabor says:

    I read all your articles and I was pleased when your articles starting coming in almost daily instead of about once a week. I only read articles from about four writers (the others being Thomas Sowell, Walter Willimams and Pat Buchanan – well, I do pass on Pat Buchanan on some subjects). I support your views and seldom disagree with you..

    But I am writing today to ask you to stop the personal attacks on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. You can disagree with her views and defend your own views without stooping to taking cheap shots at her about her looks.

    This is the second time you have done that in your articles. I was angry the first time. This time I decided to comment on it.

    It is not something we elderly gentlemen should be doing.

    And you know I'm right…

  21. Teri says:

    I think instead of waiting for these government guys to put on their big girl panties maybe the rest of us should. The only ones who care about what these lowlives are doing are the ones who can't make it on their own.

  22. HelenaH says:

    Cayman Islands are under the jurisdiction of the Queen – not very republican is it.

  23. Michael Rael says:

    There's nothing wrong with voting for Romney as long as we loudly and publicly say that Ron Paul is the only serious candidate, we are not for Romney except insofar as we are

    against Obama. Obama would be a disaster. Romney no one

    really knows about yet. Most of the time he conceals his attitudes, in the name of not losing potential voters. However, he did make a wonderful conservative speech lately–I presume he did not write it? I don't think Romney really understands the difference between running a business in the private sector and running the government. I hope he finds out that the free market

    is the only moral way to go–and that he finds it out quickly!

    • reunion says:

      "There’s nothing wrong with voting for Romney as long as we loudly and publicly say that Ron Paul is the only serious candidate"

      doesn't that loudly & publicly default you to un-serious voter?

      that's a trick question.

  24. topeka says:

    My question:


  25. topeka says:


    Great opinion!

    1. It's too bad the purple state squish Republocrat primaries left us with Rombama. Here in my Texas County ( a long time haunt of the KKK ) I know many folks who were ready for Herman Cain (despite his flaws). The only people here who vote Dem are the old school Klan, the new school Mexi-nazi's, and the druggies with a Lone Star card (food stamps, etc.).

    2. A vote for Rombama is no vote for me. If Rombama rolls back, undoes, or refuses to enforce anything Lefty – I'll have to rewire my jaw after I dig out of the basement.

    3. SO WHAT – The National Race is not about YOU! or ME! Even our Congressman isn't about Our district – it's about the country. If you want to effect your town – run for the School Board or for Mayor or Sheriff.

    4. I have friends whose boys are in Afghanistan now doing the nation's business. You may not like that business (I don't – It's a terrible waste of lives and cash) – but they have rules of engagement guaranteed to fail. They have higher authority searching for a way to sacrifice them or crucify them. (Bless 'em their so juvenile they don't even know it … I know, I am an Aging Curmudgeon… they're so cute …) Anyway – so I WILL VOTE TO END THE RULE OF THE FASCIST PIG IN THE WH. .

    5. And so many more!! Coal Miner Dummycrats in West VA, Unionists who Are Not Favored in Illinois, Sheriff (they're gonna lynch him) Arpaio, my local bankers who are NOT TBTF, and so many MORE ….

  26. Scott says:

    Perhaps Romney should challenge Obama to a duel due to the insufferable insults.

    BTW, where are the investigative journalists? Get the dirt on this guy…have Trumps private eyes find a school report card for cryin' out loud. Find a dope dealer he's done business with. A test, or woman he cheated on – nevermind, that might actually be a badge of honor in his world. C'mon Romney lovers, you're running out of time!

  27. Jana says:

    I care about my neighbors, so in order to hear what citizens in the southern half of North America are thinking about in regard to their upcoming presidential election, I read the above posts.

    Shucks. Same old, same old. Political positions seem predictably and righteously polarized and the country's collective political memory is short.

    Romney appears to be somewhat slippery, resembling a programmable "Stepford" wife. Obama seems in love with his own oratory (but then who can forget that he inherited a lying, deceitful, administrative debacle)?

    What I am deeply concerned about is how much Canada's political system is increasingly being influenced and altered by 'entitled' forces in the U.S. And so I implore you: please intelligently fix your own political system before screwing up ours. We like our education, we like our health care, we like our resources. We like being happy…

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