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Will Bernanke and QE3 Save Obama?

By Robert Ringer - Thursday, June 21, 2012

With Bernanke National Bank and Trust cranking up the printing presses yet again (“QE3”) in a desperate attempt to save Commie Obamie from defeat in November, the question is whether or not it will work.  The truth is that no one can know for certain, because there are too many disparate factors at play.

While I agree that flooding the marketplace with fiat currency in order to keep the redistribution-of-wealth machine humming should, in theory, temporarily boost the economy, it may be too late this time around.  Why?  Because too many Americans now realize that the United States is irreversibly trapped in the Great Obamapression.

Even those who pay little attention to what’s going on in government or the economy understand that the size of the national debt has already assured that their children and grandchildren are going to be saddled with a bill they can never pay.  They also realize that no matter how many times the Commander-in-Debt blames the guy who was president three-and-a-half years ago — let me repeat that, three-and-a-half years ago — the national debt has increased by nearly $5 trillion since he took office.

Bottom line:  A stunning majority of Americans no longer believe that Chairman Obama and his legion of Obamaviks can do anything to improve the economy.  And a majority of that majority believe that Valerie Jarrett’s wussy house boy, while well meaning, simply doesn’t know what he’s doing.

But even those who believe the O’Reilly fantasy that Obama is just in over his head are beginning to ask, “But if he doesn’t know what he’s doing — if he can’t fix the problems caused years ago by satanic George Bush — why should he be sitting in the Oval Office?  Wasn’t he elected to fix things?”

Of course, a significant percentage of us hopeless conspiracists still believe it is Commie Obamie’s objective, and has been from day one, to destroy the U.S economy and transform America into a collectivist utopia.

We also believe that no matter how hard he tries to fake his true identity and his real intentions, mommy and daddy’s Marxist blood runs so strongly through his veins that he can never resist the urge to violate the Constitution and push his collectivist ideas even when his handlers are wincing and telling him he’s hurting his own reelection chances.

Now, let’s all sit back and enjoy the river of money coming our way, courtesy of Bernanke National Bank and Trust, while watching Commie Obamie smooth talk his way out of Fast and Furious, the White House security leaks, and endless other scandals coming soon to a theater near you.

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18 Responses to “Will Bernanke and QE3 Save Obama?”

  1. Pete DiOrio says:

    In my Tortoise's Little Green Book of Winning Theories is the Pinspotter Theory (guess who the author is):

    "Life is like a giant pinspotter in a goliath's bowling alley, with billions of humans relegated to the status of bowling pins. The "Pinspotter" is the ultimate revenge and retribution machine. In the final analysis, it shakes us down into our proper slots and sees to it that each of us ends up exactly where we belong."

    It's not a stretch to imagine that this analogy is how an economy works and why communism or any other collectivist arrangement can never work. Something called "economic calculation," or better known as "the price discovery mechanism" is the lynchpin of a successful economy. Those billions of "bowling pins" don't wind up in their proper slots, or exactly where they belong, when the price discovery mechanism is perverted by money out of thin air or wealth redistribution schemes. Production and exchange, plus savings, get robbed of their normally deserved values. For example, the cronys who get new money first have a distinct and unfair (not to mention immoral) advantage over the rest of us who not only receive those dollars when finally diluted, but have our existing savings diluted as well. To me, the price discovery mechanism is the ultimate pinspotter's accountability ledger.

    I'm afraid that most of us won't live long enough for goliath's Pinspotter machine to exact the deserved revenge or the hoped for retribution. That is, unless…

    • reunion says:

      jeff "the dude" lebowski does the city of dreams (vienna, austria), bowls a few frames with economists. sam elliot narrates. works for me.

  2. Michael J Lawrence says:

    Well, I think he showed his hand with the Dream Act Proclamation and the new (and very desperate) propaganda ploy to paint Romney as waging "war on the middle class".

    He's trying to buy votes and he's desperately trying to avert attention away from himself.

    Hard questions are coming, and he's not going to have the right answers.

  3. Gill O’Teen says:

    “Will Bernanke and QE3 Save Obama?” The short answer is yes, if the whirlybird wizard picks his targets smartly. Abraham Lincoln supposedly once noted, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” What Honest Abe failed to add is “but you only need fool a simple majority at election time.”

    Too many fools measure wealth in nominal dollars totally overlooking the purchasing power of these debt certificates. If chairman ben wires the funds to those agreeing to buy shares of DOW-30 companies, the DJIA, will climb, possibly above it’s high point of 14,164.53 attained October 9, 2007. This will provide o’bummer all the ammo he needs to claim he be the greatest economic genius since the invention of money, and buy him 4 more years. Never mind it may take a wheelbarrow filled with engraved portraits of another Ben to buy a piece of penny candy.

    • Alice In Wonderland says:

      If you still believe Abe was an honest man, you're still being "fooled".

      Dishonest Abe knew how to fool fools all of the time; it was easy; "like taking candy from a baby"; it's still easy; so easy that lesser men are currently fooling millions into supporting the welfare-warfare-homeland-security state. Abe's legacy has been written by collectivist apologists. And the legacy is now being used by the neo-collectivists (think: Obama or Romney) as a pattern to steer the ignorant masses into willingly accepting bovine(ism). So, fall down and worship your Butter-Cow idol by voting.

      Abe's lying rhetoric was full of affirmations; Likewise, Reagan's rhetoric was full of affirmations, e.g. "One of three men who most influenced my philosophy is F.A. Hayek" ~ R. Reagan. That statement was mere affirmation. There is a big difference between affirmation and action.

      Of course, Reagan used J. Kemp not Hayek to showcase the economic-affirmation con ( i.e. Supply-side Economics), because Kemp was corruptible and Hayek was not.

      Affirmation (telling bovines whatever they need to hear) and building rapport is what the political (con)game was/is all about. Greenspan was corruptible. His young apprentice, Ben Bankster Bernanke, was already corrupt.

      Dishonest Abe's fiat "greenback" fueled Abe's conquest of the "South". Fiat-digital money is of and by itself a means of massive-global wealth-transfer. Digital Greenbacks are like a wealth-transfer machine.

      Learn the truth.

      • topeka says:

        … the truth is out there…

        … yeah, I get it your family lost a ton a land and slaves in the civil war…

        … newsflash – that was a hundred-fifty years ago

        … update – your screed is NOT HELPFUL TO THE CAUSE OF MY CHILDREN.


        … now I know that's not what you want Alice! Right?

        … no, you'd rather LOSE AGAIN… Right?!

        • Erato says:

          The most helpful thing you can do for your children is to educate them with the truth… and one of those truths is that their cause will never be helped by voting. Even if the moral implications don't bother you, surely you the futility is obvious by now.

        • reunion says:

          tsk, tsk, tsk, topeka. you're really not up to speed on this one. and it is so basic – even "to the cause of your children". ignorance has you deconstructing "code" for what alice "really means", which only boomerangs back to expose your own "code": "the children" (particularly your own), "hate" (you invoke regularly), "racism/bigotry" (also regulars of yours).

          learned helplessness is the tongue in your unlearned lashing out groove. good news is that you can unhitch your slag wagon in a weekend. read hummel's book. or one of dilorenzo's. then your kids may actually start to acquire a champion in their father.

          obama is a piker next to lincoln. wonderland is just part of alice's handle, but for you, it's home. seems like you'd want to remedy that.

    • topeka says:


      excellent points – and the only question in my mind is whether

      When Ben drops money, and Wall Street takes OPM and buy the market (or bonds or any other junk)… and gives themselves a few million a pop for destroying Other People's savings …

      a) do they use twitter, email, or RSS feed "Screw the fundamentals, Buy (or sell) the OPM down the toilet" hooray?

      b) or does the cabal just pre-arrange their trades with the Fed in a smoke filled room? (electronic cig's of course…)


  4. reunion says:

    "Wasn’t he elected to fix things?"

    yes. the fix is in with each election. continuous fix-ation nation. the problem is that the fed ligature has never come off & the syringes full of synthetic green goo have been pumping continuously since 1971. veins are collapsed & tissue's necrotic. junkie's gonna die.

  5. Michael Rael says:

    Hi friends:)

    My problem is that I"m looking for a job rather desperately. Anything. Hey, I've applied at McDonalds–not bad considering that I have a master's in instructional technology!

    What I want to know is: if a river of money is coming out of to the economy (temporarily, of course), what kind of job should I apply for to take advantage of it so as to actually be in the Working World again??



    • topeka says:

      … investment banker…

      … you need about $5 million to get started and to get over the "accredited investor, etc. humps"

      … of course, that's the easy part. The market makers will try to eat you alive …

      … so, get yourself a seat at the bond auction … and make sure none of your own money goes into the sales – you're just there to collect the fees and the spread. …

      Whatever you do – don't do anything productive or useful …

      … selling your soul to the devil probably also helps btw


      • reunion says:

        darth vader wannabe (can't beat 'em, so will try favor currying…) giving advice to luke), "coded up" as humor…lol (it IS funny!)

        michael…a service business that is non-discretionary & local (not subject to off-shoring). fix or repair types of things.

  6. Bill says:


    Why not consider working for yourself. I know a guy who renews people's headlights and makes a lot more than a minimum wage job like working at McDonald's. I would put a link here, but it's probably not allowed.

  7. Leigh Heflin says:

    Until the source of our problems is removed….by a do nothing about it Congress…the destruction will continue at warp speed. Their self preservation is all that matters to them. To hell with the voters…these people know their jobs are safe as long as the lies are all the people hear…aided and abetted by the Communist run mainstream media. Too few are willing to stand up to the criticism being heaped on them by this regime which threatens and bullies those who do.

    State legislatures crave more money and have the same mindset as those in DC. Same situation as above. Those of us who have been around for many years see the end coming and it won't be a country in which we can survive. Austerity proposals now would be infinitely better than the ones to come as the New World Third World Order takes over.

    My great grandchildren will never know the freedoms we once had. If there are any left at all.


    • Erato says:

      The source of our problems is us… and believe me, congress is doing everything they can to make the most of it.

      "To hell with the voters" … exactly. So don't vote. If you stop 'electing' them, the charade of "by the people, for the people" won't be able to continue.

      Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.

      You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.

      And when your hand is on your heart,

      you're nearly a good laugh, almost a joker,

      with your head down in the pig bin,

      saying, " Keep on digging", pig stain on your fat chin.

      What do you hope to find, when you're down in the pig mine?

      You're nearly a laugh, you're nearly a laugh,

      but you're really a cry. -Pigs (3 different ones), Pink Floyd

    • reunion says:

      how can a portion of the toxin remove the toxicity? even if you're into homeopathy, you know "congress" is an overdose…..

  8. Scope of education become extensive, everyone get education to guide others. Every country system directly link with education.  We can’t reject the importance of education.

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